Dormant Love

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Leander Leos


“Evander wake up. You’ll be late!” a voice blared from outside my room, following a series of knocks. Mom.

I cursed dropping out of my bed and hurried towards my bathroom, but not before hitting the snooze button. It was already 7:50!

“I’m up!” I shouted back and the knocking stopped. Damn it! This was all Dad’s fault for forcing me to drive to that appointment yesterday and it lasted for hours because I had to wait for the psychiatrist to show up. And he did - after 2 hours! I came home late and tired but still had homework to do.

Eventually, I fell asleep at nearly half past 11. My muscles were sore when I woke up because of my kickboxing match yesterday with Xander, a friend of mine at school.

10 minutes and I was headed out.

I fired the ignition of my Lambo, but it wouldn’t budge. I banged the steering wheel harshly. “I need to search for some that spare oil can, but I don’t have the time,” I muttered and switched to grabbed the keys of my Jeep.

There was no one home obviously and I wasn’t bothered to call the chefs, so I made a to stop by Mc Donald’s and grabbed a wrap with a drink. I hated the coffee there, but I didn’t have a choice. There would be a long line of people if I went to Starbucks.

I checked the time on my Rolex;

8:15 AM

“Nearly there.” I pressed for the engine to speed up, eyeing the traffic ahead. I had to take a shortcut. I remembered an old abandoned park someplace near school. Maybe I’d take that road and cross it to ditch the traffic.

I reversed, constantly checking the rearview mirror, and took another lane. Hopefully, this was the correct road.

After a few lefts and rights, the shape of the old construction site came up ahead. “Yes! I’m close, but it’s almost 8:30. I better speed up a bit.” I hit the gas and reached 70; crossing my fingers that no cop will come tailing behind.

The Jeep slowed down as I entered the area. I’ve been here twice before and that was a few weeks ago with Troy. The arrow in the meter reached 90 as I coursed across the sanded area, soon I reached the exit on the other side.

I was back on the main road and heading to school. It took less than 5 minutes with that speed, but I noticed something while I was there.

Fresh tire marks.

Maybe some mobsters messing around? If I had noticed more closely, I would’ve known that the tracks were created by only one car that I would soon encounter moments later.

I decreased back to 40 km/h and entered the student parking lot and of course, almost every spot was filled. I went on until I finally found the only available parking spot. And it was next to the car I’ve been observing for the past several minutes.

That powerful Jaguar. No doubt I knew who the owner was.

She came out looking ferociously hot, her hair looked like it got disheveled from the wind and her face looked almost natural.

She doesn’t seem to catch sight of me getting out of my Jeep, so I decided to approach her myself. But then I noticed something.

The beast was dusty and its tires needed some ordering. Looked like it drove through a desert? There weren’t any here...

I mused to myself. “Could she have possibly been the one that made those tracks...?” I was quick to catch up. An unnoticed grin etched itself onto my face.

When Troy told me that she came from a filthy rich family my first thoughts were pampered, stuck-up, bratty, and a bitch who spends money like it’s her toilet paper.

Most of the girls I met were like that. However, Gabriella hadn’t displayed the type to have an arrogant personality, from what I’ve observed for my first month here. Maybe about a month.

She was checking her face on her window and her hands working to braid her fiery hair. Gorgeous, but deadly was what came into mind.

I knew she was are of my presence, though she didn’t make it known. Ignoring me like she did last week. I couldn’t figure out why but I didn’t like it. She was always making up excuses when I asked her to hangout with me and my friends after school or just completely avoided me whenever we passed each other in the corridors.

What was wrong with her? Was it something I said or she just doesn’t like my presence? It’s all I’ve been thinking about the whole weekend and felt so frustrated. Girls never turned me down, especially if I turned out to be their savior.

Gabriella didn’t seem like the shy type either. I thought so. She talked so freely with her friends and other guys - even with Troy when I first introduced them! But not with me.

I watched in amusement when she stomped her feet childishly; her hair got tangled. My legs couldn’t help but make the first move by greeting her.

I smirked and called to her. She immediately stopped her weaving and slowly looked up at me with a thunderous face.

Okay...I think I might’ve pissed her off. “Damn it why did I come up with the worst punch lines?” and mentally slapped myself. She seemed to hate all the nicknames I used on her.

“Don’t ever call me that,” she punched each line. Oh, boy. You messed up big time. Our little kitten here apparently hates Disney related things. That explains why she drives a fucking powerful car.

I apologized, but I hadn’t exaggerated at all because she did remind me of the red-headed siren. She decided to flip me off and I followed her towards school. Well, we were heading towards the same door.

All the while my consciousness drifted off again. Ariel...Ariel...


Did I know a girl called Ariel before? Cliché.

I paused mid tracks and thought hard. Nope. Then why am I having...this impression that I know one?

I groaned. My head started to ache again. It’s been a constant habit now and I’m trying to get used to it. Another reason why Dad forced me to visit the psychiatrist.

What he said shocked me and I couldn’t understand it all yet he reassured me that I will through time. It’s because of that terrible accident all those years back.

I wanted to try to cheer her up because she seemed to be in a bad mood. “Me too! What happened to your car by the way it’s covered in dirt,” I went on not knowing what the hell I just blurted out. She whipped around so quick and stared at my soul. Her eyes were such torture, I could stare at them all day.

“That’s none of your business, Evander.” Touché.

I admit. I stole glances of her from time to time and when she was with her friends. It was like she was hiding her true self from people she wasn’t familiar with.

I frowned.

