Dormant Love

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Chapter︱Twenty Four : Part 2


Gabriella Gawan

I handed over the cash, got my change, and left the building.

“What happened? Was that Cyrus?” Angelique bombarded, as I got into my seat. “I saw him enter before I could get out.”

“Yeah,” I mumbled, popping open the bottle and hurriedly gulped down the liquid, “Mmmm.”

“God damn, you were not kidding,” she gawked as I gulped down the whole bottle before taking a sharp intake of breath.

“I’ve got to finalize what we came for,” I decided grimly and threw the bottle into an empty bag in the back.

“I saw how you met...didn’t go as planned. Do you want me to-”

“I got this,” I insisted, embarrassed she had seen us.

My nose scrunched in distaste as he approached the car. He gently tapped on the window, and I rolled it down while my eyes did the equivalent, but a circled 180°.

“Details,” I demanded, without a greeting his way. My gaze set firm as I looked ahead. His orbs burned holes through my skull as he tried to read me. Cyrus hadn’t confused me with the perverted entrance.

Hah! Not that easy, huh?

“Pulchra, you know owe me one after this ordeal finishes, right?” he smirked, causing Angelique to spit out the nuts she had munched.

“Wait, did I hear rightly?” she choked. “I haven’t heard that in like— years?”

“Hey, bitch,” he smirked in a flirty mien.

“You seem familiar. Have I threatened you before?” Angelique asked innocently.

I immediately glared at them before turning back to address him. “I need information now. I haven’t the time to fool. They could be having some dual as we speak!”

“Chill, babe. I happened to receive an update. They’re trying to negotiate as well as fuzzing about their reunion with Ivan and Jace,”

I hissed, “Don’t fucking call me that!”

He cockily leaned into my window, “I can call you whatever I want, Pulchra.”

Fuck, I shouldn’t have provoked the man.

“Spill, or did you forget who you’re talking to, Fighter,” a growl rammed through my throat as I opened my door—pushing him in the process. He stumbled off-guard as I shut it behind, folding my arms. “I wanted our meeting to be amicable, but you had to make it toilsome.”

Cyrus balanced and adjusted his clothes but didn’t answer; instead, he had an even wider grin, if that was even possible. “I turned out liking you more than I originally planned,” he commented sarcastically.

“Oh, shit.” I heard a loud gasp inside the car. “Uh, Gab? I kinda forgot to mention something to you.” I glanced at her through the open window and lifted a creased brow.

Before anyone could comprehend, my upper body got manhandled against steel.

“God, Cyrus, not my car!” Angelique yelled at him.

But, he didn’t listen, as his head dipped right next to my ear,” I’m not a Fighter anymore, Princess,” he spoke with a familiar rich tone, causing me to shiver in anger to be this close to him. It felt like my heart was going to blast anew, for the second time tonight!

“N-Not?” I inhaled upon realizing that my body got caged beneath him. Both his arms then stationed themselves on either side of my head, and I became nauseous. He smelled so strongly of bergamot that I dreaded to puke.

The past was suddenly thrown back into me like Déjà vu, and he watched it all under the hood of his lids. Why hadn’t I smelled his scent before?

Two years back, we had agreed on conditions concerning our—relationship. And I’m not breaking it, and neither should Cyrus. We made a vow.

I swayed my head as I worked to forget it.

Angelique quietly observed the situation. I knew she would leap in if he tried something I would shun for life.

“I’m not going to make a move, Pulchra. So calm down before you hyperventilate,” he smiled, slowly withdrawing. Unbestowed, my chest had heaved at a rapid pace. I was left exhaling hard against the car and puzzled like nothing happened. It edged the shit out of me. No doubt that panic was evident. “I wanted to pull your leg. Same ol’ you seemed to be in there, somewhere.”

“I suppose I have to tell you the details, huh?” he fling-ed a boyish grin as he walked in another direction. He tossed his phone from his pocket into a bag by a motorcycle a few feet away from us. “Verna provoked Anothony to bring the possessive demon in him, which she shouldn’t have. We warned him about leaving her alone, but he refused. That stubborn blockhead just won’t give up. Not until he has her for himself. He thinks she’s the one, but I think not. You know his ways.”

He looked up at me when I didn’t react as he placed on his gloves and leaned against his bike. Cyrus sighed,” You’ll be in debt to me after revealing the following information and what I want in return is a small hangout. Not a date, a friendly meeting,” he cheekily added as my brain tried to process it.

