Dormant Love

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Leander Leos

It’s been a fortnight since my last visit to Dr. Kane.

Dad was already in the middle of his business trip to Athens and Dr. Kane was on leave. Everyone seemed to be occupied this week. My mom has been busying herself with some gardening club and Troy seemed to disappear from time to time. God knows where. And Esperenza...

“Yo! Why’s the house quiet? Where’s that pumpkin at?” wondered in a loud familiar voice as he strolled through the house.

I looked up from the couch I was lying on and scoffed.

“Where have you been? I’ve sent you like a hundred missed calls and you never picked any of them!” I grunted shifting my eyes to the ceiling, closing them. “Zaza’s out again for some sleepover with her new friends. I couldn’t be bothered.”

“Tsk, look how she’s growing up. Leaving the house constantly, soon, she won’t be needing you.”

I ignored him whilst he rummaged through the refrigerator and took out one of mom’s brownies which he chomped on delightedly. “Trust me, I have 2 sisters and they are more than a handful,” he remarks while munching.

“Will you ever shut up? I’m trying to sleep.” I lifted my right arm to cover my face.

“Whatever,” he muttered as he shuffled across the floor and heard footsteps climbing upstairs. Probably to my room. He already knew his way around as if he practically live here.

“By the way, how’s that girl and you?” he shouted from upstairs.

“Fin- I said shut up, dog!” I barked back in annoyance. I heard loud cackles followed by a bang of a door being opened.

My door.

“Don’t you mother fucking mess up my bed, Troy, or you’re arranging it to the way it was!” I shouted.

“Such a drama queen,” he remarked listlessly. “Heck, I’m going to sleep so tell your ass to chill.” And the door shut behind those words.

I slumped back on the couch to get comfy and pretty soon I fell asleep. I’m an early riser. I had to ever since Dr. Kane made me follow those instructions.

Well, almost.


What the fuck was ringing?

“Troy, can you get that?” I called, but no one answered.


“Alright! God, can’t I have some peace around here,” I muttered as I stood up from my sluggish position to rub my eyes. It was my phone.

But where was it?

I rummaged through the couches and under the coffee table before listening more clearly to the music. It lead me to the kitchen where it was hidden in between some cereal box.

How it got there? I have no idea.

¹“Diga...?” I asked in a low voice. I hadn’t bothered to look at the caller.

“Hey? Evander?” My body went rigid. It was trying to register who the voice was, but my ass beat me to it. “H-Hello? Evander? It’s me -”

“Who’s me?” I asked sheepishly.


My eyes popped open and my posture straightened. But - how did she get my number?

“Yes, this is Evander. How can I help you?” I asked as I tried to keep a calm voice.

“Oh, I thought I had dialed the wrong person,” she chuckled awkwardly. “Urm, I just wanted to remind you regarding the proj-”

“Wait, back up a second—how did you get my number?” I questioned.

“You gave it to me. The day you dragged me to the roof?” she pointed, with a hint of sass. “You gave it to me before we entered class. We didn’t meet the following day though and I’m sorry if I had kept you waiting...”

“Oh, yeah, I remember now. It’s alright. I was busy as well? Anyways, sorry about that, I’ve been forgetful lately,” I answered back as I ruffled my hair exasperatedly. “So like you were saying earlier, you were going to discuss the project, I assume?”

“Correct, now I was wondering if you could tell me if-”

“Yo! Is this Miss mermaid?”

“Troy, get off me!” I practically whispered-yelled over the phone as he tried to grab for it again. “I thought you said you were sleeping.”

“I was until I heard that you had little company here.” He wiggled his eyebrows. Gross.

I rolled my eyes and lifted the phone back to my ear, but was met with silence.

“I’m sorry about him-”

“Did you tell him about - that?” her voice tightened.

“Yes, I did, but not in the wrong way. He just sort of found out?” I tried to say, but the phone went dead.

I stared at the phone. “S-She...hanged up on me?” I spoke out.

“She did what?” Troy burst out laughing.




12:04 PM

I just wanted to ask if we could start the project somewhere other than my house - what about the library? Or even at school?


