Dormant Love

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Leander Leos

I observed a mean-looking Jaguar hurry past us in a hurry, sending the wind to ruffle my wet hair. It looked avid and ruthless.

We just got out of my Lamborghini, which had an almost striking similarity to the color of the other beast.I’ve seen thousands of expensive cars like this every day like it’s no big deal.

As it was about to turn around a curve expertly, my eyes caught the words printed on its custom license plate.


At the sight of that, my head began to ache unexpectedly, and cold sweat began to form slowly across my back like I had realized something so obvious.

The only problem was I didn’t know what it was.

Something about that car abruptly incorporated ominous vibes through my nerves, and it caught my full attention. Not the vehicle, but the name.

I regularly get headaches from time to time as a kid, ever since I had an accident in an airport years back, but as I grew, it rarely transpired. Nevertheless, it never throbbed this fucking hard that I think I’m going to have a migraine...and possibly retch my breakfast too.

“Whoa, Ander, look at that hottie. It almost has the same vibes as yours,” yakked Troy Espenzo, my best buddy since diapers; I even used to call him brother out of habit.

My head was now in the stage of actual pain, and I was short of breath. “It’s just a coincidence,” I shrugged at him, who was still too occupied to notice anything.

How come my best friend is here with me in New York? Well, like I said, we’ve known each other since baby times, and our parents have a growing multi-billion business running through America.

Why not let him tag along?

I had to clutch on the door handle of my car and squeezed my eyes shut. Troy must’ve been too busy ogling at that stupid car to notice his best friend needed the help.

I gripped my eyes shut and bent my head, trying to get the circulation of air back into my lungs as I’ve done before. Well, this scrambles my eggs. Maybe that’s why he didn’t bother to check if I was alright.

I stayed in that position for the next seconds before feeling the migraine subsiding.

God, what had gotten into me?

I looked at the time on my phone and 20 more minutes. Fuck, why did I even come early today?

Oh, yes, because of Dad.

“I want you on your best performance, Leander. No more of that nonsense attitude you displayed back home. I don’t want to be called to your principal’s office complaining about some teacher claim that you’re missing, along with some other student,” he instructed with a firm tone. I knew he was serious, and I was too. I’ve learned from mistakes in the past. I don’t need to screw up - twice. “Especially since we’re back here in New York.”


Dad was a rather unavailable man and often sent his secretary to solve the results of the disasters I got into. Back then things did get rough when I became desperate to get Dad’s attention and once ruined a rather important school function. Fun times.

“And bring Esperanza with you.”

Oh, yeah, the darling. Miss goody two shoes wanted to go to school early for her first day and complained about why I had to drive her.

I finally managed to stand up and lock the car before leaning against it.

The beast looked like it was recently burnished as it gleamed brightly under the sun. All in all, it was like the type of car I would own. I wonder who the -

“Hey, what are you guys staring at?” asked Esperanza as she parked her car next to mine. Yeah, she didn’t want to ride with me today in case I embarrassed myself, so she took hers and followed us closely. Troy pointed towards the orange beauty, and she let out a gasp. “Ah! It’s exactly like your car but a much better shade.” I glared at her. Now, I want to know who drove behind the wheel.

Whoever the person it’s a tricky car to handle. F Types can be quite challenging.

“The guy must come from a family with deep pockets to own an expensive car like that, let alone having a private spot to park his car with his name on,” I rambled, taking the lead as we walked towards the direction of the school lobby. It was getting nippy out here and I needed to get my schedule asap.

I glimpsed briefly at the sports car as it pulled itself up in the student parking lot, which was littered with all sorts of vehicles and a few expensive cars, our amongst them.

“I wonder who it belongs to,” Esperanza pondered, slinging her backpack to slung over her shoulder, books in hand. And as soon as those words tumbled over her mouth, a door in the now parked Jaguar swung open and out popped a beautiful auburn head.

“Not guy, Troy,” Zaza teased. “But a girl.” His mouth dropped.

Beside her, a teenage boy came out of the passenger door and started to make his way towards the school. The girl stayed for a while, checking her phone, texting, before taking her bag and textbooks out.

A sharp whistle broke our silence, and I reached for both my ears immediately. My eyes shot Troy a sharp look. “What? She’s hot,” he remarked sheepishly.

I ought to admit, she did look stunning. Her sexy legs could be traced out through the black leggings she wore, and that skirt of hers almost reached her knees. Her school blazer hugged her sides, deliciously showing off her curvaceous body and silky long wavy hair that made me want to tangle my hand around its strands.

She didn’t look like those sluts that usually swarm around me, but who am I to judge, she might just be like the rest; like the saying, “Looks can be deceiving”.

She shouted at something on her phone and tucked some of her waves behind her ears, showing her milky white neck. A dreaded action in me stirred like something dead suddenly came back to life after a long time. But I couldn’t decipher it entirely. It’s there but it’s being blocked!

I shook my head and continued to watch as she walked out of the parking lot, only to be joined by a big-curly-haired brunette. My mind hasn’t realized that I’ve stopped moving only to look like a pervert checking her out.

“Oh, big brother? Hello! Earth to you, Leander,” Esperanza yelled into my ears.

“Shit! What’s wrong with you, child?” I asked, rubbing my right ear from the aching effect she made. I looked down at my sister, who pouted and crossed her arms.

I grimaced at her making her feel guilty after I said, “Don’t call me by “my name” in public Zaza, you know they warned us.” It made her realize where we were; what that meant for me if my name would be out in the open. Even Troy didn’t interfere this time.

“I’m sorry, Ander,” she said softly, but it didn’t last long. “But it was your fault you wouldn’t budge! We tried calling your name a million times, but you were busy with those eyes of yours” she huffed cutely, causing me to laugh.