I heard Angelique popped out of her seat as she slid herself across and pinched me.

“What the fuck!” I snarled at her.

“You weren’t responding, dude,” she defended and nodded at Cyrus. My brain settled to defrost as I belatedly got my sense back.

“You!” I pointed at Cyrus. “Before we get to your payment idea for this exchange, there’s a needed clarification. What did you fucking mean about not being a Fighter?”

“This bitch was promoted, Gabriella,” Angelique skipped to the tooth, causing my blood to freeze.

He proudly grinned. “And I’m the youngest to be.”


It wasn’t plain sailing to get elevated like licking melted ice cream. It was the Mafia world, and this guy happened to have gotten preferred up the tree. “I’m officially the Under Boss of Stygian Gorg.”

“Stop fucking with me, Cyrus,” I warned as a dark cloud covered my face.

“I wish,” he cockily replied. “Still not controlling that anger of yours?”

“I’m not kidding, dipshit!” I fought back. “I don’t have anger management. I just need people to stop pissing me off. Furthermore, I won’t owe you anything after knowing this.”

His grin vanished and with it replaced a grim line. “I’m not joking around, Princess. I did become the U.B. of S.G. gang. ”

“Yeah, umm, don’t freak out, but I got a message from Dutch earlier confirming that,” Angelique shouted from her side of the car. She seemed to have scuttled away.

I stood in bewilderment. Now Angelique tells me? “He couldn’t have been! I mean, it would take years to be in that role, let alone at a young fucking age!”

“Oh, come on, Pulchra, you can’t be shocked. After all, you were once one of us,” he mocked with an accent. “Not only did you come out of nowhere, stealing the spotlight, but you became-”

“I swear to god, stop pushing my buttons, Cyrus!” I groaned. “I was never one of you. I stand with my pride. What I can’t understand is how did that happen? You can’t be more than Twenty.”

“I pulled some chains here and there. I’ll be Twenty in a few months from now,” Cyrus clarified, cracking his fingers unintentionally.

“He means 'killing' people,” Angelique aimed out in disgust.

“I know that!”

“You see, princess, while you were livin’ your normal life, we were still running strong, and modifications naturally transpired.” Damn, how much did I miss?

“But...did you even act as a Caporegime before becoming the Under Boss?” I asked, still in denial.

“No,” came the simple answer. “And we can continue this later if you want, but right now, I believe we have someone to be saving?”

“I-I’m...ugh! Fine. About that hangout, it will only be on the casual. Nothing else and no suspicious business. Got that in your thick head, Cyrus?”

He frowned guiltily,” I’m sorry for alarming you earlier, Gab. We ought to take that conversation in the store elsewhere.”

“Yeah, to hell,”

“Anything for the Ma’am,” he grinned in mocking surrender. “Now, Vera can still have a chance to escape-”

“Exactly my thoughts,” I replied, shifting my weight against the car.

“-and I think I have a plan. But of course, I have to be anonymous, or it’s my head that’ll be at the end of the stick,”

I shrugged. Even with the cocky attitude, Cyrus wasn’t a total idiot. He was well aware of what he was performing. And meeting me, an ex-unofficial member, was a risk.

I could tell that there weren’t any spies around, so we were safe, and a reason why we shouted as loud as we want. “Since Cyrus declares he’s the Under Boss, then I’m certain their other minions are a distance off. I had observed the men around, and they were the main eleven. Plus you, then it’d be the main twelve.”

He grunted with a nod. “I figured you’d take the hint to find me.”

“So, why is the U.B. out here, scouting the perimeters? Aren’t you suppose to be with them in the first place? Specifically, next to The Boss and The Fox,” Angelique spoke up.

“Well, if I hadn’t been the one to volunteer to scout the area clean of cops, I wouldn’t have been able to see that beautiful ass of Pulchra, wouldn’t I?” he winked, making me gag.

“Oh, come on! You’re remarkably arduous to impress,”

“That’s because all your lines are re-used and cheesy as fuck. Try to be up to date, and you’ll probably have better luck in catching other girls, aye.” This time I winked.

Cyrus choked on his spit before he grinned, flashing me pearls. “Nope, just you.”

“Shut the fish up, you two. You sound like cringe old farts,” Angelique whined and rolled up my window, causing me to erupt in quiet giggles.

“Tsk, we were.” I caught him silently grumble, almost inaudible.

