Dormant Love

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Leander Leos

She was apprehensive.

As if dreading the worst, she sucked on her lower lip and bit on it.

My heartbeat threefold in that second as I nearly crawled over my words.

“Perhaps, now isn’t the best time to talk depressing stories. I don’t want to ruin our dinner.” I apologized as I took another bite of my food. Avoiding eye contact because I noticed Gabriella had a thing for reading people. And I didn’t want her to see me at my lowest; her words had moved me.

“I understand. You’re not ready. But if you ever are, don’t hesitate to tell me, okay?” Gabriella beamed; as if she understands why I didn’t want to open up. “It doesn’t seem equal, though, since I told you something of mine...but it’s not healthy to push you.” There weren’t any signs of visible annoyance laced in Gabriella’s tone.

“I wish I could,” I muttered aside and clenched my stomach.

“What was that?”

“I said, thanks!” Damn, she hit a soft nerve in me. “I just hate to talk about it. It’s traumatizing ya’ know? That’s why I-“Shit! I almost gave way that I go for therapy. Stop shitting yourself, man!

“Er- I’m extremely sorry about that.”

It was quiet the next minute before it dissolved into her laughing. “You’re a funny guy, Eve. I’m surprised we haven’t talked much before,” she said as she rubbed an eye and sniffled.

“Well, I’m glad you thought that,” I couldn’t help but produce a tiny smile.

She continued talking to me about different topics, seeing as I was acting uneasy as she quoted. We scarfed down the remains of our midnight feast until none was left. I enjoyed listening to another side of this girl.

She’s like a whole package, waiting to be unwrapped. To the man who wins her in the near future, I hope he learns to defend himself.

No sarcasm intended.


“Don’t you roll your eyes on me, you insensitive jerk,” she shrieked as I grabbed the fists that were slapping sloppily against my chest. Her eyelids were screaming to kip, and her face scrunched up into a frown, covering up her charming features.

“I take full responsibility for dragging you out here, and I keep my word. I’m going bring you back home now before my ass gets on fire,” I reassured.

She pulled away from my grip, slumped onto the ground seat, and passed out instantly.

I nearly dropped myself next to her. It had been exhausting!

We had debated about whether “Is Cereal a soup or not?” for the past hour before Gabriella decided it was time to leave. The exchange of views about this head to head argument began when she cutely confessed that she believed it was soup.

“Yes, it’s a soup because there are pieces of a solid in a liquid same as a soup.”

“No. Cereal is a sweet breakfast food while soup is a wholesome broth with meat.”

The victor out of this had plausibly been me. Gabriella made the decision to resolute the end of this ongoing question into the matter of our hands. In the form of the famous rock, paper, and scissors.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t on board after trying unsuccessfully three minutes into it.

“Damn, I feel like I’m about to be knocked. I’m leaving you to clean everything, and I won’t regret ditching you,” Gabriella hummed from below and took the effort to stand. I made a lunge for her, but she held a hand up. “Nope. Let me do it.”

She eventually managed to withstand the rough sand under her feet and marched a slothful zigzag path towards her Jaguar. Meticulously, she lifted her bandaged leg in and embraced the warmth of being inside.

I had to roll my eye at Gabriella, again. Girl would have to make up some excuse for coming home at a late hour.




1:59 AM

Bro, do you want me to come pick you up?


2:00 AM

Yeah, have you parked my car home?


2:00 AM

Over and done with.

No one had a clue. I bribed Jason, who was on night guard, to let me sneak in, and he took the bait. What time should I pick your sorry ass?


2:01 AM

Thanks. Around 3 AM would do.


2:01 AM

Enjoy with the dragon lady ¬‿¬


I snickered at my lame friend.

“Hurry it up, asshole! I don’t want to get killed when I get home.” I heard her shout annoyedly from the car.

“God, don’t you women ever shut up,” I chuckled as I twirled her keys around my forefinger.

“You’re one to talk,” she shot back with equal fervor.

Once settled inside her car, I geared the vehicle reverse. It was relatively dim and quiet outside. This private section of the beach was mostly empty, so there’s no chance for the car, to accidentally crush a person in the dark.

As I did, Gabriella suddenly jolts up, hands on her door, and I slammed on the brakes.

“What’s wrong?” I nearly panicked in alarm.

“Pants,” she looked straight at her windshield.

“What?” My face twisted into confusion.

