I. CHOOSE. YOU (A Nigerian coming of age novel)

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'No matter what, No matter the time, No matter the place, No matter the century, No matter what's to come, I. will always. CHOOSE. YOU'. Everyone saw her as crazy..... But he saw her as nothing less than perfection. ........ I looked up surprised as Dili slammed his two hands on the wall, each hands at either sides of my head, sandwiching me to the cold tiled wall. I gulped. "What are you doing Dili?" why does it suddenly feel incredibly hot in here. Dili leaned down to my height, cause you know he was just that much of a freakin giant. With his famous overly attractive wicked smile he winked. "Something I should have done ages ago little one" I frowned a little and pouted. "I'm not little joor" even I knew that was a blatant lie. "Sure you're not" that sarcasm of his always irked me, yet it was endearing all the same. With his ever growing smirk still present, he leaned down more- if that was even possible to begin with- and he crashed his lips on mine. .................. NOTE: This is a pure work of fiction. An original story by me.

Romance / Drama
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Welcome dudes and dudeths! I'm honestly Soo excited to start writing a book of this caliber. Apparently this is my very first Nigerian book, yup very first.

I've always had the thought of writing a book that brings awareness to some of the bad things going on in our society today, practically to all teens out there in the world, and how we can change our society at large.

I honestly hope my book reaches out to people out there.

Some of the things this book is going to surround on would be,

1) The abusive use of drugs (this particular one is sadly really rampant)

2) Body shaming (people that do this really need to have a serious attitude adjustment)

3) Suicide attempt (this is quite rampant among Teens)

4) inferior complex (won't lie even I have this)

5) And of course Love I mean we all need love in our lives, whether Family love, friendship love or even the Romantic sort of love.

Soooo ladies and gent's please join me on this hopefully exciting journey of pain, overcoming that pain and finally finding the joy that very much well deserved.

PS: I'm going to be using a lot of Nigerian slangs, but I'm going to be interpreting don't worry. But if I forget to interpret a particular part, Please call my attention to it. Thanks.

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