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2 - TORN

**“This chapter depicts brutal physical and verbal abuse.“**


“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked her as if he was prepared to instigate a fight.

It was already too late. As soon as she left their personal bathroom and stepped into the bedroom, he was there in a matter of seconds. Since she had no way to determine when he made it home, Lydia was at a loss for how long he had been waiting for her to finish her shower. It was as if he was standing just outside the door preparing the perfect time to catch her off guard.

“I... I... I just got out of the shower. I’ll throw on some clothes and go downstairs to put dinner on.” She thought up the quickest way to excuse herself in order to get away from him.

"I... I... I. No, ma’am. That’s the wrong answer. Get your fat ugly black ass back over here.” He demanded as she attempted to step out of his reach.

Lydia knew better than to fight or try to run. Every time he came at her with an attitude within minutes of seeing her, there was no doubt in her mind that he wanted someone to box around. Even though she did everything in her power to put one hundred percent into their relationship, her efforts were never good enough. For some ungodly reason, he enjoyed treating her like she was a man by unleashing his full rage and frustration on her.

She attempted to side-step him and was quickly reminded of why arguing, fussing, or fighting with him would never work to her advantage.

Throwing up her hands to block herself from his first strike, he landed a slap across the unprotected side of her face. It was as if a brick smacked her nearly knocking the disoriented victim down. She dropped both hands to her sides to regain her balance leaving herself wide open. With the speed and force of a well-trained boxer, he landed a one-two combination punching her in her left eye twice.

The back to back attack caused her to waver nearly falling to the floor until he reached out to stabilize her. The demonic being wasn’t concerned with helping her because he followed up his introduction to the unholy assault using the full force of his body to slam her into the door.

An intense sensation of pain met her face and for a few seconds, she saw stars. The previous wounds he’d inflicted on his prey hadn’t yet healed from the last time he unleashed such a brutal reign of punishment down on her. Like a defenseless little dove, she braced herself for the inevitable. Lydia felt herself drifting from consciousness as he slammed her head into the door again and again.

After he landed a few more punches on her back and sides, the monster slammed her against the wall and pulled out a knife to viciously cut her clothes from the black and blue bruised body she had successfully hidden from all who knew her.

“I hated that fucking ugly old assed grandma looking shit anyway,” Kemi screamed in a rage.

Her panties and bra were ripped away from her body as if they had offended him. He was in the habit of destroying anything that she purchased with her own money. It wasn’t like he would ever offer to buy her anything as was evident by his very public disdain for Lydia and her ability to live a life independent from him.

Undoubtedly, her intended was determined to make her pay for anything he hated about her. Being as successful if not more successful than he, was unacceptable. Not measuring up to his standard of beauty, was detestable. Being the exact opposite of what he wanted in every way, was unforgivable. And last but certainly not least, the fact that she was partially deaf affixed a label to her that she was damaged goods in his eyes.

As she scrambled to hold onto her sanity in the midst of the melee, the first agonizing tear ripped through her as he defiled her in the worst way possible.

With each thrust, she felt herself sinking. At first, she tried to use the hard surface as leverage to push away from the wall. Even though pain coursed through her body dulling her senses, in her heart, Lydia knew exactly how far this would go. She prayed and pleaded with him to be merciful.

“Please stop. Pleeeassseee.” Lydia cried in the voice of a small frightened child as he slammed her body against the wall repeatedly. His hate for her was undeniably deadly. The force of hitting the wall again knocked the air out of her lungs. Legs so wobbly they could no longer withstand the ungodly assault along with the frailty of her flesh made her instantly buckle as he pummeled her critically wounded body.

"Please stop... oh my god... please have mercy on me.” Blinded by his own inadequacies and jealousy, Kemi issued her an extra dose of hell because he hated the sound of her voice.

More sharp tearing pains seared through her body deep into her soul. This was all she had known in the form of intimacy for months. They didn’t share a sex life. All that was in common between them was the vicious manner in which he attacked her.


