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“I’m gonna kill that son-of-bitch.” Kemi flew into a rage destroying everything within reach.

She was his woman until that asshole blocked him from millions of dollars.

Kemi knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, none of this would be happening if he hadn’t fucked that dusty old clingy-assed cougar and accepted Thornton Plaza as a gift for a job well done.

It was a simple inquiry for a client who was interested in the property. A meeting was scheduled to discuss the potential sale of family property she insisted she wasn’t at liberty to sell it.

Kemi overcame every objection with flattery and the charismatic charm he used on all rich old white ladies. He wasn’t particularly interested in them. They were too dry and void of seasoning as he liked to say.

A hint of flirtation assured him the property already belonged to him. With a few tune-up sessions, she would give him anything he wanted.

“Mr. Eustace.” The delicate elderly socialite’s voice danced on the phone.

Willow Thornton was a good-looking old woman for sixty-five. With long blonde hair that hung bone straight down to her waist, a nicely toned body, and the sexiest cat-like peridot green eyes he’d ever seen, he wasn’t in love or anything, but he had no problems knocking the cobwebs off that coochie.

“Ms. Thornton, how may I be of service to you ma’am.” His husky voice promised so much as he caressed her mind through the phone.

“Would you be interested in taking a look at some properties I would like to acquire? I can pay you a handsome commission for your services.” She purred engaging in the game they had come to play every time they were in a conversation.

“Of course, madame. I am at your disposal. Six o’clock?” He baited the old browd fully aware that was the time for freaking having nothing to do with work.

“That sounds like a splendid idea.” She chirped.

Kemi made his way to the penthouse suite to meet his latest victim. Lacking a proper understanding of what she had gotten herself into, Willow was destined to learn something frightening.

He rang the doorbell and there she was in a white teddy. Her blood-red lips were perfectly adorned for shoving his dick deep in her throat. He loved the fact that these women all thought they wanted a big strong black buck.

“I’m glad you came.” She purred as he walked through the door. Kemi scanned the room to make sure they were alone. Once he was convinced it was just him and this lonely old lady, he grabbed her by the back of the neck and threw her face-first over the back of the sofa closest to the door.

He ripped the cloth covering her crotch and forced her legs apart. She didn’t scream or try to get away, so he decided to add a little heat to the interaction. Kemi yanked the garment up to expose a nice little fit creamy peach-colored ass. His heavy hand smacked it three good times for a start.

“No. Oh, not so rough.” She screamed out. His response was instant. Smack... Smack... smack until her backside was rosy red. Willow had no idea she had invited a sociopath into her world.

He continued to spank her bottom until she was shaking like a leaf. Kemi pulled her up to a standing position and made her face him.

“I don’t know what you expected this to be, but you are my bitch now and you will do exactly what I tell you to do. Do you understand?” A sinister scowl awaited her response.

The beautifully made-up face was now a mess as her eyeliner ran down her cheeks and the perfectly applied red lips were smeared as if a person decided to apply makeup while riding down a bumpy road.

“No response, ok. I guess you need a few more licks to help you speak.” The look on his face was deadly.

No, I understand. I understand. Please don’t hit me again.” She squeaked throwing her hands up.

Kemi grabbed her roughly by the back of her neck once more. He bruised her lips kissing her aggressively demanding utter submission.

He gave her a sample of what she had chosen. Kemi forced her down across the back of the sofa again and immediately rammed the beast deep inside her as she shuttered and clenched down. As he suspected, the old bitch was a freak. He grabbed her hair and drove deeper until all he could feel was the resistance at the back of her pussy.

“Do you like this big black dick?” He grunted stretching her lips.

“Yessss.... uhmmm... Ohhhhh... baby yes. Please take me. Uhmmm you are so good.” She could barely breathe as he grabbed her shoulders from the back and pushed further than her body was equipped to let him go.

Kemi enjoyed torturing Willow Thornton. The fact that she craved to be abused turned him on for a little while. Even though she was an older woman, she fucked like a college student. He tapped that ass never leaving the comfort of the back of the couch, he rode the woman until his balls were completely dry.

After two months of getting her guts rearranged, Ms. Willow Thornton signed over the deed to Thornton Plaza to one Kemi Eustace. For about two more months, he made it a point of going to the woman’s house to break down walls.

She was calling him every day to get a fix. That woman became addicted to him beating her ass and fucking her until she struggled to walk.

