Buried Desires (Brad’s Story)

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Chapter Eleven


"Is everything ok, Zack?" I lifted my head from his broad chest and peered into his worried eyes. He gave me a tight-lipped smile and gently pressed my head back to his chest.

"Of course, it is, my love. I'm just tired is all."

Something told me he was lying, so instead of arguing about it, I chose to ignore it. Tonight's supposed to be special. But, whatever it is that's on his mind right now, it's bothering him. I could feel how tense his muscles are as he swayed with me on the smooth surface of the gymnasium floor.

I tried to listen to the slow song as it played from the large speakers while we danced, but I couldn't help but worry about us. Outside looking in, I'm sure we looked like the happy young couple who were enjoying their senior prom together. Zack may have been physically here with me but his mind was a million miles away.

I wish he would talk to me. Tell me what's been bothering him for the last few weeks. It felt like he was slowly drifting away from me. After graduation, he's supposed to leave for Paris for the summer. I don't want us to part with all of these worries floating around in my head because I would go mad all summer.

"I love you," he murmured, before pressing a kiss to the top of my head. His hand suddenly tightened around my waist squeezing me tighter. "Fuck baby, you feel so damn good," his whispery voice shook, causing a cold chill to descend my spine.

My body abruptly stiffened. "What?" I tried to pull away but his grip around me became painfully tight, making it impossible for me to move an inch.

"Ah," he panted heavily. "I knew that tight little virgin hole wanted me," he gritted through clenched teeth.

I felt the tears as they began falling from my eyes just before everything around me became completely dark. "Stop," I tried shoving against him. I cried out when I felt his fingers wrap around my throat, squeezing my windpipe closed.

Letting out a loud and painful scream, my body jolted up in the unfamiliar bed, and instinctively my hands flew to my throat as I gasped for air. "Shit, it was only a dream," I choked out.

The sudden flicker of a soft light brightened the room and Brad was at my side in seconds.
"Sophie? Baby, are you ok?" he asked, the tone of his voice sounding uneasy.

Sucking in deep and labored breaths, I nodded my head. "Yeah," I swallowed painfully. "it was just a bad dream."

Why the hell am I dreaming of him again? My father. I'm sure it was his recent and unexpected visit before I moved to New York that has likely triggered them again. I mean, I haven't had nightmares about him in years.

"Here," Brad's concerned voice broke me away from my troubled thoughts. "You're drenched in sweat, Soph. It must have been a real intense nightmare," he said while handing me a cold bottle of water.

Quickly uncapping the top, I placed the rim to my mouth and drank thirstily. The brisk water felt good to my parched throat. After chugging half the bottle, I put it onto the nightstand for later. "I'm sorry that I woke you, Brad." God, I felt so embarrassed. I must look like a crazed woman to him.

He frowned. "Don't apologize for something you have no control over." his frown deepened. Still, I felt terrible and highly embarrassed that I had woken him up from one of my nightmares.

He stood from the bed and held out his hand. "Come," he commanded in a gentle yet stern voice.

Even though I was confused, I placed my hand into his and allowed him to lead me into the bathroom. "Remove the shirt," he instructed while turning on the water to his massive bathtub.

Unbuttoning the shirt, I slid it off my arms and let it fall to the floor. His dark brown colored eyes raked slowly over my bare body. God, he's a gorgeous man. His eyes are strikingly beautiful.

He held my hand, helping me step into the warm water. Once settled, he dialed a number on his cell phone, holding up his finger for me to give him a moment, and then disappeared out of the bathroom.

Sighing deeply, I closed my eyes and tried to calm the rattled nerves that the nightmare had stirred. Damn my father for provoking that monster to appear in my dreams again.

I have worked too damn hard to put him and my past in my rearview mirror. I'll be damned if I let them ruin everything I've accomplished these last few years. I am no longer that frightened little girl anymore.

Hearing the door close, I peeled my eyes open and watched as Brad placed his phone onto the sink. "Tommy's on his way over with your things from the club."

