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“What the fuck happened?” The woman screamed as if she was prepared to strike anyone who ventured close to her. With eyes bulging it was obvious that she was in a rage. As she entered the office her question was meant for either of the three gentlemen awaiting her arrival. Their discussion before the shrill demon made it there was about the best way to clean up the mess that had been made.

“Nelda, calm down. Yelling and screaming won’t fix this. We need to come up with another way to make this work. Everyone needs to keep their heads straight and just remain calm.” A short, thin, graying, older man called for the people in the room to refrain from descending into hysterics. He made an attempt to refocus their attention, only to be interrupted at every turn.

“Clyde shut the hell up. I didn’t work this long to see a payday just to be sidetracked by some asshole who won’t listen to reason if it was forced upon him.” The only woman in the group continued her bellowing.

“Look, you need to stop cussing at everybody. We all have something to lose and to gain from this. I did my part. Now that she isn’t under our control anymore, you don’t have anyone to blame but yourselves for this. If Kemi hadn’t pushed that girl too far, she probably would have given him anything he wanted, but oh no. This asshole got a little too cocky for his own good and now we are all screwed.” Earnest pointed at the two culprits he accused of sabotaging their plan.

“Old man, don’t get knocked out. Keep talking and that’s exactly what’s gonna happen to you.” Kemi threatened the older man.

“Nigga, I’m not Lydia. I wish you would. If you feel froggy... jump. By the time I get through with you, they won’t be able to identify your bummy ass. You ain’t nothing but a manwhore. Just because Nelda puts up with your dumb ass, doesn’t mean I will. I will knock the fuck out of you if you even step across this line. Come on big man. You like fighting. You love whoopin women’s asses, but can you fight a man? Come on nigga. Jump motherfucka. Jump just one gotdamn time.” Earnest took a fighting stance. The man was thirty years older than Kemi, but he was also built like a brick wall.

The two men squared off throwing a barrage of blows with each of them landing a few punches. Right when they were about to square off again, Nelda pulled her 38 special from her bra and shot twice in the air. Hearing the gunshots, each man backed away from one another as they glared at their co-conspirator.

Kemi walked to one side of the room as Earnest shuffled to the other side.

“I hope y’all dumb asses are through wasting time. We are in a crisis and instead of figuring out a solution, you two geniuses decide to bash each other’s heads in. How in the hell is that gonna solve the problem we all face?” Cornelius added in his observation of the scrap between the two men as he entered the office.

“Shut up and stay the fuck out of this Cornelius. You don’t know a damn thing about what’s going on between me and this sorry motherfucker over here. I’m sick and tired of this bastard fucking everything up because he thinks he can get what he wants by putting his hands on people. The little dumbshit needs his ass whooped. This is all his fault.” Earnest shouted at Cornelius as he joined the others.

“Ok, fellas. Enough of the chitchat. We need to figure out how to make this shit work. I spent thirty-four years working on this plan. There is no way in hell I’m gonna back away from this now. That girl owes me. I don’t give a damn who she went and got herself married to, she owes me plain and simple.” Nelda stated as a matter of fact.

“You ain’t no better than that dumbass. All you had to do was raise the girl and treat her like she was yours. Has Liddie ever denied you anything?” Clyde asked.

“Clyde, you don’t know your head from your ass. I had to put up with a lot. Did you raise a child that wasn’t yours? Did you have to deal with the questions and the “know-it-all” stares from people who suspected me of cheating on my husband? No, not one of you bastards had to deal with any of that, so don’t you dare try to judge me.” She pointed at each man as if they were guilty of some god awful sin.

None of the men responded to her statement. Each of them played their part in helping her to get her hands on Lydia’s inheritance, but none of them made any real sacrifices. Nelda was the only person out of them all who had to alter her life and take on a burden that wasn’t originally hers in order to secure her share of the Kensington fortune.

They stood silent as she walked around to the other side of the wine-colored desk and sat in her seat. The restaurant in which they held their meetings was a gift from Lydia when she made her first million as a medical doctor. She made sure she showed her mother how much she appreciated her. First, she bought Nelda a house, and soon after, Lydia purchased a business naming her mother as a co-owner.

Lydia pretty much turned the restaurant over to her mother to run the way she saw fit. It had been a dream of Nelda’s and her daughter was the one person who took the necessary steps to make her mother’s dream a reality. For Nelda, that wasn’t enough. With tens of millions of dollars hanging in the balance, Nelda Wright-Kensington wanted more and she always had a way of getting whatever she wanted.