The last time he went to her home, he intentionally took an enhancement. He fucked her in every hole and made sure to dig so deep in that bitch making sure she would suffer for a few weeks after his work was done.

Kemi knew exactly what to do to send these greedy assed rich ladies in the other direction whenever they saw him. Even though he already had an impressively long and thick piece, whenever he took an enhancement, not too many women could handle the pain associated with it.

That was his secret weapon for getting rid of females he was tired of fucking with.

He remembered the day one of his associates told him about Willow’s nephew. Apparently, the guy was some hotshot business type worth a lot of dough. A few guys speculated the family might put a hit out on Kemi for abusing the old woman and then taking the family property.

Of course, he wasn’t scared of none of that. He had been waiting for a long time to see exactly how Ryder would retaliate against him. It never occurred to him in a million years that he would lose his retirement plan fucking around with some dusty ass old browd.

Clyde had recorded the interaction between the two after he was taken away by the police so he saw Ryder Thornton holding his fiancée in a way he never had. Kemi needed to kill that fucker. Watching that white motherfucker locked in an embrace with the woman who was supposed to be my wife drove him to the point of insanity.

Kemi recalled everything he did to break Lydia to make her the perfect plaything when he needed to offload his stress. Her mouth was a talent he refused to give up. That big juicy ass was created to take everything he gave her. The first day he claimed her, he was surprised to find that she was a virgin.

Even though she had never been with a man before, Kemi fucked her like a woman who had been taking dick forever. He was so drunk off of the fact that he was her first, she wasn’t given time to rest. Kemi was deep inside Liddie from the time they made it home from their first dinner party until the sun came up early that next morning.

The things he did to her were uncaring. He made sure she understood her place as he took her over and over again without care or concern for her newly broken body.

Because of his complacency, he forgot the most important thing when he beat her within an inch of her life, Kemi forgot to lock the bedroom door to keep her fat ass from leaving. He figured she was damn near dead, so he hadn’t bothered to lock her down.


How it happened, she wasn’t one hundred percent sure, but it was phenomenal.

Before Ryder, Lydia had only been sexual with one man.

He was brutal. Every action he took against her body was meant to tear the fabric of her sanity to pieces. Never had they shared love or respect for one another in or out of bed. What they were engaged in wasn’t even consensual the majority of the time.

Sex was a barbaric act that she neither craved nor understood with Kemi. There was never anything more than pain with him.

Because their relationship was completely devoid of the creature comforts such as chemical attraction, love, sensuality, or good sexual tension, they had no reason to confuse their mutual devotion to their impending wedding as anything more than a contract marriage.

Lydia often left their experience broken and regretting the things her ex did to her body. She never craved more and hid away from Kemi’s touch as much as humanly possible.

It wasn’t until she allowed Ryder to make love to her that Lydia learned that there was actually pleasure associated with lovemaking. Even though she was a doctor, she could not affirm that pleasure existed during sex until her husband decided to recreate the scenes they played out in Las Vegas.

They began their exploration on the sofa as Ryder’s stayed on her until she was begged him for more pulling him closer every time he drew her tongue into his mouth.

Lydia had nothing in her memory banks to compare with the mind-bending experience of Ryder pulling first one nipple into his mouth sucking on it as if he was sure he would find nourishment. He was so generous that he ventured over to the other chocolate drop and paid an equal amount of homage to it in a similar manner as he’d previously shown to the other side.

At first, Lydia closed her eyes and allowed him to do whatever he desired. As the surge of fire raced through her body, she held onto him as if she would perish should she release her hold. Of course, Ryder’s need for her compelled him to venture further down her curvaceous form seeking all the deliciousness he had wondered about now for a while.

His journey continued downward until he was on his knees positioned directly in front of Lydia her knees pressed to her chest and her bottom pulled to the edge of the couch in the perfect position for him to feast on the dark chocolate treats she had hidden from him for so long.

Ryder lost himself as his tongue sought the sugar rush meant just for him. Lydia’s passionate moaning encouraged him to lick and suck until he was full. The bucking below her waists and clenching of her thighs around his head as she shuddered from the climactic surge rolling like waves charged by a storm was the feedback reaffirming that he was doing the job he set out to do from the moment he first tasted her.

Committed to refrain from seeking his own release, Ryder waited patiently until he was sure the woman he had come to treasure as his wife enjoyed a cascade of pleasure he desired to be the only man to share with her now and forever.

Her pleasure was his main concern and he decided they wouldn’t leave their suite until all of her needs were met.

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