I nodded my head, relieved that I would be able to have my cellphone so I could call Melissa. She's probably worried sick about me. "Thank you," I softly said.

He turned around and reached into the cabinet by the sink, retrieving a washcloth. He stepped over towards me becoming seated on the side of the tub and then selected the bottle of body wash that hung on a small rack. He squirted a generous amount onto the cloth and I immediately inhaled the spiced scent as he began to lather my arms.

"Once Tommy brings your things over, we will meet with Mrs. Heart afterward," he explained while he continued to wash my body.

"Afterwards, I think we should sit down and talk. We need to make sure we are on the same page. And if we aren't then we need to figure out how we can get there."

"Ok," I hummed when he started washing my feet. His lip slightly lifted, amusement glittered in his eyes. "You like how that feels?"

He dropped the washcloth into the water and began messaging my feet with his hands. Kneading the souls of my feet, I let out a pleasure-filled moan.

Unexpectedly his phone began to ring."Shit, that's probably Tommy. Why don't you dry off and meet me back in the room while I get your things?" he suggested. I nodded, letting him help me out of the tub.

He wrapped a white oversized fluffy towel around my body and then gently kissed my forehead. "I won't be long," he promised.

I smiled. "Ok, Daddy," I purred. He let out a low growl. "Fuck, sweetness. I love hearing you call me that." he squeezed the globe of my cheek before vanishing out of the bathroom again.

I hadn't known how much he would like me calling him Daddy. Something felt right when I said it last night. It was fitting at that moment, I guess. And, by the look on his face, I'm glad I said it.

Once I towel dried my hair and body off, I quickly combed through my tangles. Placing the comb back into the drawer, I slowly cracked the door open, and peered out into the hallway making sure no one was nearby. Seeing the coast was clear, I hauled ass into Brad's room.

A small smile curved my lips when I spotted my bag sitting on the bed. I walked over to the bag, spotting my phone sitting on the very top. God, I don't want to even imagine just how many calls and messages Melissa has sent. I'll just wait until after we meet with Ray before I even turn it on and call her to ease her mind.

I placed the phone next to the bag and began rummaging in search of the dress and heels I had brought with me to the club last night.

seconds after I began to slip the dress on, I suddenly heard the bedroom door open. Turning, I spot Brad standing in the doorway, motionless, just watching me as I slid the thin straps over my shoulder.

"Is everything ok?" I asked him while grabbing my black heels.

He bit his lip, rolling it between his teeth. "It is now, sweetness." Heat immediately soared to my cheeks.

"I love making those cheeks red," he arrogantly said with a devilish grin. Smug asshole. "Come here," he motioned as he walked over and sat at the top of the bed.

When I stepped closer, he reached his arms out and yanked me, settling me in between his legs. He slid hands under my dress and groaned throatily. "God, your skin feels like silk," he murmured. Oh hell, what is this man doing to me???

Leaning his face closer to my stomach, his lips brushed against my belly button, and then slowly trailed them lower, causing goosebumps to spread all over my body.

He barely swept his finger against my now wet pussy lips, eliciting a heady moan to burst from my lips. "Jesus baby," he rasped in a deep throaty voice as he cupped my ass. Christ, his face was so close to my needy core, I could feel his hot breath tickling my thighs "I can't wait until I'm deep inside of this wet and tight little cunt of yours."

My hands lifted to his head, needing to run my fingers through his hair, but he snatched both of my wrists before I could. "No." Wait... What?

"You will not touch me. Not yet. We need to have that talk first." I frowned and let out a dramatic sigh,

He gave me an unexpected smack across my ass making me yelp. "Patience, baby. Patience." Fuck that felt too damn good. He grinned, probably knowing I liked it.

"Alright, I need to get dressed so we aren't late for our meeting with Mrs. Heart."

I nodded my head and grabbed my makeup from out of my bag. "I'll finish getting ready too."

Walking to the bathroom I couldn't help but wonder why both of us have a meeting with Ray. I mean I can understand why she might need to speak with me since I up and vanished after I finished my show. But, why is Brad included?

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