Dormant Love

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Leander Leos

I leaned against my door and watched them bite each other’s heads off.

“Will you please shut up and explain the problem to me in a more civilized way?” I breathe through my teeth.

“But I did tell you!” Troy stood up to run behind me. “I saw her making out with a guy.”

“I...did—not!” Zaza panted heavily, her cheeks turning pink.

“What? Stressed about getting caught?” Troy continued bickering.

Calmly, I made my way to the middle of the room and looked at the both of them. They suspected me to blow up and storm out to kill the guy, whoever he was, but I shocked them when I gave a look that says 'I know what the fuck is going on so don’t even think about it'.

“First off,” I said, looking at Troy. “You know the protocol here. Unless they’re identified as people we know they won’t be able to enter. So stop trying to get a death invitation.”

“Yeah, idiot! Quit getting me into another one of your mess!” she accused and pointed a finger at him. Troy made a snarky remark which blew Zaza to kick a whole fit at him again creating another whole racket.

“But- ” said one.

“I said NO!” the other one argued back.

I pinched the space between my eyes and rubbed them. “If this was not about her kissing a guy, then what is?”

“It’s something—ouch!” Troy nearly growled when Zaza finally managed to make her first hit on his shoulder.

“Can you please get out of my room if nothing is going on,”

They both looked at me with a serious face. “No!”

I was taken aback. “This is my room, so, get out!” I exploded at them.

“Yes, but we’re here now,” Troy drawled and simply went back to facing Zaza with a sly smirk. “I know what you did...”

“Oh, really? Enlighten me,” she demanded. Honestly, I could just bring forth an entertainment agency and throw them in it to be hired for a reality TV show. I wouldn’t have any second thoughts of regret and get rich by the minute.

He came closer to her and the difference between their height was very obvious. “You...”

“She what?” I asked, annoyed.

“FARTED!” he burst out howling and took off like a maniac around the room as if he had just accomplished something. Well, he did. A rather cross 14 year old hot was on his trial as she tried to tackle him.

“You were there?” she screamed, her shrill voice making my ears hurt.

“You bet I was. And you did it right in front of him!” he yelled as they suddenly circled me. “Bro, did you hear that?”

“Congratulations buddy - you just managed to piss her off for the nth time. You deserve to have a Nobel Award,” I answered sarcastically.

“But you don’t get it!” He dodged Zaza who made the expected move to lunge for him. Troy took another path and headed to my bathroom door. “It’s Dane she embarrassed herself in front of-”

Dane? Who’s...oh.

I couldn’t help but laugh as Zaza cornered him by the door. “You mean that nerd Kaden?”

“It was an accident! I had too many peanuts that day,” she testified in discomfort. “And he isn’t a nerd! He’s just genuinely smart a-and good at sports too!” He wasn’t. She must be incredibly delusional.

Kaden Dane studies in the same class as her and has been her huge crush since her first day.

The guy was barely 5′5 - I’ve got no issue with that - but I think Zaza was a tad bit taller than him and he had these weird braces. Yeah, he probably played sports, but from what I heard, he got kicked out of the basketball team for nearly strangling a kid because they commented on how his uniform looked like a potato sack on him.

I don’t know the full story, but Zaza probably does. And finally he.was.a.nerd. Like an actual nerd. But not a total loser—I think. So in conclusion, I should warn the guy to stay away from my naïve sister, who doesn’t have to know about this information.

“She let the air loose when he asked her if he could borrow...” he paused when tears started to form in his eyes, “When he asked for a fucking pen!”

“I ate too many peanuts and it just came in the wrong time! Why were you even there?”

“Duh, you were near the guys’ toilet where I happened to be at when I saw you and your amazing act happen,” he winked at her.

“Bitch!” she fumed. “I’m-”

“What the hell were you even doing there, Zaza?” I intervened with a piqued eyebrow.

“I-I was just passing by and-”

“Don’t let me catch you again in that place- got it?” I snapped, changing the mood immediately.

“Jeez, calm down.” she snorted.

