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28 - IT'S ON


At least she was now sitting upright in the hardest freaking chair she could ever remember sitting on. Her back was killing her and she was feeling queasy. The room was spinning a little bit. She figured they must have given her some type of drug.

All she could do was glare at the maniac she once called her mother. The woman looked like she had aged fifteen to twenty years since the last time she saw her.

“Don’t you dare look at me like that. You thought mister fancy pants rich white boy was gonna save you from your dear ole mamma, didn’t you? Since you are so fucking smart, did it ever occur to you why I never treated you like you were mine?” Nelda taunted.

Lydia didn’t say a word. She just stared at the sad excuse for a woman.

“What? You don’t have anything to say? I thought your smartass knew everything. Always spouting this bullshit or that dumbshit. You thought becoming a doctor made you smarter and better than everybody else. Just like your momma.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I didn’t stutter when I said it.”

As hard as she tried not to cry, the demon she called her mom revealed something she had wondered about for a long time. She finally said it with her own mouth.

“You aren’t my mother?” The tear-stained face asked in disbelief.

“Nope. I killed that funky ass bitch just like I’m gonna kill you.”


Ryder was losing his mind. The moment Michael informed him that his wife had been taken, he jumped and rushed to his truck with his security rushing to catch him

He was approximately ten feet in front of them when a black van swived in front of him. The instant he realized his mistake and turned to catch up to his security, six guys jumped out and grabbed him.

They picked Ryder up like he weighed nothing with one of them administering a sedative to prevent the giant from putting up a fight.

Michael called for a unit to chase a black van Mercedes van with blacked-out windows and Texas 1S3 ZZZ1 plates.

The vehicle speed up as security tried to trap them in by rushing through the barricade that had been put up to stop them. The tires squalled as the vehicle made sharp left and right turns in an effort to ditch the two vehicles that were chasing them.

As the front seat passenger’s window rolled down, a ball flew out of the window and unrolled in front of one of the vehicles that were following them in the right lane.

The tires on the black SUV blew out since they didn’t have time to evade the spike strip that landed right in front of them.

A second vehicle sped up to catch the van on the left side as the back driver’s side passenger window rolled down. The person slapped something against the door of the SUV as the van gunned the gas. As soon as they were a full two car lengths ahead of the vehicle that was chasing them on the left side, the person who threw the item out the left-back window pressed a short blast EMP device which shut Ryder’s security down.

There was one last vehicle following them. As soon as the car edged up on the left side, the same back passenger leaned out the window and after four shots, he took out both tires on the right side.

The van pulled away before anyone else from the security team could catch them.

X: Extraction complete.
O: Good


“Why are you doing this?” Lydia asked with more disdain than she had ever felt in her life.

It was beyond her to understand why she had to suffer so much.

“Look at you sitting there with your face all scrunched up like you want to fight me. You want to know the truth and I feel generous enough to tell you everything.” Nelda cackled maniacally.

As many times as she had seen her moth... the woman act a plum fool, she never felt she says absolutely insane. Watching the wicked individual who was pacing the floor helped to understand that the woman she always believed to be her mother had lost it.

“Both you and your stupid mother came between me and me getting what I want.”

Lydia stared at her as if what she was saying made no sense. She didn’t have the slightest idea of what the woman was talking about and she could tell Nelda was growing impatient based on her response.

“See that’s the reason I never could stand you.” The older woman scowled at her captive.

“Both you and your momma always look so innocent and so lost. She thought she was gonna steal my shine with her... “I’m a little princess” bullshit and you always thought you had all the answers with yo “Know it all” ass.”

“What are you talking about?” Lydia asked in confusion.

“What are you talking bout? What are you talking bout? What are you talking bout? SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I STAPLE YOUR LIPS SHUT!" Nelda screamed at Lydia and then smacked her hard in the mouth busting the right side of her bottom lip.

“If it hadn’t been for your silly ass momma showing up to our final dance like she was a PRINCESS, I wouldn’t gotten kicked out of school and shipped off away from MY home, MY friends, and MY life. Everything was taken away from me and my momma because of that butch.”

“So I have to suffer even though I wasn’t even born.” She cried out.

“YOUR WHORE OF A MOTHER TOOK WHAT WAS MINE. SHE KNEW YOUR FATHER WANTED ME FIRST. IF SHE HAD JUST STAYED IN HER MUTHERFUCKING PLACE, THAT BITCH MIGHT STILL BE ALIVE TODAY!” She screamed like someone who had lost their grip on reality as she rushed her captive and slapped her again.

Lydia considered every word. She closed her eyes to hold in the tears then trained her eyes on the evil witch in front of her.

“You go right ahead and hate me and just know I don’t give a rat’s ass. You have served your purpose. I was waiting for you to get your inheritance before I killed you but since you married that good ole ‘Thornton Money’ they spared no expenses in an attempt to save you.” She cackled to herself.

Fighting to hold it together, Lydia knew if she didn’t ask, she might never find out what happened to her real mother. She calmed herself and spoke slowly.

“Please tell me what happened to her... please.”

“Please... please... please. You are a little whinny prim and proper BITCH just like your mother. I am so glad you aren’t my child.” Nelda shook her head in disgust. She walked over and lifted her second cousin’s head peering into her eyes.

“You look so much like her. Just because y’all had these stupid blue eyes, everybody thought y’all could part the sea, heal the sick, raise the dead. Your mother ain’t God and you and Jesus. I don’t know why people refused to see y’all for the ugly creatures you are.” She said in disgust as she snatched her hand away from the younger woman’s chin and walked away.

“Your momma knew her place. I was born before she was. I was prettier and more popular than she was. She knew that I would take down any person who came for me in any way. When I was allowed to come back home from boarding school and a few years of college, she was already pregnant with my man’s child.”

She continued to walk around the room silently as if she was deep in thought. The look on her face revealed the turmoil in her mind. As if she felt Lydia’s eyes on her, Nelda crossed twenty feet quickly as if she had taken flight.

“I should have killed her while she was still pregnant with you. Then I wouldn’t have been forced to raise your burnt black ass.” She yelled as she pulled Lydia’s hair so hard her head went back as far as it would go.

Tears welled in her eyes. She blinked and took deep breaths.

“You think someone will save you, don’t ya?” Cackling and guffawing as if she heard the funniest joke, Nelda reveled in the pain she was inflicting on her prey.

“I bet that stupid ass momma of your hoped someone would save her when her breaks went out. She took her car in for service and it just so happened I was there in Clyde’s office. We had a little thing going on so he did whatever I told him to do. That’s one thing I can say about good Ole Clyde--God rest his soul--that man sure did know how to make someone have a car crash AMD make it look like an accident.” This time she laughed out loud so hard she got choked up a little.

Lydia was so tired of listening to the evil woman, but she just had to know.

“If I died, how could anyone get my inheritance?”

“You already know the answer. That’s why yo trifling ass left that black bastard. You knew he was trying to kill you and that’s why you ran away. Kemi was a dumb ass. He should’ve got you pregnant, maybe you couldn’t have kids because I know he was fucking you on the regular. Like I was saying... if that dickhead had treated you just a little better, you would’ve never run away. I know you loved him and wanted to make it work. If he had kept his shit together, yo ass would be in the ground rotting away next to your mammy and he would be on some secluded island with the love of his life.”

“With the love of his life?!”

“Did I stutter?” The true wickedness that woman reared its disgusting head.

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