Dormant Love

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Chapter︱Twenty Four : Part 1


Gabriella Gawan

I could almost envision what was about to happen in the next few minutes, so I did what any sensible person would do; get the fuck out.

I knew my presence would not only cause more sparks but a total explosion. Being discovered in this company too soon can’t be made possible. It’s Verna’s life on the line.

The moment I got the 6th miscall from Angelique, I heard their echoes. My legs moved instantly when the others weren’t looking.

I grabbed some items in the back before I locked the car. Stealthily, I slipped into the crumbly figure of the unfinished building and headed to where my best friend waited for me. My phone’s vibration had snapped me out of my focused stance that it nearly made my heart leap.

“Where are you?” I whispered, harshly, as I walked into a shadowed corner.

“What do you mean? Where the heck are you is the real question!” Angelique hissed back. I frowned because she was right, but I needed her in the wrong location for a reason.

“Look, I’ll meet you at five. Just stay where you are.” I hastily ended the call. No one noticed my absence, too caught in the situation. I watched from a range as they neared—just in time.

I climbed onto a forklift’s roof, which a safe distance, and out of sight. My sight wasn’t on the field— I just had to listen. Sound waves travel fast around here.

Instincts can’t lie that I was worried about my car. The plate had been covered, just in case. But they won’t be able to know who’s it is unless they observe it well, which I would highly doubt.

I had recently branded my car’s haunch - both sides - with a unique sign in silver so that these assholes around the city would know not to mess with it. An upside-down crescent with designs waved in it and something special engraved.

I wanted it to be simple but screw it.

Yours truly had earned a ring with that sign, hence why I began branding my properties with it. Plus, I’m eager for them to find out.

Tonight would be the first revealing of my unusual creation, and it’s going to shook the world.

I watched them like a hawk.

As the show started, I could feel my phone reverberating. Five minutes had been up, but I’m not leaving until I find what I’m looking for; Anthony had sure taken a while.

They had gathered around the border of the site for a quick order before flying at them. The morons didn’t even know what’s going on. I’m sure his men were clueless, as usual.

I rolled my eyes.

It was so like him, just chasing a chick he liked, his gang would be taken by the suddenness, only for them to realize what proper plan they should follow later on to capture her. Verna has a chance of escape right now since what she’s going to be facing were headless chickens and shouldn’t get intimidated by empty-headed buffed up guys in Harleys. But it wasn’t my position to tell.

Fox is the second to the head, or should I say the Boss’s Consigliere. Anthony couldn’t trust anyone else to execute his plans well when he’s unavailable or blank. Especially like today.

No doubt.

But they still managed to become the prime gang out there. And I knew them, inside out, like the palm of my hand unless there were changes.

Anthony would’ve caught a hint forthwith that I’m aware of tonight’s event. Ivan was the evidence.

That kid wouldn’t be caught up in here without me not being too far away. And I knew if Troy and his sister wanted to get out alive, they wouldn’t spoil my presence.

I haven’t cracked Verna yet to find out why he’s chasing her because he would rarely do that unless those girls have something that caught his attention. Most of the time, it’s their money that they probably owed him or something, but other’s for the relief.

Maybe Verna isn’t any different? I mean, she is rich, according to my findings on their heritage.

Setting the problem aside, I was excited to have fun tonight.

Let the inner bitch out.


It was this different persona that I haven’t shown to people in a while, and I bet Angelique $100 that Evander and his little company would have trouble digesting what they’re about to discover tonight. After all, just a few weeks back, I was in a hospital; weak, vulnerable, and timid.

Finally, I saw Anthony getting out of the umbrae and stared at Ivan with furrowed eyebrows. I could see his eyes swept the area silently.

That’s my queue.

Jumping down, I dashed towards the next building where she was waiting for me. It surrounded a bunch of other cranes and forklifts. I told her to stay in position somewhere nearby.

As I rounded the corner, I saw her sitting inside her Porsche with her lights out. That was the trend here if you don’t want suspicious-looking people to intrude into your privacy, but it was mostly for safety, and I quickly bolted in.

“What the-”

“Hey, it’s just me, chill,” I reassured her.

“Bitch! I almost had a heart attack,” she yelled, placing her hand on her left breast.

I rolled my eyes and said, “That’s what you get for not locking your doors like a 'normal' person should,” I air quoted in the dark. She plugged an air pod out of her ear and looked at the time.

It was fucking late, and I badly wanted to soak myself in cold water right now. My body was overheating or what it felt.

“So, what’s been happening? I’ve been waiting for hours here that I had to go to a nearby Mc Donald’s or I’d starve,” she grumbled, pointing to the bag behind her.

Without further ado, I quickly filled her in with vital notes, and she frowned. “I’m going to kill Jace when we’re out of here.”

“Me too,” I fumed. Ivan was dead ass going to be kicked out of our property for the next few weeks if I can help it. He can join Anthony for all I care. I fucking worried my ass out and almost had a migraine. The little fuckers knew not to mess with this gang. “But first, we have control over the situation. Cyrus isn’t there with them.”

“You sure?”

I nodded. “I counted. One was missing.”

“No, I meant, are you sure ?” she stressed the word at me. I was silent for a second, trying to process what she meant in her head. That’s until I heard her snort, most likely amused.