“I’m sorry for being rude, Evander, but I’m not in a great mood today.” she apologized tiredly. I shouldn’t have pushed her. “So can we please get in before we end up having detention?”

I smiled and laughed.

“Urm, so that’s a yes?” she asked. Adorable.

“Yup, and just to remind you, you haven’t exactly been in the mood for a week now. You keep acting like I don’t exist when I come near you.” I admitted wanting to know the reason from her.

“I apologize about that too Evander, I’m having a rough time nowadays so don’t mind my moody face,” she shot. A silent message to “Zip my mouth before she kills you”. Jeez, her brother is just like her. Does it run in their family?

We kept quiet the whole walk to our class. I had Literature with Gabriella.

“I liked it better when you called me Eve that day, you sounded cute.” I chuckled out of nowhere.

“Cute?” she faltered. Alright - she was very cute. I wasn’t going to give up that easily.

We were lucky Mrs. Cooray was in an immeasurable mood that morning, otherwise I’d have detention. I don’t mind if it was with Gabriella. I simpered at that thought.

**Few Days Ago**

“I’m sorry, Mr. Leos, but you have to study 8 subjects otherwise you’re stuck in Home Economics,” the secretary said. I stood inside demanding the office that I wanted to either drop or change the subject. Home Economics was shit. I hated the teacher and the people in there that always smelled so gross; I hated everything to do with it. Besides, I didn’t have to be doing it since I’ve done it for the past 9 years.

“Please? You have to get me out of that class. I can’t stand it in there!” I pleaded, trying to convince her. She frowned and adjusted her glasses as she stared at her screen.

“I can only do this for you once, Mr. Leos, and since it’s still the first month I might be able to switch you to another class because you cannot possibly do 7 subjects as it’s a rule-”

“I know that! Just transfer me to another class,” I snapped looking heavenward. I couldn’t handle another day.

The secretary nodded, typing something. “Mr. Leos, I suggest you begin Literature since it’s the only subject available left,” she sighed looking up at me, prepared for another tantrum. But I thought for a while. Wait...literature? I suck at anything writing-related.

“There has to be another, isn’t there such thing as politics?” I suggested sheepishly and her eyebrow rose.

“No, Mr. Leos. That’s the only subject left. Take it or stay where you are,” she muttered typing in more stuff on her computer.

This was probably my only chance left or Dad is going to screw me for changing subjects in the middle of semesters. I nodded and she sighed relief. “Good choice, here’s your timetable and your teacher will be Mrs. Cooray.”

Oh, she taught me English.

I was elated. I thought some boring old 97-year-old woman was going to be teaching me some Shakespeare until the day I die in her class. I thanked the lady and left hunting for my new class.

That’s when I saw Gabriella down the hallway taking out books from her locker. My heart started beating fast at the mere sight of her and I didn’t know where the stop button was. She then locked it and turned to walk away. When I reached the place she had been on a while ago, I saw a silver glisten at the foot of her locker.

It was some sort of necklace, it looked old but elegant. Probably hers. I decided to seek if it was her and indeed it was.

** Present**

I headed towards my seat, next to Xander Gray. My buddy in this class and Biology. We shook hands as a greeting. I then listened to whatever our teacher had to say about some coursework for our finals and I kept freaking out whenever my name was mentioned, considering I’d get into trouble.

If that happened I have a very legitimate explanation. I didn’t care if she doesn’t believe me but that was what happened. I had an appointment in the hospital and it took forever.

So me and the girl who’s oblivious to my thoughts were paired. Great. I suppose she too was having second thoughts and gave me a concerned look, but it was futile.

“What about you, Evander?” she asked out of nowhere.

“What?” Oh, the pair thing. My mind was hazy so I quickly responded.

“You said yes to Gabriella Gawan?” Xander smirked, currently studying my expression. “I noticed your look. Just a piece of warning. She bites - nastily.” I gave him a puzzled look before showing my middle finger and he wheezed like a smoker with a clogged up pipe.


An entire 2 hours gone and I finally stretched my aching legs.

I let my eyes wander until I located Gabriella exiting the room with her seatmate and I quickly ran after them. We were given a short break since we had Mrs. Cooray again for our 3rd period. I caught up to Gabriella, who seemed to be irritated, seeing as I intercepted her path and looked away.

“I’ll catch you later, Gab,” her friend said and winked at her.

“What is it now, Evander?” she sighed, gripping her back rather tightly.

“Are you feeling well?”

“Yes, are you done?” She was itching to get away from me. I chose to not reply. It only annoyed her more and nearly walked around me. I instantly moved with her.

“Not so fast, pretty ¹niña,” and cornered her to a nearby locker. She gulped and I suddenly cupped her bubbly ass causing a high-pitched squeal out of her pretty lips. It oddly satisfies me to see her wriggling in sheer panic.

It was like my inner beast suddenly made its existence known. And it was famished. Blood raced around her cheekbones and filtered a rather comely spectacle. Her pouted mouth lifted into a confused snarl and blue orbs flamed daringly below me as her arched eyebrows furrowed. “T-The hell do y-you think y-you’re doing!?” she sputtered and tried to shove me back in vain. Instead, I only stepped closer.

“Follow me,” I told and grabbed her hand before she could recover and began to struggle.

“Oh, like hell I’ll do what you want, asshole. This is kidnapping!” she cursed and yanked her hand free. But I wasn’t having it. “You’re asking for it, Mister! I’m going to kill you.” I rolled my eyes and dragged her anyway.

“And don’t call me pet names. I’m not flattered by you.”


¹ Niña - girl

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