Buried Desires (Brad’s Story)

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Chapter Six


"I get it, Brad. You're upset with me." Tommy's exhausted voice played through the speaker, filling the dead of silence inside of my office.

I let out a short scoff as I swirled the ice around in my glass of bourbon before taking a big gulp. 'Oh, you don't say, fam...'

"And, of course, you have every right to be," his last voicemail continued. "I only ask that you at least give me the chance to explain myself—explain why I helped to deceive you." He sucked in a deep and ragged breath and slowly blew it back out. "You know, we have been through too much together for you to allow this to come between us. So, please, fam. Talk to me."

As the call ended, I finished the remaining bourbon from my glass and stood from my chair, stepping over to the small minibar. Grabbing the crystal bottle of bourbon, I poured myself another glass and stared out of my office window, torn.

After my encounter from the club last night with Rayleigh Heart I didn't waste any time by getting myself the hell out of there, purposely leaving Tommy's dumb ass to find himself another ride.

I don't have the slightest idea what or why Tommy would allow himself to become so close to the Hearts'. And, as angry and hurt as I was last night, I didn't give a fuck to hear any of his reasonings.

All of his idiotic excuses are fucking irrelevant in my eyes because the facts remained. My cousin, my so-called best friend had betrayed me. He betrayed my trust. A trust that he's never once broken—until now.

"Mr. Robertson?" Barb softly called out.

Keeping my back to her, I watched as the small snowflakes fell towards the street several stories below the building. Even though it's the middle of April, I already expected one last snowfall before the warmth finally took over.

"What is it?" I asked her as a slight shiver slid its way down my spine.

"Your two o clock appointment is here. Do you want me to send Mr. Martin back?"

Swallowing another mouth full of bourbon which helped to warm my blood, I glanced over my shoulder at her. "Apologize to Mr. Martin. Tell him I'm dealing with a family emergency and I'll have to reschedule with him sometime next week."

"Of course, sir," she said before disappearing from my office doorway.

I needed to handle whatever it is that's going on between Tommy and I. Hear his reasoning and find out just how close his relationship with the Hearts is. Even though he betrayed me, I know deep down he wouldn't have done it without a good enough reason.

So, Tommy's right. He deserves the chance to explain.


The warm steam from my much-needed shower filled the large bathroom, making it hard to see anything in front of me. I stepped out of the built-in shower, the best money could buy, wrapped a white fluffy towel around my waist, and stood in front of the fog-covered mirror.

I slid the palm of my hand across the glass and felt the wet condensation as it stuck to my skin. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and suddenly saw a flash of movement from behind me.

I whirled around, startled, quickly searching the bathrrom. Not seeing anyone, I moved My eyes and they directly landed on the partially opened door.

I slowly moved towards it, pausing by the sink and opened the top drawer, retrieving the razor blade from inside. My fingers curled around the handle tightly and let my other hand rest on the doorknob.

My heart thudded heavily inside of my chest as my mind raced, assuming whoever was out there waiting for me must of been sent by Damien Heart. I won't be taken like this without a goddamn fight.

I slowly opened the door, scanned the room and immediately spotted a red envelope laying on top of my bedspread. I took slow and guarded steps towards the bed, wary, thinking someone might jump out and attack me the moment my attention was averted.

I quickly jumped when I heard the sound of my front door slam, but immediately relaxed the moment I heard Tommy's voice calling out, "Hey Brad! Where are you?"

I tossed the blade onto the bed and grabbed the envelope. "In my room." I called back.

Ripping the envelope open, I pulled out a card decorated with Red roses and blue violets. Opening it up the, I saw a small poem written in bright red ink.

'Roses are red, violets are blue. I love you, Brad. And, soon you will love me too.'

XOXO Always Yours.

I gritted my teeth rubbing a hand down my face.

"Hey, why was your front door open?" Tommy asked as he walked inside my room. "What's that?" he pointed to the card in my hand.

"She left this for me," I sneered, slinging the card onto the bed. "That crazy cunt broke in while I was in the goddamn shower."

"Who?" his brows fused.

"That crazy fucking bitch, Samantha." I growled.

He swiped the card from off the bed as I stepped inside of my walk in closet.

He let out a low whistle. "Damn, fam. She's got some big balls, doesn't she." he chuckled as I quickly got dressed.

A few minutes later, I strode out wearing a unbottoned dress shirt and black slacks. I liad my suit jacket on the bed and sat down on the edge. I grabbed my father's family ring he left me after he died, and glared up at him.

"Well, no ballsier then you leading me into the lions den," I spat.

His face fell, and I forced myself to ignore the pain in his eyes.

"That's not what I did."

One brow raised I laughed sarcastically. "No? Then what would you say you did?"

He speared his hand through his messy brown hair and became seated on the bed next to me. "I helped you. That's what I did."

"Lying to me just to appease your "friends" is not what helping me is. Goddamn it. You should have told me what I was walking into, Tommy. I would have never done that to you."

"If I would have told you that Ray wanted to speak with you, you would have never gone." he sighed.

I lunged from the bed. "You goddamn right!" I shouted and he quickly lowered his head.

I stepped over to my dresser and grabbed my gold watch from the small top drawer.

"So, your on first name basis with Rayleigh Heart?" I said after a few silent moments passed, unable to keep from grinding my teeth. "So, how long have you been close with the devil himself?" I gritted out.

"Brad," he sighed out, now standing. "They're not as bad you think."

I scoffed. "So, they're not criminals? Drug lords? Murderers?" I turned around and looked at him. "Everyone in this city are all liars— gossiping nonsense then?"

"They 're a family. A family that you can count on. Yes, they do things that society deems criminal. But, they have something that this city doesn't say. They have hearts and care deeply about the ones they love."

"How are you ok with being friends with criminals? You, the best fucking sniper the Marines has ever had?"

"The Matines didn't give a goddamn about me, Brad. You know it as much as I did. I risked my goddamn life for this country and for what? The moment I was shot in the arm, they shipped my ass back home to rot. They didn't give a fuck if I had nothing but the clothes on my back. They didn't care that the only skills I have are the ones they taught me. Tell me, fam. What job out there needs someone to kill the enemy? To shoot and murder men, women, and even children with bombs stapped to their goddamn bodies? They shipped my ass back home and continued to train more men to become killers like me without a second thought about what happened to me."

My anger simmered, somewhat shocked he actually spoke about his time in Iraq. It may not have been a lot but its the most I've heard him say about it since he came back.

Slipping his hands into his pockets, he let out a deep breath. "The Hearts are not the enemy. Not to me. I am only asking you to hear them out. Listen to what the boss has to offer. You may find yourself liking him as much as I do."

"Ok. Fine. I'll listen to what Damien Heart has to say, But, I am not making any promises that I will agree."

He nodded once, relief spreading across his face.

My brows suddenly dipped. "Hold up a minutee. Do you work for them now?"

He nodded his head and unbottoned his shirt and slipped the sleve from off his shoulder. He pointed to a beautiful black and white tattoo of a flaming heart with a king's crown circling it.

"I am the Heart's soldier, now. They care about what happens to me. I can count on them. And, I have a feeling you will soon find that out too." he smirked.
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