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Lydia was reeling like she had received a punch to the gut. To accept what was said, was really too far over the line.

“So that means you were...”

“Say it. Man the fuck up for once in your life. Quit being a sniveling, goodie-two-shoes little princess bitch and just say it.” Nelda pointed at her and insisted she admit what she already knew.

“You and Kemi planned for me to marry him... an... and after we were married...” Lydia paused and looked away from the creature who was now taunting her.

“Say it before I shoot right now.”

“You were going to make it look like I had an accident, get my money, Kemi would go his way and you would go your way.” She cried as she confessed to the plot as if she was in on it.

“See, you was close but not close enough. We would’ve made it look like you had an accident--pregnant or not--took all of the inheritance money and divided it up. Kemi and Heaven would’ve went their way. I would’ve divorced your father so me and Clyde could go our way.”

“What do you mean Heaven, but she’s de...” Lydia’s face froze when it all hit her. She was repeatedly beaten and raped. They damn near killed her. All the misery she suffered was for these greedy assholes to get all of the inheritance money.

The entire time she was getting the whole story, Lydia had retrieved a little knife Michael insisted she carry inside a hidden compartment stitched in the bottom of every blouse and jacket as well as the top of every pair of pants including her skirts.

She cut the zip tie with the tiny knife and the moment Nelda got close enough to gloat again, she jumped up and in one shot jammed the palm of her hand up at the woman’s nose catching her off guard.

As the woman staggered back, Lydia stepped beside her and swiped her legs from under her forcing the older woman’s legs and feet to fly up as her head went back and slammed into the concrete floor.

Kemi came running from somewhere in front of her. He lunged at her with a punch and she sidestepped him with ease. Lydia turned around to face him as came at her again.

“You stupid butch. I gonna kill you.”

“Not if I kill you first.” Lydia’s eyes were a cold blue-gray like a stormy sea. Kemi stopped his attack just as an object in her hand caught his chin and his chest.

On closer examination, he realized she was gripping a fighting dagger between her fingers. The blade was less than two inches long and blood was clinging to it.

He reached his hands to the spots where she tapped him and realized he was bleeding.

“You fucking butch.” The murderous look in his eyes was one she had seen many times before. Unfortunately for him, it meant nothing to her now.

“Keep talking and I’ll relieve you of your tongue next.” She said as she took a defensive stance and waved at him to come back for more.

She tracked his movements. He was still behaving as if he had a little kitten cornered when he had no idea that the woman standing in front of him had transformed into a man-eating tigress. Lydia switched off the non-violent pacifist side of her heart that once allowed people to walk all over her.

Because of the training, she received at her husband’s assistance and under the careful tutelage of Michael himself, she knew every pressure point to kill a man from a doctor’s point of view as well as a self-defense point of view. Lydia preferred to save lives, but she was prepared to take a life before she allowed this sick twisted ass to hurt her ever again.

“I guess that white boy taught you how to fight. So, instead of beating yo ass like my bitch, I’m gonna beat your ass like a nigga.” He said to pump himself up.

“Bring it.” She said as she folded her hand like Bruce Lee telling him less talk more getting that ass handed to him.

Kemi rushed her again and she dropped down to pop him in each leg being careful not to hit any major arteries or veins. She wanted to make him suffer but she didn’t want to kill him. Lydia had something special planned for this joker. Something he truly deserved.

“Where’s Heaven?” She asked calmly.

“I don’t know what the fuck you talking about?” He responded defensively.

“Where the fuck is she you lying piece of shit?” Lydia screamed at him.

“Let me find out somebody learned how to cuss. Come, white girl. Cuss some more. That shit is funny as hell.” He laughed at her like her words meant nothing. Lydia responded by nicking his face.

“You, stupid bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I’m gonna peel that face off of you one cut at a time you stupid jerk. Where the fuck is Heaven?”

“I’ll tell you where she is when you suck my mutherfucking dick, bitch.” He grabbed his crotch and rubbed himself.

“You know you miss this big dick. I bet that white can’t do shit. I trained you. I know how to make you cum even when I know you don’t want to. Give me some of that pussy for old time’s sake.”

She was so tired of the low down bag of crap standing in front of her. She decided it was time to make him really suffer. After about thirty minutes of her giving him one small cut after another, both of them stopped their bantering as the door to the building was blown off the hinges.

“Lydia... where are you?” She heard Ryder calling out for her. His voice distracted her long enough for Kemi to grab her and wrestle the dagger from her hand.

As Ryder and his full security streamed into the room, they caught her just as she reached around behind herself and grabbed his junk in her hand. The arms that were once wrapped tightly around her neck dropped down as she spun around twisting as she faced him.

“You never learn when to quit and that’s the reason you will probably never be seen or heard of again,” Lydia promised as he went down to his knees.

When Kemi looked up from where he was lying on the floor, Willow Thornton walked from the other side of her nephew with a few of the guys he had once worked with before he was fired because of the acquisition of the Thornton property. He had been forced a long time ago to sell the property to keep up with the lifestyle to which he had grown accustomed when he and Lydia lived together and he was spending most of her money.

“Hello, lover boy.” The woman he once humiliated sauntered over to him taking out blue nylon gloves and other items from the Hermes Birkin Bag 35 Tago Gold.

“Willow, please...”

“Save it! You had a chance to make this right, but you insisted on defiling me. You caused so many people to die needlessly because they were associated with you.” She said as she thumped the tip of his nose.

“Is there anything you need from us?” Lydia asked her new auntie-in-law. Kemi’s eyes grew to the size of saucers when he saw how the women greeted each other with a hug and real concern.

“No sweetie. You have tenderized him up very nicely for me.” She smiled as she pulled back her shoulder-length platinum blonde hair and put it in a Hermes scrunchie.

A table was pulled up close to Willow. A man dressed in black stood next to her as a handful of other guys yanked both Kemi and Nelda up off the floor. They were tied and strung up from one of many pipes criss-cross the length of the ceiling.

One man handed Willow a bottle of Jack Daniels Black Label that he had already opened for her. She promptly splashed it all over Kemi allowing him to enjoy the most intense burning sensation from the multiple cuts he had received. His screaming was so loud and alarming that it woke Nelda from her slumber. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw all the people in the room and it registered that she was hanging from the ceiling.

“How the fuck did they know how to find you?” The woman screeched.

“I had a tracking device on me the whole time. Oh, yeah... by the way, thanks for the full confession.” Lydia smiled with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes.

“See, you was close but not close enough. We would’ve made it look like you had an accident--pregnant or not--took all of the inheritance money and divided it up. Kemi and Heaven would’ve went their way. I would’ve divorced your father so me and Clyde could go our way.”

Nelda listened to her own confession. It took her a few seconds to realize that the tables had turned and she was completely fucked. The woman began to kick and scream as if she had a chance of getting free.

“How would you like for me to take care of these two?” The deep rustic Southern voice awaited her command.

“The screwdriver was nice. The burned down house was a nice touch, but I’m partial to short and sweet for most like a good old fashion bullet to the head.” She said as she slinked around the source of her and her new niece’s problems.

“I think you should use your imagination with these two.” She whispered loud enough for them to hear as the other men shoved red ball gags in their mouths.

“Thank you, mistress.” The man in black walked over to the table where his boss had already pulled out a number of disturbing tools Lydia had never seen before as her husband led her out of the room.

Muffled screams trailed behind her. If it were left up to her, she may have allowed the police to take care of them, but she promised to walk away once the calvary arrived.

And that’s exactly what she did.

Lydia walked away and put the two of them out of her mind for good.

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