His Storm

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Chapter 1


I have never felt so at peace and happy in my entire life like I am at this very moment. Watching her smile at her friends and family. The laughter that falls so easily from her mouth is quite addictive for me. I hope to see her smile and hear her laughter for the rest of my life.

I have accomplished a lot in the last several months but today I've married the only person who has captured my fucking heart. She and our daughter that's growing inside of her are the most important things to me now. Their happiness and safety are my utmost concerns.

Feeling my lip lift slightly, I bend down to her ear as she gazes at the reception's crowd with a pleasing expression. "When you smile that way, you make it so hard not to end the party early just so I can have you all to myself," I murmur in a throaty voice, my smirk widening as I watch those familiar goosebumps spread down her arm.

Placing the non-alcoholic champagne to her lips, she takes a sip, trying to hide her smile. "Kaye would give you hell if you take me away so soon." she chuckles as she places her glass down on the table.

"I would take on any kind of hell for you." I husk out, trailing my finger along the top of her shoulder.

"Stop making her hot and bothered, big guy. Shit, you have two weeks to ravish her," Kaye says as she steps up to our table. Fucking cock block. Where is Cole when I need his ass?

"I saw your mother," Kaye says to Ray as she took a seat opposite of her. I hadn't known she showed up, to be honest, my eyes have hardly left my wife's sight since I laid my eyes on her walking towards me to pronounce our love to one another.

"I saw her earlier but she hasn't come to speak to me yet. I don't know if she's scared to or if it's that she doesn't approve of my decision of marrying Damien." Ray frowns slightly.

"I don't think it's either. She may want you to enjoy yourself and not make it unpleasant for you. I think she will find you before we leave, to congratulate you, I'm sure." I inform Ray, grabbing her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Even though you're an ass sometimes, I think you're pretty great, big guy." Kaye chuckles. "Dito, doll," I send her a wink. Kaye's eyes squint sending me an evil glare.

"You are so damn lucky that I don't want my best friend to be a widow so soon, " she grumbles causing me and Ray to burst out laughing.

"Oh, I think I have an idea of who was in who's company last night," Kaye says causing Ray to light up with a mischief expression. Ray turns to me, "sorry, I'll be right back. I need to speak with Kaye privately." Ray informs as she begins to stand.

I stand and help her up. "Don't be too long," I murmur in her ear before placing a soft kiss on her cheek. "I won't." she smiles as Kaye grabs her hand and pulls her away.

Fixing my tux jacket, I settle myself back into my chair, grabbing my glass of bourbon and take a swig. Lorenzo walks up and takes a seat beside me. "Congratulations, you are a lucky man." he smiles as he pulls out a big Cuban cigar from his jacket.

"I know." I reply, "So, I heard there was some trouble at the club last night." he says, lighting the cigar. "The girls are beautiful women, so of course they draw trouble." I chuckle.

"Si, I know all too well my friend. Where is the one you call Nick that you had picked to help watch over them for me? I would like to speak with him." he says calmly. Shit, I was hoping that what Nick did or said wouldn't get back to him but I can see that it already has. Well, I told Nick to be careful and now he's gonna have to deal with the consequences.

My eyes search the crowd and then finally land on Nick at the open bar. Turning to my left I call Noah over. "Yes boss?" he asks. "Tell Nick that Lorenzo would like to speak with him."

I wait patiently with Lorenzo as Noah informs him of what I said. I spot Dante speaking to Ray's mother. She's a beautiful woman and I see so much of her in her daughter. I don't know how their relationship is right now, but I hope they can somehow be close again. Not having my mother here today was hard because I know she would have been so proud and would have loved Ray.

Nick steps up to the table, drink in one hand and the other in the medical sling. "You needed to speak with me?" he asks Lorenzo.

Lorenzo lets a cloud of smoke roll out from his mouth, eyeing him as if he was examining him. "Si, sit, please." he gestures to the chair sitting in from of him. Nick sits but doesn't show any indication of being worried.

"So, I was told you had roughed up a gentleman who had been dancing with my Mia." Lorenzo states. Nick nods his head once, "Yes."

"Why?" Lorenzo asks as he watches him intently. Nick clears his throat, "I was told to watch over the girls. The gentlemen you are speaking of was getting pretty handsy and with her not knowing the gentlemen, I didn't feel it was appropriate." he answers.

