Prom Night

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"Tonight's the night." Those three words sent shivers through Isabelle's body. Feeling anxious, yet excited, she waited eagerly for the time to come. It was the happiest she had been in a long time, and it was all thanks to him. It felt too good to be true, like a dream.

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The curtain of lights hanging from the ceiling, illuminates the darkened hall, like stars. The large fabric streamers strung from corner to corner, that meet exactly in the middle, sway in the gentle breeze that's entering through the open doors. The beat of the music pulsates through the room, like a heartbeat. A sea of colour frolics below, like butterflies in a meadow.

This is it. This is the moment. The moment every girl dreams of. The moment where worries are forgotten. The moment that signals the end of a chapter. The moment of celebration.

Isabelle smiles to herself as she embraces all she can see and hear, committing it to memory. As she tries to slow her beating heart, she searches the crowd, letting a sigh of relief escape her lips as she spots the face she knows well.

They make eye contact across the crowded hall and grin at one another. Isabelle gracefully manoeuvres her way towards him, her dress sways softly with every step. As she nears, he stretches out his arms in front of him, ready for the embrace.

"You look beautiful, sunshine", he says as he lifts her and hugs her tightly.

"Thanks", Isabelle replies, a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks. "You look rather dashing yourself."

As he lets out a small chuckle, he gently places her back onto her feet before stating, "tonight's the night".

With a hint of uncertainty in her voice, Isabelle repeats, "tonight's the night".

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