Dormant Love

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Leander Leos

*Continued from Chapter Eleven*

It’s been hours!

I finally woke up from my deep sleep and sighed in relief to find my headache was gone.

I checked my phone to see that I haven’t got any miscalls or messages. Fuck, I’ve been sleeping for nearly 2 hours!

It was 8:30 PM.

And that damn psychiatrist was nowhere to be seen. I groaned, “I still have to do my homework.”

I sat there staring at the white walls, thinking of a plan to leave, because I seriously couldn’t wait anymore. And I was famished. I remembered Mr. Kane saying something about contacting my bodyguard if I needed anything and that’s exactly what I did in the next 10 minutes.

Soon I munched on some fries and burgers along with a coke to drain it all. I was so hungry that I didn’t hear the door open and the person enter.

“Well, I see my patient is awake,” the familiar voice of a man spoke. I quickly turned my head and saw Mr. Kane standing next to his desk, arranging some papers.

“Where have you been in the last couple of decades,” I quipped.

“Not funny, young man,” he grunted, creasing his eyebrows. I just shrugged and finished off the last of my dinner.

“So, since you’re finished with whatever work you had, can I leave?” I asked throwing the wrappers and empty can into the bin.

“What? I haven’t even begun your appointment yet,” he grumbled taking his seat in front of me.

“But I have to go home. I have some things that need to be done today!” I retaliated, not believing that I was worried about homework.

“And I need to finish my work with you tonight,” he counter attacked.

“Damn it. I don’t have time, maybe next week or next month. I’m busy.” I rose, not bothered about his reply, and grasped my keys from the table.

“Not so fast, Leander,” Mr. Kane said, snatching the keys from my hand.

“Hey, give that back!” I growled. I didn’t get the chance to comprehend the fact that he called me by my forbidden name.

“Sit,” he ordered. Did he just command me?

“Are you telling me what to do?” I snarled. Damn, he’s pissing the crap out of me.

“Yes, now sit down. child,” he sighed and took his place, setting the keys next to him. “You’re father wouldn’t like the way you behaved tonight if this goes on.”

I rolled my eyes and didn’t have a choice, so I sat back down.

“Great option. Now that I have your attention, I have something to share with you, but mind it as this was for your own sake,” he warned with a serious note.

“What is it?” I asked, trying to sound bored. Mr. Kane frowned.

“I’m disappointed in you, Ander. You’re behavior changed since the last time I saw you as a kid,” he pointed out almost sadly.

“Tsk, why would you care?” I snapped. Seriously! Why does everyone have to fucking butt into my life? They don’t even know me well to judge.

Mr. Kane nodded silently before giving me a bright smile.

“Well, no need to worry anymore, sonny, because I think I might have the solution to those headaches of yours.” he suddenly grinned and squinted at me. I gave a poker face.

“How did you-”

“Mr. Leos senior,” he answered without letting me finish. I was dumbfounded. Dad!

“Don’t get any more confused, I’m here to help you,” he smiled. “From this night forth your world will turn upside down or rather front side up really!”

My face was still solemnly the same.

“I don’t understand anything you’re saying Mr. Kane,”

“That’s great!” he chuckled and gave me twinkling eyes while mine were still - confused. His pepper-grey hair stood straight into the air as he stroked it with that weird face. “Tonight you’ll understand everything. It’s time you knew Ander.”

“Knew what?” I asked quizzed.

“Time you knew who you are!”


“Anyways, moving on, like I said this is going to be a shocking discovery for you - no wait let me rephrase that,” he coughed. “This is going to be a shocking trip down memory lane for you and because of that, we’ll take it step by step. From this forth on, I’ll be your guide in getting your memories back.”

I was still bleak.

“Mr. Kane, we’ve been at it for nearly an hour. I did not lose my memories, I perfectly know who I am and everyone I know,” I frowned, but he held a straight face. He rattled on, completely ignoring my words.

Mr. Kane was starting to amuse me. The guy was nice. At first, I refused to believe all the nonsense he said and considered it bullshit as I took my time to just go with the flow but...something he said changed my mind.

“It’s because of that red-headed girl you see in your dreams that’s been bothering you, aye,” he chuckled.

