Dormant Love

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Gabriella Gawan

I can’t believe Evander freaking brought me to a beach so he could stitch up my healing wound. It wasn’t even that big!

“I’m more than able to grab those from you if you’d just let me...”

“No chance and I’ve got more than an idea of what you’re capable of doing, Gab, but heck am I gonna leave you at your house like I’m dumping clothes without returning the favor for helping us.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s Troy’s responsibility—not yours. I’ve told you for the millionth time that I don’t want anything in return,” my lips weakened. “Actually, on second thoughts, the best thing you could do for me is to drop me home so I can finally sleep.”

“You slept for nearly an hour in the car,” he stated flatly.


“It’s a good idea to sleep now since it’ll take some time to get there.”

“Where is there?” I groaned.

“Queens coast.”

I rolled my eyes. Evander answered like it was his sole mission to get me there.

“It’s like an hour to get there!”

“Barely 45 minutes,” he nonchalantly drove.

“That’s nearly an hour.” I deadpanned.


“I mean in my bed! Damnit...I’m seriously going to ignore the world in the morning, and I could crash with my pillows.”

We were currently sitting on a spread carpet on the sands of Rockaway Beach.

Unsurprisingly, Evander’s family happened to own a private section. Why not? I mean, if I had that amount, I wouldn’t mind spending it on a seashore.

Who was I kidding?

Dad won’t let me inherit a single ass coin until I’ve got enough experience to handle it wisely. Fair enough. I savor a real challenge.

I brooded to the sky above and nearly fell against the soft material underneath if someone wasn’t too busy on one of my legs.

Damn it!

My jean design originally had a rip on one side, might as well do the same to the opposite.

My car was directly behind us, and we used its lights to illuminate the surroundings. Its heat was also released, creating more warmth under my thick jacket.

I loved the beach, especially this one as it was a great surfing attraction, but not when I’m half dead.

“Ouch! Watch it,” I hissed. Evander returned it with an apologetic smile. I rolled my eyes. “This area is like more than an hour from that gas station,” I complained as I just realized how far my house was at that moment.

“It was nearly a 46-minute drive. We can reach your place before 4 AM,” he reassured, as he concentrated on his work, which was still on my leg.

I decided to relax and admire his work. “You’re good at this, dude. Where did you learn to stitch?” I complimented in awe. My ambition was to become a doctor one day, and anything related to the medical field had fascinated me since I was ten. Yet, here’s the jest— I’ve got no idea how to stitch.

Evander hadn’t replied, so I trained up my eyes only to leave them hanging on his pursed lips; something was wrong. I observed his muscles as it grew stiff.

“Eve?” I asked softly. “You alright?”

I had to admit. I hadn’t been the nicest, and probably bitched at the guy for no absolute reason when the only thing he wanted to do was pay me back and even tended to my wound- err- cut.

He immediately shook his head as he looked at me with a forced smile,” Yeah, I was just...thinking about something.”

“You sure?” I queried, not fully believing the white lie.

He sighed. “When I was young...I had gotten into an accident,” he began, but the words came out bitterly. He started to put away pieces of cotton that soaked with dried blood and the needle back into the First Aid Kit. I caught his eyes, watching me closely, and urged him to continue. I knew the last thing he wanted was pity right now, but someone to listen to what he had to say. I had applied alcohol earlier to my now pink cut, indicating it’s healthy, and Evander had added antiseptic cream. It wasn’t deep, which cut out Evander’s work.

He then took out a bandage to wrap around my leg so it wouldn’t get infected. “And ever since then, Uncle had taught me to take care of myself in case if there wasn’t help nearby. Right after I got released from the hospital, he made me learn survival techniques. I’m a trained man.”

He sounded miserable as if recalling it would run him to the ground. I imagined I’d get my chance to ask why he got adopted by his cousin’s parents, but I guess it was too volatile. And we’ve only got to know each other.

Esperanza was a refreshing version of myself, spirited and dauntless. Tonight, I’ve seen her as the type to be altruistic and a rebel. We’ve officially met at the gas station earlier when I was in a temperamental phase. So, I hadn’t had a decent conversation with her, unfortunately. Otherwise, I’d take some pieces of cringeworthy details.

“It’s impressive,” I spoke sincerely. “But it probably happened for a reason. That’s why we exist. There’s always a reason.”

“The accident?”

I nodded.

“Now you sound like a religious person,” he chuckled, but I didn’t react.

“I am.”

“Oh, well, in that case, I shouldn’t have laughed,” he said as he stood up to dispose of the kit in a black garbage bag.

“Are you?” I asked curiously.

“Me?” he asked in surprise as if the thought never occurred before. “Well, that might depend. I was never really the type of person.”

I grinned. “That’s good to hear. And great job on the leg, doc.” Evander snickered when I tried to stand on my two feet but failed miserably. I pouted and heard the familiar sound of chuckling.

“I won’t do that if I were you, Princess.” He closed the door of my car’s driver’s seat. “I’d say you lay there and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere we have tonight. Want a bite?”

At the appearance of the bags, I immediately dropped my grumpy face and comfortably positioned my legs. “Hell to the yes! Can I have them all now?”

“Haha, why not?” He handed me my bag of burgers and fries.

“Where’s the milkshake?” I was quick to notice.

“In the you want to drink it now?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, please!” I replied as I took the first bite. I nearly moaned at the taste of the meat and melted cheese with a cool lettuce wrapped in mayonnaise. “ fucking tasty! God, I seconds as well.”

“You have helpings,” Evander pointed out as he placed our chocolate milkshakes between us.

“Exactly,” I said excitedly, and my stomach growled at the thought of that. I sort of or rather probably forced Evander to buy me two instead of one burger, and I dared him to judge me.

After our close...confrontation, I decided that staying awkward wasn’t going to make things better. So, I told Evander to forget and live. It is what it was.

Yes, we probably nearly kissed, and I’m not going to fib that I didn’t enjoy the way he deliciously wrapped those long fingers around my curls. And the way his eyes glowed almost ravenously like a hungry beast.

His body language didn’t make things better when I got pinned between his abbed structure and the locked door. My fingers were itching to drag themselves through his silky blonde hair and tug on them. I was more than ready to jump on him and get it done already if we hadn’t been rudely interrupted— in the middle of a gas station.

“Aren’t you worried about becoming fat?” he chuckled. “That’s a large amount of calories you’re ingesting.”

“Fuck no,” I gulped. “My metabolism isn’t that great, but I’m not like those salad bitches who had signed their unfortunate souls to those ridiculous trendy habits. At least eat it in a non-plastic way.”

“That’ way to say that,” Evander grinned as he watched me intently grab my fries and didn’t care as I stuffed some into my mouth. I probably looked like a raging buffalo trying to plow down its food, but I was too focused on filling my belly to think of that.

“You gonna eat that or not?” I eyed his still uneaten food. “Better think fast because the chilly air is gonna cool it down much quicker.” When he didn’t respond, I asked again.


The only sounds that were present was the crashing of the waves, and me, munching away.

I pried my eyes away and sipped on the shake, only to find him too preoccupied to answer me. He was staring at my leg.

“Okay, cut the crap and tell me what’s making you uneasy,” I prompted, scrunching my eyebrows.

“It’s nothing,” he spoke a tad too quickly as he snapped away and took a hefty bite off his burger, soon to forcefully swallowed. His neck bobbed up and down nervously as if I hit something raw.

I knew a trick or two to perhaps get him to talk, so I stared until he gave way. “Alright,’s something.”

“Go on,” I pressed, not believing his mouth.

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