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This story is about a young man, Jackson Russell and a young woman, Claire Harper who are deeply in love but one day Claire is kidnapped and no one knows how or where to find her. Jackson falls into a state of depression and tells his friends about his secret surprise for Clarie that she never got to participate in. Or will she ever?

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The Unasked Question

Everyone hurts. Everyone cries. Everyone goes through a tough time. None of this was what really made Jackson question everything. It was the not knowing that got to him. Not knowing if he would ever see Claire again. Not knowing if he could live without Claire by his side.

Jackson’s hands began to tremble at the very thought of being alone for the rest of his life. The thought of never being able to hear Claire say “I love you” to him each morning. He sunk lower into his chair and hoped that Sarah and Mattias wouldn’t notice his trembling hands or his moist eyes.

“Jack, are you alright?” Mattias’s voice tore through Jackson’s thoughts.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.” That was a lie. Jackson was anything but fine. It was obvious from his appearance that he wasn’t fine or anything close to that idea. His eyes were bloodshot and he had dark circles under his eyes from not sleeping at night. His hair was unusually messy and he’d lost a considerable amount of weight.

“You look troubled. Like you’re thinking about something no one else is thinking.” Sarah frowned, she knew that sounded pretty dumb. Then again, most things she said were pretty dumb.

“Today’s our anniversary,” Jackson said after a moment of silence.

Jackson watched as Sarah lay her fork down and Mattias cleared his throat.

“Damn, it’s our anniversary and my girlfriend is missing.”

Jackson was met with silence again. Mattias and Sarah didn’t know what to say but, then again, what were you supposed to say in this situation?

Jackson put his hand in his pocket and wrapped his fingers around the small box. Today was supposed to be a special day for him and Claire, one of the best days of their lives. He took the box out and Sarah gasped. He rolled it between his fingers before opening it.

Inside sat a small, simple diamond ring. So simple, yet it held so much meaning.

“I was going to propose today...”

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