“I left my pants!” the redhead shouted as she faced me with wide eyes like she had suddenly remembered something. “I need another pair before I go home. I can’t look like I just came out of some bloody war movie, can I?”

I blinked before my shoulders shook and roared with laughter. Gabriella looked adorable as her curls from her wavy hair descended around her disarrayed expression. Her lips created a pout.

“What’s so amusing, Mister?”

I wanted to stop my chuckle, but it just got more intense that tears started to creep into my eyeballs. “Oh, my lord. That was rid-” I wanted to say ridiculously cute, but knowing the woman, I didn’t want to be kicked into the freezing weather until Troy manages to get halfway through the state to get to me.

“I know, you don’t have to be a monk about it,” she sighed as she started to rummage around her side. “I’m sorry, but I knew something was nagging me, damn my short term brain.”

“If you want pants, it might take a little longer reaching your area. I know where to buy some at this hour, that’s if you still want to,” I suggested.

“No, it’s fine. You’ve done enough for the last couple of hours. I always keep spare clothes in my hood...oh, thank the Lord!” she exclaimed as she unbuckled and pushed open her door. She was fast, even with her—fuck her leg!

“Gab, I...holy shit! I’m so sorry!” I had bolted out of the car only to come to a now naked Gabriella...waist down. Luckily, her lower regions were covered by the extra-long blouse. I quickly looked away in shock. “Damn. I’m really...I swear I didn’t know, but you’re leg!”

Yes. Gabriella’s legs.

God, please forgive me. Her sexy cream thighs were exposed, and she didn’t seem to give a fuck about being seen.

Back in Spain, I’ve been in situations where girls would tend to throw themselves on my commands. I’ve been labeled as a fuckboy, that’s true, and it’s not uncommon for sinners like me nowadays.

A throb down below grew alive, and the more the scene kept repeating in my head, the more I felt it. Way to give away my cover Junior, now she might get the impression that I’m attracted to her.

Sensibly, I shielded my bulge away to keep her modesty and quickly jumped back inside. I exhaled heavily and could feel my cheeks on flames. What the fuck? I was the one who sounded like a pussy while she didn’t even utter a squeak.

There goes my ego down the fucking drain...and since when have I ever reasoned myself to shy away?

Fuck, she doesn’t even know what she’s doing to my god damn mind, yet she’s out there teasing me unintentionally.

The sound of her hood slamming shut brought me back to reality that I noticed the grip on the wheel was too hard that my knuckles had turned nearly white.

Calmly, she re-entered the car like nothing ever happened and made herself comfortable. Gone were her slit pants, now she wore a dull grey loosed sweatpants. I’m surprised she’d done the job swiftly without the need for assistance when only a mere 5 minutes ago, she limped.

“We’re going to pretend that never occurred,” she timidly spoke in a taciturn voice as if she read my mind. Women were a strange creation. One, I could never understand them at all. And two, I’ve never met a woman so wild as her.

I cleared my throat,” How’s your leg?”

“I’ve had worse.”

I studied her face in the dark that had a faraway look before she settled deeper into her seat and stared out of her window.

I wanted to ask what in the devilry caused her to strip out in the harsh night, with an additional wounded leg, clean in the open.

Fortunately, none of the patrolling guards came to check on the surroundings; otherwise, it was me who’s going to be in jeopardy.

I didn’t need them reporting back to my Father about a half-dressed teenager standing out in their property, with their only son, in the dead of the night.

No. The last thing I need is to explain everything and hand everyone’s ass involved in the last 11 hours on the line.

“You got it,” and turned away out of sheer respect as I started the engines again.


For the rest of the hour, we sat in heavy silence, that had been replaced by her soft snores.

I had to restrain myself from convulsing with cackles when she muttered, “Soup...cereal is soup! Check Google...dumbass.”

And I did.

She left me to acknowledge defeat; however, that’s for me to know and her to find out because I had managed to record her grumbling debate while in fleeted sleep. I can’t accept my odd thoughts, but I might be hanging out with a Jack-of-all-trades.

Her chest inhaled and exhaled at a slow pace as the moonlight shone onto her silky winsome face topped with cherry-full lips. I’m going to satirize her back after her little stunt.

She can’t get away and leave me to drive to her mansion with a full hard-on.

I gulped. Heck, that would be torture, and I intended to be recompensed...


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