“Dude-” Then it clicked. I wasn't going to allow her to talk about it.

“Shut up,” I grumbled as I fumbled around for my phone.

She let out a loud wheeze. “Look at you! I swear to God, you’re too tensed bro, relax!”



I turned to her with an 'Are you fucking serious?' look. She responded with a 'Was only teasing your ass' face.

“Focus,” I snapped. I almost managed to refrain from eye-rolling, but anyway did and shook my head.

“We need to know precisely what connection those two have to be having this crazy chase. Do you have any idea where Cyrus might be?” she asked with a suddenly grim face.

“Probably scouting the area for cops. Come on, start this baby up. I think we can bump into him on the way out of here,” and we both shared grins.

The car swiveled to the right without the headlights turned on, and soon we strolled into the highway. We have been in and out of this place for years that we memorized our surroundings well.

The car circled the area for a while and kept on going until we reached our 3rd round.

“Turn on your lights, dude. I can’t see shit.” I croaked as we rounded a dark corner. I was parched and badly needed to drink water. “Damn! I should’ve grabbed a bottle in that gas station.”

“I think there’s a small store somewhere here. I passed by it some time ago,” she muttered and made a U-turned.

As lamp post by lamp post shot past us, so did my thirst. I could usually hold it but, I imagine it’s all the running in the sand that did it.

* *

The New York night sky was bright with skyscrapers shimmering like blazing fireflies, and the wind outside seemed to have died down. I guess these buildings must’ve blocked the cool air from descending. Shady people walked about, and stray dogs raided the dumpsters.

We soon reached a decent convenient store, much to my surprise, since the area was too sketchy; also why police patrol here is double. You never know what might happen though there were zero reports of anything other than neighborhood noise pollution. Also, the usual car accidents, which eventually ended up inside the abandoned site.

Perfect for obstacles.

I unbuckled my seat belt and hurried inside of the store as the cool breeze coming from the A/C greeted me. I skidded through the nicely mopped floor and unusual but ordinary-looking customers as I went to grab a cold bottle.

Just as I turned around, my nose bumped into a hard wall, making me clutch the bottle harder, and I could hear the satisfying crunching effects. My hand shot to my face.

“Fuck,” I drawled as I backed away, squeezing my eyes shut.

Damn, this is what I get for possessing a big nose. Thanks, Dad!

It turned red, and my leg took another step back, but unfortunately, it was a freaking bad idea. I almost crashed into the fridge behind where the bottles were. I waited and braced for an embarrassing impact but couldn’t feel anything.

“Huh?” I gasped as I cracked an eye. I then felt something trying to tickle underneath my ribs. Immediately, I jolted to my feet, and my eyes shot wide open. A muscular arm had wrapped itself around my torso, and I quickly traced it back to its owner, who happened to be a titian-haired male.

There stood a man—well, a teenager, but he looked about two or three years older than me. He looked about 20.

“Hey, beautiful,” he spoke in a silky deep voice that would make anyone melt, but not me.

I scowled and pushed past him.

“Oh, come on! No, hello or how’s it goin’ from you?” he chuckled as I felt his dazed eyes watch my figure walk ahead. I ignored him and zigzagged through the small store.

Why did the freezer have to be at the very back of the freaking store?

It wasn’t how I wanted it to have gone. We were supposed to bump out, not inside of a tiny store. The thought of the proximity between us made me apprehensive.

I nearly reached the damn counter when I was twirled around and right into a hard chest.

His chest.

“What’s all this for, Cyrus ?” I asked through gritted teeth and pushed him back to free myself, but it didn’t work. I stubbornly looked up, only to be met by one of his evil gazes that downright would’ve caught hearts. His lips were full, and his hair made me want to touch them. They were wavy and thick. Perfect for gripping.

He dipped his head down so that he was face to face with me, and inches away that if someone would push us—

Eww-ugh! I got to get my head out.

He saw my discomfort and the mother fucker dared to push me even closer to him that I had to lean back.

He hadn’t answered my earlier question as he gazed at me, most likely checking out my outfit, which wasn’t much. Just a casual plain light blue V button-down blouse and tucked a corner into my dark washed jean while the other hangs, outmatched with my sneakers. My long hair braided tonight so that it wouldn’t disturb me.

He, on the other hand, wore sporty sweatpants topped with a black hoodie sweatshirt.

I swear to God. This dick was lighting up the ticking bomb inside me. I tried to relax my body so he would think I was loosening up to him, but my plans were colder.

I was going to wait for a few more seconds as I brought my eyes straight up to look at his, burning with the want to get away, but the fucker just did what I needed to fuel up my strength.

He smirked as he brought his tongue out and dragged itself across his lips. I watched in disgust and panic as he fucking puckered.

“What the hell?!” I pushed harder and successfully got out of his grip. But not before slapping him.

His face got thrown back, but he didn’t clutch it.

Fucking bastard thought he could relight the past.

I flicked an eyebrow at him in question from a distance and scoffed, but he still hadn’t budged as he now held a blank face. So, I turned around and walked back towards the counter.

“It’s been a long time, ¹pulchra,”


¹pulchra - Latin for beautiful

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