“Zaza,” I warned in a low tone which meant she had hit a tiny nerve.

“Fine,” she yielded but I gave her a serious stare and she looked away, red-faced, but muttered a, “Rot in hell Troy.”

“Idiot,” me and Troy said at the same time we rolled our eyes. We both grabbed an arm and carried Zaza to her room before dashing back to mine.

“Hey! I wasn’t done and it was a mishap! He’s exaggerating!” she yelled behind us, although she gave up when she heard the click of the door being locked. “Gosh, you guys are so bipolar!” she shouted in irritation.

We later heard her footsteps evacuating to her room. I cracked open the door to check as Troy jumped onto my bed.

“So what happened back there ?” I asked him and perched on my couch.

“Nothing other than what we fought about,” he mumbled.

“I know what she’s been up to. I even saw that guy plant a kiss on her cheek.”

“What? How did you know?” he asked in dismay.

“The question here is—why didn’t you tell me?” I deadpanned.

“Because you would react like a neglected hound,” he stated. “I was planning to bring it up, but you seemed too occupied being in your world.”

“They even tried kissing, didn’t they,” I continued, eyes blazing.

“Whoa, calm down, man. I stopped them, so don’t worry about it. I’ve been taking care of things whilst you weren’t present; you know to count on me.”

I grunted and stretched my legs. “Thanks.”

“How- ”

“I have my ways of knowing, so don’t ask.”

“Why did I even try?” he snickered. “How about you sleep in your bed, I’m heading home immediately, sister problems.” I looked up to see him walk towards the door, phone in hand. I hadn’t realized it but he was talking to someone on his phone. Probably one of his sisters.

“And lock the damn door.”

“I will,” he yelled back as his footsteps ran down the stairs.

I threw myself onto my bed once I heard the front door closed and quickly blacked out.


“Brother? Wake up!”

“Why?” I muttered through my blanket.

“Someone’s been trying to call you for the past 15 minutes,” Zaza said and I felt a hard object slap my face, square on the forehead. A fucking book. Not just an ordinary one, but a textbook. I grudgingly woke up to glare at the brat. “Who is it?”

“I don’t have the password of your precious, do I?” she sassed.

“Little imp,” I cursed under my breath as I rubbed my probably red forehead. Zaza turned around and stuck her tongue out before she left my room.

Ever since we arrived back, Esperenza had dramatically changed in the span of 4 months from a shy and quiet Madrid girl, to this posh New Yorker. Like, what the hell?

“What?” I answered, the ringing phone.

“You have to come here! There’s some shit going on between my sisters and-”

“Slow down, what’s going on Troy?”

“Something happened, you have to come help me!” snapped his distraught voice.

“Okay, I’ll come! But what got you so riled up? Can’t you handle it?” I shot back as I shuffled towards the closet.

“I could’ve handled it, but it’s not that simple. Anyways, you’re involved!”

“In what way?”

There was silence for a while before I heard the sound of something crashing.

“Troy, what the fuck is going on?”

“Fuck. They’re here,” he mumbled to another person and my concern sprung forth. I hastily grabbed my keys and threw the door open. The dark, chaste interior of my hallways made my uneasiness jolt as I connected the device to my AirPods.

“Where are you ?” I asked.

“My house. I’m moving the girls out. Meet you by the gate and get here, pronto!” I could hear more uproars and what sounded like screaming or was it crying in the background? “Everything’s out of control!”

“Who’s there?”

“Everyone’s here but - we’ve got company.”

I asked him again who it was. “Can you hear me?”

“I’ll explain everything when you get here, but, right now I need Gabriella’s phone number. Damn, why didn’t I get it from you before?”

My foot quickly pressed hard on the pedal and swiveled through the gates. Soon, I was on the asphalt.

“Text it to me or anything—JUST SEND IT!” I could sense his over rising panic as his background changed from echoes to one of beeping cars. He happened to be wheezing.

“There I sent it, what do you need it for?”

“Black...” Troy inhaled sharply.

“Anthony Black.”

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