Everything was going according to her extremely detailed plans until she found out her daughter shattered it all by marrying someone else.

“We need to figure out a way to regain control of this. I don’t care what y’all have to do... even if you have to get someone to snatch her ass up. This needs to be fixed right now before it’s too late.” Nelda’s word was the law. If they planned on getting paid, they better get on the move.


“I just left the meeting and of course they are trying to dig a deeper hole for themselves,” Clyde reported.

“Call Ryder Thornton and find out what we can do to recoup our investment. I know he will be angry with the part we played in all of this, but something tells me he is working on something bigger.” The other person explained.

“What do you have in mind?” Clyde asked.

“Just looking at the way he handles business, there is no reason whatsoever for him to have married Lydia and gotten involved in all of this. There is something more we are unaware of. Call him and schedule a meeting.” The person spoke.

“What will I use as a reason for him to want to meet with me?” Clyde questioned.

“Tell him you know he and Lydia are not in a real marriage, but you can help him retrieve whatever he is looking for.”

“Okay.” Clyde waited.

“If he bites, we will align ourselves with him and let him know we can help him accomplish his goal quicker by providing an inside person.”

“That sounds like a plan to me,” Clyde responded.

“For a measly two million dollars, he will walk away happy and so will we.”

“Bet. I’m on it.” The call ended and Clyde headed to his secret office to start the negotiations.

The way he lived his life, Clyde trusted no one. He had been somewhat of a mercenary for about ten years now. His loyalty was pretty much to himself. The only person he trusted even a little bit was his real boss.

If it wasn’t for the individual who brought him into this line of work, he would be a low-level street soldier just barely getting by.


As he stood in front of the mirror, for the first time in Kemi’s life, he had to admit he made a mistake.

When he walked back to the office he had visited a thousand plus times, he never expected to witness what he saw the moment he walked through the door.

Lydia was so fucking beautiful and hot, he thought he would nut all over himself. She always made him feel some type of way when those eyes caught his attention. The most unsettling part of their relationship was that he promised to always love Heaven. Of all the women he fucked over the years, she was by far the baddest bitch he ever met.

Heaven really lived up to her name because she was the most gorgeous woman he had ever met and she was so fucking fine it drove him insane. Her wide hips, tiny waist, and big titties made her a stunner. The girl was bad as fuck.

When he was forced to get engaged with her little sister, he couldn’t stop comparing the two ladies.

Lydia was dark-skinned. Heaven was light-skinned.

Lydia was fat. Heaven was fit.

Lydia didn’t care about fashion, make-up, or anything that made bitches look sexy for their men. Heaven cared only about name brands and clothes that showed off her assets. She didn’t have to wear much make-up because she was naturally beautiful, but when she put it on, she did that shit.

When she put on any kind of lip gloss, Kemi would instantly get hard because that’s what she always did before she topped him off. Lydia knew nothing about none of that.

She was a bore. Lydia was a nerd and a square. Heaven knew how to drink, party, and have fun.

None of those comparisons mattered when he saw her fine ass sitting behind that desk looking like a whole snack. She had lost some weight and the afro she normally wore was bone straight. Lydia was dressed in a creamy yellow suit that fit and showed off her curves.

Kemi felt like a fool when he got bailed out because he used to fuck her whenever and however he wanted. Since she slimmed down, he could only imagine what it would be like to wrap those thick ass thighs around his waist and give her that hammer.

He knew that a white boy couldn’t give her what she had grown accustomed to.

Even when he beat her ass and took that ass, he always made her scream his name and cum hard... even if she didn’t want to.

Kemi considered that maybe he had more feelings for her than he allowed himself to admit. Seeing those full juicy soft lips made him weak. Her blemish-free dark chocolate satiny skin along with the most enchanting natural blue eyes he’d ever seen a black person possess took his breath away after not seeing her for so long. He even took note of the fact that she had lost some weight and it looked damned good on her. Seeing Lydia looking so sexy had him second-guessing his decision to treat her the way he did.

He was in his feelings for just a second, but the real Kemi had to show up.

“Nawww, nigga. I might fuck the hell outta that bitch but that’s it.” He told himself to ease the fact that he knew he fucked up royally.

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