I’ll Be Home

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Twenty six (26) year old, Dylan Rode was from New York City, New York but moved away to Orlando, Florida for work. Now he was coming back home for the holidays. Twenty four (24) year old, Florence Green's whole life was in Los Angeles, California but she was heading to New York City to visit her parents for the holidays. What happens when these two singles bump into each other for the first time in fifteen years? Will the Christmas magic in the air be enough to help them learn to love again or will it fail? Especially when neither of them had plans to stay. I’ll Be Home is the first instalment in a two part series.

Romance / Erotica
Shan M / Xiuyan
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Stepping off the plane, Florence Green immediately tensed up as the bitter cold hit her layered form. She had forgotten how cold winter in New York could be, having grown so used to the searing heat of California.

"I remember why I never moved back after my eighteenth (18) birthday. It is too fucking freezing."

Making her way through the airport, grateful for the heating system that they had, she went through immigration and made it to baggage claim. Pulling out her smartphone, she called her older brother, Milo to make sure he was not late for picking her up.

"Hey baby sister!"

"Hey Mimi, are you at the airport already?"

"I sure am! You should see me the second you walk out."

Suspicious on why he would say that, she asked, "What did you do?"

Her brother's laughter flowed through the receiver, "You will see my darling baby sister."

Finishing up the conversation, she hung up and continued to look out for her baggage. Spotting the unique, cheesecake tag, she moved and hauled it off the conveyor belt. Pulling up the handle, she walked to the exit, where she was greeted with the sight of Milo holding up a huge sign that said, 'WELCOME HOME SHRIMP!'

She was going to rip him a new one for putting his stupid nickname for her on that gigantic sign. Running up to him, she dropped her suitcase and him, his sign, squishing each other into a hug as the siblings had not seen one another since February.

"Welcome home baby sis."

"Thank you Mimi, but you do know when we get home I am going to rip you a new asshole for that sign right?"

Waving his hand in blatant dismissal, he said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's go."

Picking up her suitcase and the sign, he carried them to the car with her trailing behind him struggling to keep up with his long legs. Florence always cursed the universe for making her, mother's height of four feet and eleven inches (4 ft 11 inches).

Finally catching up to him, she slapped his arm and hopped in the passenger seat, only to be told she was sitting in the back.

"What? Why?"

Rolling his eyes, he recounted to her that he told her over the phone the day before her flight, that he had to pick up his dog, Mango from the vet. Now remembering, she voluntarily sat in the back so she could hold and comfort the golden retriever, who hated being in the car.

The drive from the airport to the vet was about an hour (1) long and was filled with recounts from their childhood, as well as Milo pestering her about her love life. Not that his own was much better.

The younger Green thought back to her last relationship which was over five (5) years long. She thought she had found the perfect man for her and to be honest for the first three (3) years he was. Then he started becoming distant and she asked him about it, he apologized and they were great again.

Then a few months ago on their anniversary, she went to his apartment to surprise him with dinner, only to be met with the sight of him brutally fucking her best friend. They both tried to apologize and explained what she had seen, but she was not having it.

Florence informed Cindy that she was to hand in her company belongings tomorrow and leave because she was officially fired. They begged her not to do it, but she was emotionless and did not give a shit.

She dumped the dinner she had bought all over them and called her ex best friend's boyfriend. Informing him of where she found his girlfriend, in turn he dumped her over text. She left right after and wished them the happiest life together.

Throwing herself into her work, her company blew up overnight and she became an instantaneous success. Almost immediately after, Don showed up to her penthouse apartment, begging for her back, where she swiftly told him where to shove it and shut the door in his face. He crawled back to her for the money she would be able to provide, since his job was not able to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Seeing a hand being waved in front of her face pulled her right out of her musings.

"What is it Milo?"

"Shrimp, we arrived at the veterinarian's office. You got to get out so we can go get Mango."

Nodding, she turned, opened her door, stepped out and closed it behind her. Following her brother, they quickly signed and brought the young golden retriever to the car.

Florence cuddled the little fluff ball the whole way back to their parents house. Every time he would cry, she'd run her hands through his fur and kiss his head. Both Green's felt their heart's break with every little cry or whine.

Thankfully, the trip was short and the car pulled into their parent's garage, where they would be staying for the next month or so.

Walking into the house, the younger one of the two was immediately pulled into a tight hug from both her father and mother. She had missed them so much and was truly happy to be back for a bit. Pulling away, she greeted them and informed them that she would be gone for a few hours as she wanted to go chill at the local diner. She had not had that place's delicious food in forever and had been craving it since she arrived.

"Honey that is perfectly fine. You are an adult, just be home in time for the welcome home party."

"I will mum, who is coming anyways?"

Her father piped up and said, "Family, neighbours and some old friends of yours who are still in town."

"The Rode's are coming too. I heard that their son is back in town for the holidays as well."

At the mention of hearing about her childhood crush, her face lit up light a christmas tree. To be fair she had not seen him in fifteen (15) years and had no idea what he looked like or if he remembered her at all.

Choosing not to dwell on it, she took her suitcase upstairs to her old room and unpacked. Opting to take a shower and change before heading out, she did just that. After her shower, she styled her waist length, ginger curls into a bun and threw on a thick sweater dress. Pulling on some socks, her knee high black boots, Florence dabbed on some light makeup and announced herself ready.

Walking out, she grabbed her coat off the rack by the door, calling out to her family that she was gone.

Reaching the doors of the 1950's styled diner, she took a breath in and swung open the doors and took a step into the warmth.

"Amore, is that you?"

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