12:04 PM

Sure but why can’t we just do it at your home? Wasn’t that we originally agreed on? And why did you cut the call?!


12:05 PM

I have a sore throat. Anyways - you CANT come here. I’m sorry for changing that. I thought I could get away with it. My parents have this “no boys allowed rules”. So cliché I know - but it is what it is. What about the Library?


12:06 PM



12:06 PM

Then where do you propose we have the project done?


12:06 PM

My house...


12:06 PM



“Ouch! Troy, could you go find a damn bed to crash on and not my legs?”



12:06 PM

No? What does that mean?


12:07 PM

I mean I can’t, dumbass.


12:07 PM

Please tell me that it’s not because I’m a guy?!


12:07 PM

It is. I think that we could have a much fun time at the library?


“Not on my watch, babe,”

“What’s up?” Troy asked, who had finally piped down and jumped into the couch next to me. I told him her ideas and he laughed.

“Does she think you bite or what?” he laughed sarcastically. “I knew she was that type of woman.”

“Who knows?” I smirked and I looked at him, only to get the reactions I was expecting. “Stop gawking, it makes you look uglier than an inert fish.”

He frowned. That did the trick.

“Dog, tsk. What are you gonna do about it?”

I smiled and clicked Gabriella’s number. It rang for a while before it got declined. I tried again.



12:10 PM



12:10 PM



“What is up with her and rejecting me all the fucking time?” I exhaled loudly. “And she doesn’t even use emojis!”

She’s just so...cold. “Hmm?” Troy mumbled.

“Nothing. I’ll ask her myself.” I muttered

I tried to call her again for the next 5 minutes before she returned it.

“Can we please text,” she said in what seemed like an annoyed tone.

“Why can’t we do it at my home? I hate the library, it’s too drafty.” I complained, sounding like a total ass—which I was currently was. She was easy to tease!

“Well, you better deal with it or switch partners with someone else which I’d gladly do.” She huffed stubbornly. “And besides, I don’t gossip about other people and admit that I do!”

I thought fast and retorted, “To comment on both that - I’m more than willing to since my partner is a hothead.”

I heard a sigh from the other line, but before she could speak Troy appeared out of nowhere and screamed out into the phone causing a scream from her, “He isn’t Edward Cullen! He won’t suck you to death.”

I swear I would’ve gladly smacked him if he wasn’t half asleep. Troy tends to mutter when he dozes, but he didn’t have to embarrass me.

“What was that for?” she yelled.

“Wow, I thought you had a sore throat,” I teased and pushed him off me and landed on the carpeted floor where he stayed lying on his stomach. “Alright, jack ass back to sleep.”

“Excuse me? I’m trying to act rational since you don’t want to do it at the library and you call me an ass? You wanna die?” she challenged.

“God, chill! I was talking to my friend.”

“Oh, in that case. The school it is then.”

“You’ve got to be joking. Do you think people will leave us alone or rather-don’t you think that they might think of something else?” I deadpanned.

“Alright! I get it, good point,” she groaned. Then in a low voice, she mumbled, “Jeez, how can I forget that I’m stuck with him. He’s the heartthrob now.” I listened with amusement.

“Well, where else can we go, smartass?”

“My house,” I repeated bluntly.

“Fine!” She was pissed and I could almost picture her raising her hands in surrender.

Finally, victory. I knew I could persuade her.

“But, we are going to keep distance and there will be timings! So, since we have the place now, I was planning that we start on the fortnight of November, during the one week of holiday we have for the Fall Fest. We could start early morning and finish around 3 PM?”

“Whatever you say,” I grunted and laid down on the couch. “Just make sure I have snacks.”



“It’s your house.” Oh. Yeah.

“And there’s a whole ton of work to do especially since the novel is Pride and Prejudice. Let’s work on that when I come over and let’s plan everything step by step.”

I agreed nonchalantly and nodded my head here and there until we agreed to begin next Monday at 8 AM. I didn’t mind. It’s not like I had anything to do.

I cleared my throat, “Anyways that sounds like it’s all set. Since it’s due at the end of the year I’m sure we have plenty of time. Bye!”