Lorenzo stares at Nick, taking a puff from his cigar. His lip twitches slightly before it lifts to a smirk. "I also heard you got her to Dantes' home safely and alone as well." Nick scrunches his brows, confused. "Yes sir," he says warily.

"You are the first man to ever tell her no and then drive her to her destination without any problems. I am very impressed, to say the least. I believe I want you to secure her whenever we come to visit." he smirks sticking his hand out to shake Nicks. Well, I'll be damned.

Nick, shocked, shakes his hand. "I'm glad Damien chose you to watch over my girls. I can see why you're his right hand. I need more men like you, Nick." Lorenzo chuckles. Nick smirks, before standing. "Thank you, sir." Oh for fucks sake! This is going to make his ego even fucking bigger.

I smile as Ray and Kaye head our way, relieved that she's back from her private chat. I'm intrigued by what they were talking about and ill ask her about that later, once we're on our flight to spend in Hawaii, just us. Two weeks of just her and I is exactly what we need. I'm hoping my men can handle things while I'm gone.

Lorenzo leans in closer to my side and asks, "Who is that beautiful woman talking to Dante?" My eyes look over to where Lorenzo is looking and see that the woman is Ray's mother. "That's Ray's mother, Leslie Johnson," I inform him. His eyebrows raise, expression looked a bit shocked.

Dante's eyes turn and land on our table. He grabs Leslie's hand and places a kiss on top of it before walking away from her and heading in our direction.

"Damien, is it ok if I speak with you for a moment?" Dante asks once he reaches the table. I nod my head, turning my head towards Ray. "I won't be long," I say and then kiss her lips softly.

Dante leads us to a private room. Looking around, I could see it was an office. Dante takes a seat on the brown leather sofa, pulling out an envelope from inside his jacket. "Have a seat, Damien." He says as he unfolds the papers.

"As I've said earlier since Ray is the only blood that's eligible to take over my family when I retire or if something should ever happen to me, that would mean she would be the family's boss. But, Ray feels that the boss title should go to you." He states, placing a pair of glasses on his face.

"What?" I ask as I sit down beside him. "Dante, I'm not blood, how is this even possible?" I ask.

"Since Ray is the next in line to take over, whatever decision she makes with who leads is up to her. If it had been anyone but you, I would have protested. But you, Damien, you and I have always been close. If I had raised my son, I'd hope he would turn out just like you. Yes, you're still a little wet behind the ears, but you're doing a fantastic job, especially with the shape Caine had left you." Holy shit, I can't even form words to this news.

"All I ask is that you do right by my granddaughter and grandson. I also would like for you to spend a few months here with me and watch what my day to days usually consist of, get to know my men as well." I nod my head, agreeing.

"I don't want them to know just yet about this decision until you and Ray come back from the honeymoon. I expect a small amount of resistance from some, but that's only because they don't know you as well as Ray and I do. That's why I need you to get to know them. Let them see why I'm so willing to hand my empire to you and Ray." I nod again, still a bit in shock.

"Well, sign these," he says as he hands me a pen. I look down at the papers and ask, "what am I signing?"

"My deed to all the businesses I own. The one business that I only want Ray's name on is the Restaurant. It belonged to Kathleen's parents. I have added on and remolded but the area you guys ate in was Kat's father's office. I hadn't the heart to touch it. I added the bar but that was it. This restaurant is hers to carry on." He informs. I smile, now understanding why the area had felt older. Ray will be very pleased to be able to own a history that belongs to her family.

After signing the papers we rejoined Ray and the other guests. We enjoyed our family and friends for the remainder of the evening. I also enjoyed Leslie and Ray's conversation that lasted for an hour. It looks like things are promising for them.

As that night grew longer, I notice that Ray was beginning to look exhausted, I'm sure being pregnant was the main factor. I informed the guys it was time for us to call it a night and head off to the jet that's awaiting us at the small airport outside of New York City.

I know there is a storm brewing in the distance with the Russians, but for the next two weeks, I'm hoping it stays put so I can enjoy being with my wife.

When I return, I'll brace myself and I'll be ready. Ready to kill anyone who dares to come our way.

Coming soon! Book #3 of The Mafia Series

His Storm...

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