Beyond the Pines (Part 2)

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I rose to my feet and walked toward him. He put his cup on the table and stared at me, his eyes full of so many emotions, emotions I’d seen in his eyes six years ago, and ever since we met again a few weeks ago, too. Emotions I’d been unable to name, but now was able to see clearly.

Screw caution. Screw self-preservation. Screw my fears.

There was no chance in hell I was ever letting him go.

I climbed onto his lap, my legs on each side of him, my hands on his shoulders. His eyes widened, as he saw the emotions I now let unmasked into my face, my eyes. “Paige,” he said, my name a whisper on his lips, wonder mixed with despair written all over his face.

“You’re mine, Diego,” I said quietly, evenly, as I stared into his beautiful eyes. “And I’m yours.”

He shook his head. “Paige, you need to think it through. I’m an ex-convict. I killed a man - “

“Involuntarily,” I said softly, cutting him off. “You were trying to protect your friend, as you protected me all these years by leaving me.”

“It doesn’t erase the fact I have blood on my hands,” he said roughly. “And you’re so - “

“Pure?” I filled in, staring at him as his eyes narrowed. “You’re putting me on a pedestal, Diego. No person in this world is pure. Everyone has scars, some deeper than others. I’m no exception.”

“But you never killed anyone,” he insisted, and I felt him hardening under me, even though he didn’t move his hands, didn’t hold me, just sat there, frozen, convinced this was a mistake, that I didn’t deserve him.

And that just made me fall for him all over again. “Even if you took that man’s gun and shot him point-blank in the chest,” I said, making him see the truth in my eyes, “I still wouldn’t blame you. He was trying to kill you and Marco. The law might think murder is never truly justified, but I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t give a fuck about the law.”

“Paige…” he murmured, shuddering slightly as my hand cupped his face.

I leaned forward until my lips were mere inches from his, my eyes locked on his. “I loved you six years ago,” I said, “and I don’t think I’ve ever truly stopped loving you.”

This seemed to do it. Any reluctance he might’ve had vanished, and hunger rose in him, hunger that was as great as mine, and his arms were suddenly around me and his lips crushed mine.

I clung to him tightly as his mouth ravaged mine, forcing it open, taking my tongue in a twist with his. My chest crushed against his, my crotch sitting directly over his clad erection, erection that I wanted inside me as soon as possible.

Sudden urgency made me tug at his shirt, and he broke the kiss off and let me almost rip it off him. My dress was flung over my head an instant later, exposing my bra and stockings, and his eyes glazed over. “Fuck, Paige,” he murmured, and his mouth was suddenly on mine again as he rose to his feet, lifting me with his hands under my ass, making my legs wrap around him.

He moved us so quickly, as if I weighed nothing, to the upper section of his duplex, up the stairs, and into a large bedroom. He then practically threw me on the bed, and stared at me with need. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met,” he said, and then he was on me, getting rid of my stocking along with my panties, unclasping my bra, and exposing every part of me to the warm air.

His mouth was on my breast a moment later, sucking at my nipple, causing a rush of wetness down my thighs. I gasped as his other hand played with the neglected nipple, pinching and flicking it, making me thrash uncontrollably under him. “Diego,” I moaned as his teeth sank into the nipple, making me almost scream.

It wasn’t enough for me, though, and it seemed he didn’t have the patience for it, either. “I need inside you,” he said roughly and got off me to get rid of the remaining of his clothes.

I watched him, and my pussy clenched in musky arousal as I saw him naked for the first time. There was a twisted scar at his side, where he’d bled weeks ago, but aside from that, his chest was the most magnificent thing I’d ever laid eyes on; a mean six-pack that made me want to have him splayed under me and lick him all over, a trail of dark hairs leading to his cock, which was so thick, I knew it would be a tough fit, but that just made me want to moan again.

He was on me a moment later, his lips on mine, a hand in my hair, while another playing with my clit, making me cum in a sudden rush of explosion that made spasm even after it passed. And that seemed to be the end of his - and my - patience.

Spreading my legs, he wrapped them around him, and my hands went to his hair, grabbing at those curls that were as soft as they looked. His cock nudged at my entrance, and I came again with a sudden burst of wetness, that I knew it coated his cock now, too.

He suddenly stopped, and was off me. I felt his loss, and I suddenly fear he might regret it, because why would he stop - but then he was back, rolling a condom over his cock. “Almost forgot,” he said, looking at me with the kind of famished hunger I’d never seen before. “I knew you were trouble the moment I met you.”

Before I could respond, he put my legs around him, and entered me with one, powerful move that made my back arch and a scream tear out of my mouth. He grunted, gritted out, “So tight,” and started moving inside me, driving into me deep and rough, his arms pinning me to the mattress, his mouth on my neck, my breast, my lips, tasting me as he fucked me so hard, I saw stars.

