Buried Desires (Brad’s Story)

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Chaprer Five


"I can't believe that we are actually here, Soph," Melissa squealed with her arms wrapped around my waist, squeezing me firmly. "God, I can't even express just how thankful I am you decided to move here with me."

Melissa, the clever woman, miraculously convinced me to move to New York City with her to try out our luck at an audition for a position at a very exclusive sex club that recently opened up.

Melissa's friend, Christopher, who also lived in New York had sent her a letter along with one of the flyers from a place called Wonderland. The flyer indicated they were hiring for all positions. From waitressing to even what they called Master Trainers.

Shit, they even offered an 8-week training course to become one of those so-called Master trainers for only fifteen hundred bucks.

Working in a place like this one has always been something Melissa and I both talked a lot about wanting to try out over the years. We both are very curious to see what a real and legit sex club looked like. And, even more curious as to how one like this here, Wonderland operates.

You see, down in the south, those kinds of places are frowned upon and very hard to come by. And, if you're lucky enough to stumble upon one, it's extremely difficult to get in, let alone get hired on for anything.

The only reason Melissa and I have kept our asses from going to the extremes to locate one to try out back home was the fear of the dangerous ones. One's that are made up and orchestrated by one of the Mexican Cartels from Mexico.

They would set up fake places to lure in unsuspecting girls so they could abduct and place into sex trafficking. I still couldn't believe how many young girls have gone missing over the last couple of years.

The news media say the police believe they're being abducted
and forced into this so-called sex slave market. The town we lived in eventually made it illegal to operate a sex club because of that very reason.

Too many girls were going missing with no witnesses to help the police find them. The newspaper article last week reported many friends of the young missing girls were told about some secret club way out in the mountains. Those poor girls who fail for the bait be tired into those deep parts in the mountains and were never heard from agan.

The police have Traveled into those mountains and raided every single abandoned shacks they find, but +1 fortunately they've still yet to uncover who is behind it even more importantly, locating any of the missing girls.

"Ok, ladies," a handsome muscular man suddenly called out, thankfully pulling me from my thoughts. "I'll be escorting you to the dressing room."

I glanced over at the other girls that were also here to audition and saw they were just as excited as Melissa.

Melissa suddenly grabbed my band, now hopping up and down excitedly. "Gah, this is it, Soph. Are you nervous?" she asked, squeezing my hand as we began to descend a flight of stairs. Is this woman serious right now?!

Of course, I'm fucking nervous. Why wouldn't I be? There are about twenty other girls here who also seek employment here. So, that means Landing myself any job here is certainly going to be a task. There is no guarantees for Melissa or myself. Plus, since the place is practically brand new, they will be looking to hire only the best of the best.

Purposely ignoring her question, I slowly took each step down the black marbled stairs and gazed at every inch of the beautifully painted field of mushrooms displayed along the walls.

I could see the passion and the decisiveness the artist put into the soft night sky above the field. Each star was incredibly unique in every single one's own way.

I was completely awestruck by it all. It felt as if I was inside the painting. My fingers were itching to touch those smooth tips of the tall swaying grass.

"Um, are you coming, sweetheart?" I suddenly heard the hot guy ask.

I pulled my eyes away from the painting and saw I was now standing at bottom of the stairs, alone. I will murder Melissa for leaving me out here all by myself like this... I immediately felt my cheeks burning from embarrassment.

I cleared my throat, smoothed out my shirt, and quickly adjusted my duffel bags straps around my shoulder.

"Yes," I replied, strolling towards him. "I'm sorry if I held things up," I gave him an apologetic smile. "It's just, I've never seen such a beautiful piece of art like that in person before."

He gave me a warm smile. "Mrs, Heart spent weeks in her search for the right artist for the club's design plans."

Now that I'm standing closer to him, I could now see he's not only hot but also a gorgeous man. His eyes were quite striking and probably the iciest color of blue I've ever seen.

He lifted his partially inked hand and ran it through his dark brown hair. "Right this way," he said as he held the door open for me.

I gave him a small nod, and walked past him, entering a bright neon-lit hallway. I hesitated and waited for him to walk ahead of me to guide me to where the others are.

He soon stopped in front of a door at the end now hearing the soft sounds of the girls conversating inside. Glancing above the door, I read, "Dressing Room," which was engraved on a black plaque hanging above the threshold.

After entering the room, the conversations between the girls quickly settled until they soon became completely silent. Spotting Melissa across the room sitting in front of one of several vanities, I quickly made my way over to her.

"This is where you guys can prepare yourselves for your fifteen-minute audition. It will be a private session with the owner, and two of the managers. After your audition, you are then granted to explore the rest of the club before you leave. Tomorrow, if you were selected, you will receive a call congratulating you on your new position. You will also receive a day and time for your orientation." the blue-eyed man explained.

Checking his phone he then scanned around the room, looking at each one of us. "You have exactly twenty minutes for you to prepare. Good luck, ladies," he said before looking at me, and I swear I saw a ghost of a smile on his thick lips.

As soon as the man left Melissa elbowed me and asked, "What were you out there doing with him?"

Pulling my eyes away from the door he disappeared out of, I gave Melissa a heated glare. "You are this close to going to your audition with a black eye."

She giggled as she stared into the vanity mirror, gliding the red lipstick around her lips. "Why would you do that, sis?"

Tossing the duffel bag onto the floor beside an empty vanity beside her, I sat down, and let out a frustrated breath. "Never mind," I grumbled. I didn't have the time to scold her ass. We all have only twenty minutes to prepare ourselves.

I listened to Melissa prattle on about the things she had overheard the other girls talking about as I put on my make-up.

"Do you really think a mafia family owns and runs this club?" she asked while slipping on her dress she got from out of the duffel bag.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, pleased with how the make-up looked. "It's probably just a rumor, Lissa."

Handing me my short-length platinum blonde wig, she softly shrugged her shoulders. "That's true. But, Christopher's ex-girlfriend once told me that he was a part of some mafia family. I mean, is it not odd seeing as Christopher sent me a flyer for this place, rumored to be connected to the mafia?"

"Honestly, it is weird but that has nothing to do with us, love. We are here to experience something we have been dreaming of for years. And to make loads of money."

I watched her from the reflection in the mirror as a devilish smile lifted her lips. "Yes. loads and loads of money." she laughed.

I adjusted the wig onto my head and stared at myself for a brief moment. This is it, Soph. This is your one shot, so make it count.

"I love that wig on you, Soph." Melissa complimented me. "You go in there and show them what you got." she encouraged as I stood from the chair.

I pulled her into my arms, hugging her softly. "We both will show them what we have to offer," I murmured in her ear.

A few minutes later, the same gorgeous guy re-entered the room. "Alright ladies, follow me," he said, gesturing towards a door off to the side of the room.

Lining up, we all filed out of the room and entered yet another hallway. Along the sides of the black painted walls were cushioned desk chairs, lined to the lone door at the end of the hallway.

"Grab a seat, ladies. I will call each one of your names as soon as it's your turn." the guy instructed.

Before I was able to sit in the chair next to Melissa, I heard the guy call out, "Sophia Milton?"

I gave Melissa's hand a gentle squeeze while showing her an encouraging smile.

"You got this," she mouthed and winked playfully,

I inhaled a deep breath before I slowly walked into the room with the three judges who awaited me while I silently prayed to whatever God who could hear my pleas to help keep me from fucking up my only chance...

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