Kemi allowed himself to visit a truly evil place in his mind as part of his sick and twisted routine. For the past six months, he subjected her to the most brutal form of rape he could inflict on any female. Even now, as she lay motionless in a crumpled mess on the floor, he refused to let up. Her inability to stand did nothing to stop his descent into madness.

This was the only joy he found in their arrangement. Kemi continued to abuse her body until he satisfied himself. When he finished, he rose from the floor and stepped away from his masterpiece. The broken, bruised, and badly beaten work he had enjoyed crafting was all he convinced himself that she deserved.

By now, he had conditioned Lydia to know her place. She understood things would work out better for her if she didn’t fight. After months of breaking her in, she finally got the message. Whenever she tried to lessen the blows, he saw red. Beating her like she was a punching bag was what he did to break any semblance of the independence the young woman once cherished.

Nothing pissed him off more than the fact that she thought she was so fucking important. Lydia Kensington was his property. She was his slave. He had no desire to marry such a fat ugly bitch, but he wanted what belonged to him. Night after night he shared the same bed with the disgustingly overweight creature. Because he lowered himself to her level and proposed to her, she who endure whatever he was generous enough to dish out... be it kindness or chaos.

When he heard from her mother that she wanted to cancel the wedding, Kemi honestly believed he would go home and choke her to death. She wasn’t even the woman he wanted to marry anyway. To be stuck with such a disgusting female made him cringe. The only good thing he found in her was that he was Lydia’s first.

Because he was her first, he promised himself he would also be her last. Literally.

Every benefit he was promised and received as a condition for accepting the idea of marrying the ugly sister made him hang in there when he really wanted to bounce.

The man was sickened by sharing a bed with her most of the time. Looking at her face, the rolls and folds of dark brown skin and all that fat on her body made him want to puke. He thought it was bad when he had to sleep with some old decrepit widow, but this was by far the worst. At least when he banged one of those rich dusty old browds, he got something of immense value in return.

Blessed with good looks and disciplined to make daily trips to the gym kept him in immaculate shape. His caramel-honey toned skin and natural curls made women of all ages melt over him. Wealthy ones paid handsomely for his affections and he made sure to put it down on them so hard they needed time away before requesting his services again.

If it weren’t for the debts he’d accumulated early in life, he would be set because he was a master in the way he worked those bitches over.

Kemi refused to accept that the ugliest black beast he had ever allowed to touch his skin attempted to walk away from him. He was determined to keep her... one way or another.

“You think because you’re a doctor that you are somehow too good for me. Don’t you? You won’t listen to me or follow my simplest rules, and yet, you wonder why I have to whoop your ass to put you back in your place all the time. How the fuck do you think it makes me feel when I hear you are trying to cancel our engagement? Now, you don’t want to marry me after I have turned down women whose beauty eclipse you by a hundred... no, a thousand times.” The grimace on his face was sinister. Kemi appeared to be on the edge of insanity as he screamed his frustration at the latest news about their nuptials.

“I can assure you that I will personally take your life with my bare hands before I allow you to leave me. Somebody put it into that stupid little bird brain of yours that you are better than me, so I guess you thought you would embarrass me by breaking off the engagement. You are the most ungrateful bitch I have ever met in my life!” He screamed as he pulled her neck back so far, a popping sound signaled that it threatened to snap.

“You should be glad I chose you, but I swear on god... If you want me to keep beating your ass, then keep fucking up. I swear before god you will do as I say, or you WILL come up missing.” After he spoke his peace, Kemi left her in the middle of the bedroom floor too torn to move.

Even though he was sure she was cold from lying naked on the floor for quite some time, he couldn’t be bothered to cover her. Lydia’s lifeless form didn’t move. Kemi made sure he gave her a beating that would keep her there for a while. He insisted she needed some time to think about her mistakes.

With one last glance of her closed eyes and barely breathing body, he confirmed she was out. No emotions or regret lingered in him for his so-called fiancée. As a man, one would believe he would at least make sure she wasn’t in shock, but he could care less.

Kemi walked out of the room leaving her naked lying on the cold floor to fend for herself.

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