“Look at me,” he commanded in a low, sexy voice that made me snap my eyes open and stare at him. He then put my legs over his shoulders and buried himself inside me so deeply, I came all around him, my tiny muscles clutching his cock so hard, I saw him struggling to keep going. “Fuck, Paige,” he said as he picked up the speed, growing so much harder inside me, I felt like I would break.

“Diego,” I moaned, grabbing at his shoulders, and then, just as I looked at his eyes once more, he let out a curse, drove himself one last time inside me, and shuddered as he came, whispering my name.

For the first time in my life, I felt like I was where I belonged. Laying with Diego, naked, under the sheets, his arms around me, his forehead against mine, I felt like I was safe. Like I was home.

“I’ve dreamed about this moment for a long time,” he told me softly, his eyes on mine. “I never thought it would happen, though.”

“Why?” I asked, my hand on his cheek, caressing his stubble.

“Because I thought I would forever keep you at arm’s length,” he said, smiling a little sadly. “I thought you would never agree to have any sort of relationship when we met at that wine shop. Not after how we parted ways.”

I scooted closer to him. “I didn’t think I would want that, either,” I said softly, “but when you came to explain everything that happened six years ago, and when you came after me at Larsen Walker’s party... It was no use.” I chuckled weakly. “I tried to tell myself I was over you, that I was moving on, and my defenses were airtight, or so I’d thought, but I just couldn’t, Diego.” I showed him with my eyes that I meant it. “Not after what you told me tonight. Not after being the best man I’d ever known.”

His face darkened. “I hurt you, though. I did the same thing that asshole did to you years ago.”

“You’re not like him,” I told him, grimacing. “And I was wrong to ever think you were, to compare you to him. Wyatt never cared about me; he just used me. You, on the other hand, did everything to protect me from dangers I didn’t even know about.”

“It doesn’t excuse the fact I hurt the woman I love,” he said, his hand on my cheek, his dark brown eyes on mine. “Hell, even thinking about the way I’d treated you before we became friends makes me mad. I pegged you all wrong because of my prejudices, because I thought that you were like all those white people who saw a Hispanic man and thought the worst about him,” he hugged me tighter to him, as if holding on for dear life, “and the worst thing is, they weren’t wrong. I am bad news.”

My chest squeezed, and I planted my lips gently on his. “You are not bad news,” I said quietly but firmly, “and I’ll remind you of that every time until you finally believe it.”

He smiled, his eyes soft. “I got myself a knight in the shining armor, it seems,” he said, a teasing note to his voice.

I smiled back. “You have no idea,” I said, then frowned as I thought of something else. “Why did you date Bianka?”

He blinked, taken off guard. “Bianka?”

“You know, the Polish grad-student you started dating after you didn’t kiss me on New Year’s Eve,” I said, arching an eyebrow.

The memory seemed to return to him and he grunted. “Why does it matter?”

At his bad-tempered response I grinned. “Because I have a feeling it has something to do with me and I would really appreciate the ego boost.”

“You’re so sexy when you’re honest,” he said and suddenly kissed me until we were both out of breath. Then he leaned back and gave me a grumpy look that made him seem almost boyish, and made my belly do a flip-flop. “Fine. I dated her because she looked nothing like you, had none of your spunk, and I needed someone to distract me so I wouldn’t be tempted to go to you and beg to have you be my girlfriend.”

My heart beat hard in my chest, and I had a shit-eating smile on my face that made him scowl. “So when you told me all that thing about you being earth, Bianka being water, and that earth usually went better with fire…”

He shot me an unamused look. “It was my way of saying that I was so fucking into you, it wasn’t even funny.”

My smile grew larger. “So I’m the fire to your earth, huh? Who knew you’re such a poet, Diego.”

He suddenly grinned, and a wicked gleam in his eyes made my smile slip a little. “Since I am,” he said as he slowly brought me to my back, settling between my legs, “and since I got lucky and you bought into this whole poetic shit and are now head over heels in love with me…”

I put my arms around his neck. “Well, as long as you fuck me again, I can assure you I won’t stop loving you even if you act like an arrogant asshat.”

“Such crude words,” he tsked as his cock settled at my entrance, making me moan and wiggle my butt, trying to get him inside me, but his hands were there, grabbing my ass and holding me in place. “I don’t think you understand your position, Paige. I’m not going to fuck you.”

I glared at him. “If you’re going to say ’I’m making love to you’ I will never give you a blowjob.”

He smirked. “Here I’m trying to be romantic and you go and ruin it.”

There was so much a woman could take, and Diego being this teasing, sexy, beautiful man was just too much. “Fuck me,” I grated out, beyond horny. “Now.”

He said nothing, simply shoved inside me, and fucked me again until I screamed his name, and he chanted mine.

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