Beyond the Pines (Part 2)

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This has been quite the wild ride for me.

I've been trying to rewrite Paige & Diego's stories for 8 years, ever since the first time I wrote them in my native language of Hebrew. Their story back then was idiotic and made zero sense, and I the characters just refused to leave me, needing me, demanding me even to write their story from scratch and this time, do it properly.

I've struggled to do that for so long, I had no idea if this time I would succeed. I just started their story, as I always do, and the words just flew out of me, refusing to stop, and finally, this two-part story came to life.

Here are 10 facts for you regarding the 2012 version and this version of the story:

1) Hestia was a raving bitch back then, and here, while I tried to redeem here, it kinda backfired.

2) In the "original", Orlando was part of Paige's love triangle. Here, I realized he was kind of an asshole and decided to scrape that idea.

3) Patrick was never supposed to become a "good" brother - he and Paige were supposed to be estranged - but this time around, I felt he deserves a little better, and so does Paige.

4) The first kissing scene between Paige and Diego took place in the same kind of setting in both versions. This was the scene that put the idea for their characters in my head, and launched the first version of this story.

5) It started out as a short story back in 2011, in which Paige was a high school girl whose parents were going through a divorce, and Diego was the "bad boy" who picked her up in a cool motorcycle and brought him where the aforementioned kiss scene took place.

6) In the original, Hestia dated Diego before Paige even knew who he was.

7) Paige and Diego's mutual dislike was pure hatred that went on for most of the story in the 2012 version. In this one, I just decided to spice it up with some mystery instead of making them simply enemies.

8) Nola was supposed to become Paige's best friend, as she was in the original, but things changed, obviously.

9) Oz is a character I took from another Hebrew story of mine from 2012 as well, and inserted him in this version, changing only his name.

10) In both original and this version, Peter got entangled with the "mafia" dudes, only in the original, Paige was the one who saved him on her own, and in this one, Diego did.

Now, speaking of Peter, he might get a story of his own... We will see about that ;)

That's it! I hope you enjoyed Beyond the Pines as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Love you all and until next time,


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