Buried Desires (Brad’s Story)

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Chapter 13


Crossing my arms tightly across my chest, I sat mutely in the passenger seat as Tommy drove me back towards the city while replaying Brad's behavior and his obnoxious arrogance back at the Heart mansion. God, the fucking nerve of him. How dare he speak for me like that. I'm a grown-ass woman for Chris's sake. I have always done what I wanted. And, dancing is one thing I know I'm good at and no one will take that from me. Just remembering his smug and assured expression had me fuming all over again.

"Asshole," I scoffed under my breath, catching Tommy's attention. He softly chuckled as he drove along the curvy roads. "He's an intense guy, isn't he?"

I made a sarcastic noise in the back of my throat while keeping my attention out towards the wooded area off the side of the two-lane road. "Yeah, I guess you can say that," I muttered. Hell, I swear I don't remember Brad ever being an asshole like this back in college.

"What makes you more upset?" Tommy raised a questioning brow. "The fact he told Ray you won't be back, or that he doesn't want you stripping at Wonderland?"

I opened my mouth to answer him but suddenly came stuck and quickly shut my mouth. I became irritated with myself because his question caught me off guard.

Well, Soph, which one is it? What truly made me more upset? Was it the way he spoke to Ray like I didn't have a choice, or was it because he said I won't be dancing at Wonderland?

I cut my eyes at Tommy and the smug asshole smirked, now obviously pleased with himself. "You know Soph, I think I can honestly say I know Brad better than most and I know he would never demand something of you unless he felt it was needed." He slowed the car as we approached a stop sign, turned to face me, and asked, "Did Brad explain why he doesn't want you to dance at Wonderland?"

I thought back before I stormed out of Ray's study. "I think he said something about how he didn't want me parading around naked in front of people who were known to overstep boundaries. But, honestly, his reasoning sounded more jealous and over-possessive than him being concerned for my wellbeing. Plus, the club would never let anything bad happen to me. And you know just as well as I do that the Heart's will not let anything bad happen to me,"

"That doesn't mean bad things can't happen, Soph. Brad's not wrong, you know. Wonderland is filled with some of the shadiest and fucked up characters sometimes. Most of them visit the club just about every weekend. There are also a few guys who visit that don't know shit about the lifestyle. Brad..." he hesitated as he searched for the right words to say, "He just doesn't know the club and the owners as I do, darlin',"

Tommy's a sweet guy but I know he's probably just making excuses for his cousin—loyalty and all.

My brows suddenly dipped, catching what he'd just said. "Wait, hold on a minute. So...are you telling me Brad doesn't hang out at Wonderland as much as you do?"

He shook his head and laughed. "No, darlin'. Brad... well, he's a very private person. I guess he thinks he has to be since taking over his father's businesses after his passing."

His mentioning of Brad's father's death sent a sting to my heart. Frowning, I remembered seeing the announcement about his father passing on his social media a couple of years ago. I wanted to reach out to him so badly to let him know how very sorry I was but I decided not to. I just figured he had enough to deal with and probably hundreds of other people messaging him that mine would be just one more he would have to read.

"But isn't Wonderland confidential about everyone's membership?" I changed the subject so I didn't
break down crying. Just thinking about Brad hurting broke my heart.

"Yes, it is. But, he's worried that word could get out or even accidentally run into one of his clients. If the wrong client found out it would definitely cause him and the businesses a hell-storm he doesn't want or need. I mean, I never understood why he felt he should give a fuck about what any of those pretentious bastards thought about him. If they didn't like how he lived his life outside of work," he slightly shrugged his shoulders, "then fuck em', you know?"

He gently nudged my shoulder with his. "Don't be too hard on him, vixen," he smirked playfully. "He's just now got you back in his life. Tell me, have you two gotten to sit down and talk about things?" I shook my head no.

Brad did say we should sit down and figure things out between us. Maybe this is something he wanted to talk to me about. I still need to think about all of this. I want nothing more than to be with Brad, to have him command and own my body, mind, and soul. But, am I truly ready to embrace the intensity of his powerful Dominance?

Damn it, I need to talk to Melissa. I know she will be able to help me figure this one out...right??


Ok, this is what I had before I took my unfortunate break from writing. It's not a full chapter but you guys are so awesome for being so patient with me on waiting for an update that I had figured something is better than nothing, right? Now I'm hoping to have the other half of this up by Thursday/Friday. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

So, what are your thoughts and theories after reading Sofia's and Tommy's car ride?

I love hearing everything you guys think so don't be shy 😘
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