Buried Desires (Brad’s Story)

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Chapter One


Hey, my name is Sophia. I'm a twenty-eight-year-old female who's fed the hell up with today's male gender...Where are all the real men? Seriously?

I've just returned from my date—the second one this week, and it only lasted thirty minutes before I finally walked the hell out after throwing my drink in the bastard's face.

What happened to the men who made your body crave them? Made you drip with desire with just a look? Men who know how to treat a woman with respect and dominance?

Let's just say that this one was just flat-out awful.

Finally reaching my apartment door, I make my way inside, slamming it closed behind me slipping my heels off as I head straight for my favorite bottle of red wine.

"Fucking jerk," I mumble to myself as I pour myself a glass. The shithead had no morals or any care for my opinions or feelings at all. You wanna know how these so-called men act these days?

Ok, well, Mr. Casanova treated me to a romantic dinner at the local Burger King, and then showing off his ability to assist multiple females at once, he asked the cashier named Tina, for her phone number as he sent a cocky wink her way. If you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic as fuck.

I took his large cup of soda and tossed it in his cocky disgusting face and walked out. I walked to the next establishment and called a cab. Now here I am, miserable and pissed, drinking another bottle of wine, all alone, again.

I fall onto my couch and let out an aggravated sigh. I close my eyes, his face flashing into my thoughts. There was only one man who had ever got my blood pumping.

He was an old college friend of mine. God, I had the biggest crush on him, but back then I was so shy and the man was too busy with the college sluts to even notice me. I'm sure my being a 'book worm' and my shy behavior didn't help my case but, damn that man was gorgeous and enticing. The day we graduated college was the last time we saw each other.

He moved to New York City to go work for his father who owned a prestigious bank. As for me, I'm still stuck here in Little ol' Alabama where he left me.

I'm a journalist, who works for my small town's local newspaper. Don't get me wrong, I love writing. But, the scoop here does tend to get boring. The small town doesn't have much to offer for a great story to get the scoop on.

I groan at the sound of my phone ringing. No doubt it's my best friend Melissa. She's probably calling to see if I need a pretend excuse from the damn date I was supposed to still be on.

Answering it, "You're too late, I'm already home and going for my second glass of wine." I inform, causing her to laugh. "Love that my nonexistent love life is so amusing," I reply bitterly.

"What the hell happened?" She asks, after calming her giggles.

"The same thing that always happens. They have no couth." I answer, taking the last sip from my glass as I close my eyes again.

"Can you believe the asshole brought me to fucking Burger King and then asked for the poor cashier's number right in front of me!?" I ask her.

"Oh my god!" She replies as she bursts out laughing.

"I'm done! I throw the fucking towel in Melissa! There just isn't a man out there for me. They've all died or been snagged." I sigh as I continue to hear her laugh.

"Oh honey, there is someone out there for you!" She says, "You're just not looking in the right places." I snort.

"Where are the right places?" I ask, rolling my eyes at her statement.

"Well, not here in Alabama. I still think you should have taken that offer in New York." She reminds me, yet again. How I've made the stupidest mistake of my life by not taking the offer in New York.

"Not this again, Melissa. I don't know anybody in New York. Up and moving so far away to that big city is a big risk. What if something happens and the job doesn't work out? What then?" I ask her.

"It's fucking New York! You get another fucking job. Listen, I want to run something by you. Meet me for lunch on my break tomorrow?" She asks.

"Sure, is everything ok?" I ask, making my way to my bathroom. I begin to draw myself a fresh hot bubble bath.

"Yeah, I'll explain it all at lunch."

I sigh, "Ok then."

"Well, I gotta hop off. I told my brother I would help him move his things. Ugh, I can't believe he got kicked out again." She grumbles.

"What did he do this time?" I ask snickering. Her brother Derek fights a lot with his fiancé and gets thrown out almost every month. He calls up Melissa knowing she won't refuse him.

"Oh girl, he's fucked it all up for himself. This time it's really over." She groans.

"What the hell did he do?" I ask her.

"The dumb ass fucking cheated." She answers and I could imagine her face scowling from the tone.

"Damn," I say shocked.

"Yeah." She sighs again.

"Ok, well call me tomorrow," I say. After saying our goodbyes, I place my phone on the bathroom counter and undress. I stick my toe in the nice warm water, letting out a soft moan. The feeling of the water on my feet is utter bliss. I finally get myself completely settled and rest my head against the rim of the tub, placing a washcloth on top of my eyes.

As I lay in silence, my thoughts instantly go straight to him. Brad. The gorgeous six-foot muscular man that I secretly desired.

The memory of my first encounter with him begins to flash into my thoughts.

-6 years earlier-

Pushing my glasses onto my nose, I begin typing out my essay which is due in a couple of days. I curse as I hear the kids' two computers down snickering, cursing as I wished I had allowed my parents to buy me that laptop after all. Now I'll be stuck typing out assignments in the school's library all year.

My eyes are throbbing from looking at this damn computer all day, but I need to ace this essay so I don't lower my grade point average. I can't lose my scholarship. No scholarship means no school.

I suddenly feel someone tap my shoulder, and I slightly jump, surprised as I look to the right of me, and instantly freeze. This gorgeous guy is staring down at me.

I blush, feeling the heat soar to my cheeks when his lips turn up into a cocky smirk noticing that I'm gawking at him. I clear my throat. "Can I help you?" I squeak out, mentally kicking myself for sounding so damn weak.

"Hi, my name is Brad. I was wondering if I could use this computer. I have a paper due in thirty minutes and I haven't finished it yet. My laptop was stolen so I figured I could use the

library's and as you can see," he gestures out towards the row of computers, "there aren't any available."

I nod my head. "Sure. My paper isn't due for another couple of days. Here, take mine." I smile as I gather up my stuff and throw them into my bag.

"What's your name?" He asks as he continues to stare at me.

"Sophia," I answer, butterflies fluttering like crazy as I look at his drop-dead sexy smile. Oh Christ, Sophia! Abort this crazy interaction!

"Sophia, hmm. I like it. You should come and hang out at the Delta Omega's fraternity house tonight. We are having a small party." He says as I finish zipping my bag up.

"Oh, um, I don't know." I hesitated, "Partying isn't my thing." God, really Sophia? His gorgeous smile falters.

"Oh, uh, well ok then. But if you end up changing your mind, just give me a call." He winks as he grabs my pen from out of my messy bun and jots down his number in the palm of my hand.

My heart just about burst from my damn chest at just him touching me. I feel my face heating up again. He smirks as he slid the pen back into my bun. I slip my backpack strap onto my shoulder, ready to bolt and dig myself a hole to bury myself in.

"Ok," I reply.

"See you around, Sophia." He husks out causing me to giggle nervously, quickly walking away from this embarrassing conversation.


"God, I sure do miss talking to him," I whisper out loud. Even though he didn't see me sexually, he was still a good friend to me. "And he had fucking manners," I snort as I let my body sink further in the warm water.
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