“I was?” I innocently asked.

“Yes, idiot,” snickered Troy as he smacked my head playfully. “Come on. We better get going. It’s almost time for assembly.”

I turned my head back one last time to the place where that girl was standing with her friend, but she wasn’t there.

They were gone.


“Jeez, man, you’re such a nerd,” Troy chuckled as we stood outside my new locker, which was next to his.

“I am not. I’m just smarter than you are,” I say like it was the obvious as I filled my empty locker with my stuff.

“Oh? Then how do you explain being in every top class for the last term, huh?” he teased, making me groan in frustration. Troy can be a pain in the ass sometimes. “You were even skipping classes!”

“Well, I’m sorry your neurons can’t progress faster signals than mine to your barren brain, buddy,” I mocked back. “Besides, we both know that I am the better one between us.”

“Wanna bet on that?” he challenged with an eyebrow up, menacingly joking.

“Play,” I answered, arrogantly.

"After school, you and me, when we practice kickboxing, let’s see who the real King will be at the end," he smirked, patting my back roughly.

“Oh, we both know it’s me,” I continued, not having any intentions of backing down. Just as Troy was about to make a smart remark back, the morning bell rang.

“Time for us to leave, hermano,” I said while Troy gave me the stink eyes until I realized that she wasn’t there. Esperanza had ditched us ages ago with Troy’s sisters, Antoinette and Verna, who arrived here by their family’s chauffeur.

Yes, his whole family settled here in New York, along with my family. We’re a pretty close bunch and a merry one.

“Hol’ up, let me sip some water first before we enter the hall.” Troy quickly went around a bend.I stood next to Troy, waiting for him to finish when I noticed one of my shoelaces had come undone.

Without further ado, I briskly bent down to tie it. Upon straightening my back I heard the hall getting filled with a new sound. Laughing voices echoed as it ran down the hallway. I could hear footsteps moving fast.But before I knew it, I was being pinned down by a body; my back collided harshly against the icy floor.

I swear my eyes had turned into pinballs spun for a solid minute before adjusting to the surrounding. My body lurched to get up, but something weighed it down and prevented me from standing up.

I looked down only to be met by a red - no - auburn locks that slowly lifted and was met with a truly surreal-looking pair of striking eyes. I recognized this girl anywhere.

She was that gorgeous Jaguar I saw in the parking lot.

“It’s Ariel,” I whispered, barely making a sound. Her scent smelled amazing like lavenders. And I think chocolate. She looked so fresh and bright, but I could suddenly see something peppered beyond those mesmerizing sights of her. I knew it anywhere.

The look of longing like she was hurt and broken.

Sometimes I suddenly felt that too but, I don’t know why. Probably after-effects of having a head surgery.

I’m still not my old self.

She stared back at me, clearly lost in something too before I noticed the people who swarmed around us. I looked at the position we were in and-

She looked like she was straddling me.

The crowd was unsettled, and I thought I caught the word bitch. A few seconds passed by, and she hasn’t stirred.

“Ahem,” I nearly choked, trying to get her attention, and it worked. Her face started to turn red. She was blushing! Cute.

“Aa-a-ouch!” she cried out, instantly alarming me as she looked to be in pain, her hand on her head. I looked up to the sound of giggling, and I saw that brunette chuckling. I raised my eyebrow, looking down at the angel on my chest.

I could stay like this forever, but that brunette had to break the silence as she called for my auburn damsel.

Gab, she called her. I wonder if that’s a nickname or...

Troy’s voice penetrated through my thoughts as he asked me in a teasing manner. I rotated my eyes. I didn’t care if people were standing around us. It’s none of their business.

“Holy crap, I’m so sorry!” the girl gasped as she lifted her body and straightened her uniform but looked down at me guiltily.

She extended her hand towards me, who still had my ass on the floor, and gratefully took it. At the touch of her hands, I felt an explosion go off in my body, especially my head.

Her eyes grew wide as if she realized something. “I’m so sorry. God, I’m so reckless! I am extremely- I-I-,” But she was cut off by me.

Like heck would I let her go on.

“No need to be. It was my fault I made you trip over my leg like that. I was stupid to have tied my shoelaces when people could be running around the bend,” I apologized and ran a hand through my hair like I always do when nervous.


I looked back at her.

God, she was flushing again.

I snickered and looked at her, only to feel bad.

She stared shyly at her shoes as if for the first time. People began to go on with their lives except for some girls who I think were gossiping about us being the new boys. Cliche, I expected that.

“Okay,” a voice announces, dragging her “kay”. “If everyone’s done, with this, me and my bestie here would like to leave before the headteacher kills us,” Bringing my attention back to the present, I looked at the two girls, and just in time, as the brunette whisked away the girl who seemed to have caught my interest.

There was a magical feeling stirring inside me that I couldn’t grasp. I tried to grab it desperately, but it just kept slipping away. It felt like I had been plucked away into another dimension. The feeling of longing was evident in my eyes, but I kept it unknown.

“That was an interesting morning. You met twice within 30 minutes. Wow, that’s fast,” Troy babbled while I shut him off, not listening to what he was grumbling.

She left like that. Damn it!

“We haven’t met earlier, idiot. This was our first meeting.” I corrected Troy, who just brushed it off.

I didn’t even get to apologize properly or asked if she was hurt. “Darn—I’m such an ass.”

“You are,” Troy smirked. So much for the support. “Your words, not mine, bro,” he said plainly, surrendering with his hands high up in the air as he walked towards the direction where the girls went.

“Um, where are you going?” I asked my mind still in a daze.

“Uh duh, the morning meeting in the hall?” he said in an apparent tone. He was growing on my nerves today.

“Oh, shit - the assembly!”

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