Gray|| Rose's thorns

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Life has a way of making us pay for the sins of our parents. But we have the power to chose how we take it. Love, lies, betrayal, secrets, mystery and drama fill our lives but for the Delanos and Montenegros it's on a whole new level.

Emike Daisy Adomokai
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"Get out of the house, now!!",

"But mom...",


Running, now I really regret everything, bringing this massive storm, this hurricane, this whole emotional torture, this whole everything. I know my past now but at what cost, I should have listened to mom.

I ran, I ran like my life depended on it because it did, I ran like it was my last chance saving my life because it was and then boom.

The bomb exploded, with mom in it, everything seemed to be spinning, the only thing I could think of was how my mom was dead. I couldn't believe it.

"You killed her you bastard" Asher yelled, he tried fighting me, but I wasn't mentally strong to give him as much as an explanation, but in a way he was right, he had a point, I killed mom and I can't believe she's dead, she's really dead. I dropped on my knees and cried my heart out, it hurt me bad, my heart was shattered.

It had occurred to me that I brought that which was lost, I brought the apocalypse, I wonder who gave me the right to take her life. The firemen put out the fire and brought out my mother's remains, she died a horrible death, something she didn't deserve, something that wasn't hers, that death was meant for me, it was mine but she took it.

How brave she was taking my death like it was hers, taking her life like it was her choice, although being a Montenegro by name I was still a Delano by blood and since the historic ties between the Delanos and Montenegros it always ended with the Montenegros being caused pain all because of the Delanos.

Later that evening I couldn't go into the house, the wails and environment of tears and heartbreak would make me feel worse than just the mere sound of it. I sat there all night thinking they would stop but it didn't, it might have but in my head I don't think it ever did.

Imagine never hearing from your guardian angel again. Someone who saved you from death twice and then took your place when death came the second time. It breaks my heart to know that Mom died in the pit of explosion that Bruce, that scumbag, that devil, that psychopath, had caused, now he's dead too, the wimp didn't have the guts to stay alive and wait for my wrath, Gray! This anger was what caused the maddness in the first place, this whole tragic episode, mom I miss you, I really wish I could take your place, you didn't deserve it, please mom just come back.

If what he said was correct then, he always knew I was alive, he knew of my whereabouts but why? Why didn't he come to attack me or my family? Why did he come out when I started hunting him down, *not all questions have answers, but the answers you seek are in the questions you ask* he said, what does it mean.

Guilt and pain still hit me as everyone in the family came outside, "hey buddy, I see you haven't gone inside, you good? I know it must be tough, don't blame yourself mate" Uncle Cole said, to which everyone else nodded in agreement, everyone except Asher, my little brother turned cold but I couldn't blame him, I took his best friend and mother away, we sat around a fire that evening, none of us wanting to go inside only to remember the heroine we lost, remembering all the good times as our uncles and aunts told us stories they could remember of mom.


"Ever felt like you don't belong in a place where you feel loved. My inner demons taught me about my past. The inner peace I struggle to find is gone and the inner happiness I have is not content with a lot of things.

I can't eat my cake and still have it, I realise that now, I'm more than hurt but also more than thankful. It hurts to know my past brought my present a lot of pain. It kills me to know not everyone has a happy ending but not everyone has a tragic ending either, to those who didn't know her well her ending was tragic but to those who did, it was beautiful, after so many years she has finally reunited with the love she lost, the one she searched for, the one she went insane for, the love that saved her life by losing his, munayki mamáy.

Imagine being deemed insane, what mom had to go through breaks my heart to know I'm an offspring from the cause, I pray the light guides my way. I'll always miss you mom, we all will at least now we know you and dad have finally reunited, you are finally happy with the love of your life, you're with Grandpa now, your love has won and we'll come to join you but till then may all your gentle souls rest in peace.

Mom!!! We are sad you had to go, but your glory and your empire will leave on and the world will never forget you mom, I miss you, we all miss you mom, whatever happens we'll stay together you saved our lives so we could be together, thank you mom, munayki", I said then left the podium

"Calm down Delano no need for fake tears, you're the reason it all happened, hope you can live with the guilt like a man and not cowardly kill yourself in order to escape it, once a Delano always a Delano" he said looking at me with hate in this eyes I guess he had the right to be mad, she was the best in the world.

*Here lies the body of Samara Montenegro*

*Forever in our hearts*

"She died a horrible death" I heard a voice say, "it's her fault, she wanted to play mother of year didn't she?" Another said and it broke my heart, if I had stayed hidden if only I had just listened she wouldn't have been dead. Dad take care of mom, she's had too much of this unfair world.

Bless your union.

Her last wish was for her to be buried right beside her love, and now they're bodies are close, their hearts are connected and their souls together.

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