But it was too late. I ended it.

“Sounds like you guys are going to be friends soon,” Troy chuckled from the floor.

“Hopefully?” I smiled. “I won’t bet on that.”

“Yeah, you guys will see,” he spouted not in mind as he was half asleep. I don’t know why he can’t just sleep on the couch. I kicked him in his gut as I stood up. “Get your lazy ass to the lounge before I trip. I’m going to have a quick shower.”

I jogged upstairs and shrugged off my clothes before stepping into my bathroom. I turned on the shower to cold and drenched myself for a few minutes.

By the time I was done and dressed I jumped onto the nearest thing near me, which is my bed, and tried to calm my racing heart. Was I excited about letting her in my house? What will the others say about this? “They might think of her as another victim,” I mused about it as my eyebrows creased.


I’m turning into a new leaf. She’s just a friend. Or something like that.


My phone on top of the dresser buzzed as a message popped up. I lazily rolled across the bed and grabbed it.

It was from an unknown number. I slid my thumb across the screen to unlock my phone as my curious mind wondered who it can be.

As soon as I read the message my eyes narrowed in confusion as I read it again. I even rubbed them repeatedly to make sure I was reading right.



1:00 PM

Hey, bud! It’s me, Dr. Kane if you were wondering. I got your number from your Dad and a good thing too. I had wanted to tell you something but forgot to mention it a week ago and I shouldn’t have.

Well, just to inform you before any misunderstandings happen, your father doesn’t know about that girl. He’s completely oblivious about it. I disabled the cameras while I was asking you so there won’t be any traces.

When he asked me I just explained that you were stubborn and refused to tell. But it was definitely about a girl. Whatever you do - DO NOT TELL HIM—YET. You’ll know why soon enough when the time comes.

It’s not a good time to give explanations. So keep this in mind, he doesn’t know anything. I trust you to keep this between you and me. It’s better if you delete this just in case anyone traces it. I’m still on my leave.

Hope to see you soon, Evander! I expect that you’ve been sticking to the instructions I gave you. I’m going to have you visit me again to confirm this. Good luck! Remember - we never had this conversation.



I snorted.

He dared to send me a wink. What is with these people?

I rubbed my temples as I scanned the message again. I was going to delete this, but I’m going to take a screenshot before I do. Great. More news to stress about, what else? An invasion in New York?

Dr. Kane better explain himself the next time I see him or I’ll have to dig it out myself.

Perhaps this project thing might help me in some way. I remembered that huge list he gave me and one of them had “Mentally Active” on it.

I laid my phone back on the nightstand and took a deep breath as I closed my eyes wondering what I’d be expecting in the next two weeks when I heard shouting.

And it was loud.

And I knew exactly who and what happened.

“God, can’t the universe have mercy on me!” I yelled as I climbed out of bed to go downstairs. But before I could reach the doorknob another hand beat me to it.

“ANDER!” cried a pissed of Zaza as she barged into my room. Behind her marched a disheveled Troy who took his seat on my bed. I groaned.

“What is it now, Zaza? Another fight with Troy stealing your cakes or whatever you girl scouts baked?” I asked as I stared at her pouting at me.

“Nope.” Troy grinned a bit confidently, popping the “p”.

“Then?” I asked, an eyebrow lifted.

“It’s about something else!” she huffed. I just stared at her as she paced the room.

“Well? are you gonna tell me or am I gonna stand here for the next two days?”

“She’s flustered, bro,” Troy spoke and had an evil glint in his eyes. Mine connected to his and shook my head for an explanation.

Zaza glared at him with a steely gaze as if they were having a silent conversation. Troy finally broke it and turned to face me as he shook his head at her.

“I’m sorry, pumpkin. But not this time,” he said.

“I caught her on the porch,” Troy revealed. I looked at her quizzed as I looked back at him. He gave Zaza another glance before looking at her as if saying sorry. I knew immediately that something unpleasant was about to rear its ugly head.

I crossed my arms across my chest. “And?”

“A guy was kissing her.”


¹ Diga - Hello

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