I pretended not to have heard it. “Anyways, it was nice seeing you again, bro. You’ve changed a lot in appearance since then, but you’re rotten to the core inside.” His eyes grew wider than dinner plates. Bullseye.

I took the time to observe him openly for the first time.

The dimmed light post nearby shone onto his shimmering grey eyes, which were rather obvious and stood out to most of his features. His Latin nose and strong jawline made me want to go over there—and punch him.

Yeah, he was a completely insensitive asshole 99% of the time. Why do you think he became the second leader?

And I hadn’t lied. Cyrus towered twice as me and had put on more muscles. Probably the gym or an arena buffed up more flesh. But the point was, his body has been lean and rigid. Now he had an ample size that he could show off. Unlike his giant, meaty as fuck friends.

His hair was a wild mess today like it always had, and it looked like he grew a more vats shoulder length as well. I could easily make out his Dorito figure under the clothed body, and all I could say is: we could’ve been great friends if it weren’t for him and his insatiable ego.

“The key to your worries is one word,” he revealed suddenly, apparently having recovered. “Ivy.”


“Action now, questions later. Anthony won’t bother you after this,” he continued. “He’s high right now but trying to keep it under control. Be wary.”

That was easier than I predicted.

I had thought of tackling or intimidate Cyrus some more to speak.

“And why should I trust you?” I eye him carefully.

“Until next time, Pulchra,” he winked, ignoring my inquisition as he fixed his helmet into place. The moonlight glared at his face, causing his lush grey eyes to glitter from under his helmet. His engine thundered to life and soon drove through the abyss of the night. I didn’t miss the way he held a thumbs up high in the air. The guy was insane.

I stared at the speck in the distance,” H-How was that even possible? What did he do to reach to a fucking high position?” I faced Angelique, squared to the face.

“Here’s the text Dutch had sent to me.”


Buff #2



He is now the second most powerful man in the crime family. He has the power and control over the captains, soldiers, and associates, and he runs the bosses and the organization’s day-to-day operations and businesses.

Cyrus will have to keep all of the capos, soldiers, hit squads, and associates in line.

He makes sure that everyone within the crime family does their job and follows what the Boss commands. Cyrus also sees that the empire runs smoothly.

Moreover, he is in charge of keeping track of the organization’s finances, operations, and businesses, including keeping the money flowing to the Boss and protecting him at all costs.


That is one heavy responsibility to process. I reckon it’s due to experience.

I had jumped to the vital parts. The rest wasn’t interesting to me.

In short, this wasn’t allowed to be shared carelessly to unassociated people. We were an exemption if Anthony is in the dark. His men knew and trusted me enough in the past.

“Why hadn’t Dutch sent this piece to me?” I questioned under my breath as I stared at the screen.

Angelique cooed softly,” Honey, we all knew what would’ve happened. You would keep rejecting it.” Well, duh! I had just discovered that sort of thing happened.

I didn’t want to remember the past; due to some person. I had no choice but to embrace it tonight.

“Wait, what happened to the former Under Boss?” Damn, I should’ve asked earlier! All I learned was that if the Boss dies, the norm would be for the Under Boss to take the reigns as head of the crime family, but there have been exceptions.

“Probably something unimaginable to us,” she shrugged. “Best left alone for now.” Angelique always walked on eggshells around this subject and kept it to the minimum. Our history with the S.G gang was sweet and sour, and it left her too exhausted to reminisce.

If it weren’t for her brother, Angelique would continue to avoid the Mafia as much as she could.


“Now, tell me, why on earth would you stop the air demon from claiming what’s his?”

“Because he’s narcissistic, and...wait. Demon? Claiming? You don’t seriously mean that!”

“Of course not, Troy,” I sighed. “It was pun intended.”

“So, what if I am narcissistic, boy? She stated herself of the demon in me,” Anthony smirked. Troy growled at him, and the two found themselves in a soundless battle.

“Beat him up, Boss!” one of the goons spoke.

“Weak. Let’s take em’ by force!” The others agreed.

“Cut the crap, guys,” I spoke to the group of men as I made my entrance. The door slammed behind me, and I was unhesitant to take on tonight’s adventures.

I eyed them with an infamous smirk. Angelique reversed to park beside mine, leaving a trail of dust waves.

There was stillness before a deep chuckle suddenly broke through and echoed. My gaze soon connected with the owner.

“Welcome back. It’s finally complete now that you’ve decided to join our little reconciliation, Gabriella, or should I courteously say,”


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