I stared at him as if he was crazy. I mean haven’t even mentioned it to him.

“Hoho! This is good. We’re on a lead!” he continued.

“Are you...psychic or something?” I asked, completely freaked out. “How did you even know about her?”

“Why do you think my job says “Psych” in the beginning, kid? Of course I’m psychic!” he shouted, throwing his arms in the air.

“Right, you’re starting to alarm me now,” I announced, scowling at him.

“That’s the spirit!” he shouted and I physically flinched. He then went silent for a whole solid minute, not blinking and I had to call him back to reality. The little ridges he had earned over the years expanded as the smile on him returned, his old brown orbs studying me.

“Umm, are you alright? Is this what your job description asked you to do or do you always scare away your patients?” I questioned, not convinced of his plan to - actually - I have no idea why I’m still here. I might as well get another headache getting frustrated again.

“I was just messing with you, Leander,” he smiled before abruptly changing his mood to serious. God - he’s a mad man.

“Time for the real magic,” he said, eyes growing excitedly. “Lie down and answer the questions I ask you.”

“But you haven’t answer-”

“Hush! Just relax - all will be explained,” he winked.

I just nodded in surrender and laid down straight.

He started asking a chain of questions from the very root. My pains had a very reasonable answer as to why it was frequent because it wasn’t any normal migraine.

He asked me to dictate the beginning, where it first started. I didn’t have to think hard and immediately told him my weird opinion. I don’t know but I was positively sure it started on the first day of school here in New York. It took several years of recovering from it. And it all started again because of...her.

I told him every inch and detail of what I thought and he communicated back by asking more questions and jotting them down on his notepad. Everything till the present day. Minus the minor things.

He nodded and smiled. “Excellent. Any more recent ones?”

“Um, that’s all for today, Doc,” I muttered, staring at the well-decorated ceiling.

At the conclusion, he got up and took some papers from his desk. He headed back to his chair and told me to sit back up.

“What do you feel for the girl?” he asked. I was blank. What do I feel for her?

“How do you know her?” I asked back.

“I just do. Now answer me please.” So I thought hard.


I was starting to get a headache as flashes of her face appeared in front of me.

“Can we skip that please?” I asked to which he luckily nodded.

“My turn - to give you answers,” he announced and told me to listen carefully as my brain wouldn’t be able to grasp it that fast.

I exhaled heavily.

“Any questions?”

“Yes. What did you mean earlier by saying it’s time I knew who I am? It’s ridiculous - I perfectly know who I am thank you.” I said with a puzzled face.

“Or do you?” he asked raising an eyebrow and tapping his fingers together. “Any more?”

“How do you know my real name?” I asked curiously. “Why did Dad or Mom tell you?”

“The hospital has to have your records, duh,” he chuckled, but I wasn’t entertained. “Can’t you remember? I was the one who helped you get over your trauma when you were still a child. That was almost more than a decade ago. You headed to Madrid after that and now that you’re back, your Dad had contacted me earlier to have a check on you to make sure you’re fine being here again, but it seems like you already had problems awakening in you.”

I gawked at him blankly. Of course! How could I have forgotten? He was Dr. Aaron Kane who treated me after my accident. For the first time that evening, I grinned at him.

I knew who he was and what his works are. He’s a well-sought doctor and gets paid expensively by the rich.

“Well, looks like someone remembered me after all. To answer your other question, your parents are good friends of mine and if you didn’t notice I’m actually your family’s psychiatrist but I mainly work here. For years I’ve been keeping tab of you. I’m one of the only few people the Leos family can trust.”

“Whoa, seriously?” I asked in shock. This was new information.

“Yes. We’ll catch up about that later, but for now, we need to get back to you, dear boy. We are done with the interrogation,” he exulted. The fact that I was a handful to him was evident on his face when his smile dropped. He probably wished he was somewhere tonight. This was starting to become interesting...

“But, I want one thing back from you. Refrain from getting too excited or that will shock your brain. Please, breathe in and out constantly, and don’t hesitate to tell me to stop when you need a break.” I didn’t say anything so he took it as a sign to continue. “The need to explain this important matter to you is serious.”

I nodded.

“This was all a setup.”

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