Dormant Love

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Leander Leos

“How did she feel on your dick, bro?” Troy drawled, smirking widely. I turned away so he couldn’t see me flush.


“Mind your beeswax,” I responded lamely.

“Come on,” he pleaded before the eye roll. “Tell me the experience man.”

“You got a problem? Maybe I should glue your eyes in place to keep them from rolling around that space inside your head.”

We were on our way to meet our new football coach as today was the first day we signed up for the team. I was about to tell him to fuck off when I suddenly caught sight of Gab and her brunette best friend.

Why do I always seem to bump into her?

She was distracting, sitting on a top bench staring into the clear void. I know uniforms suck, but she aced it as it showed off her curves. Weird right?

She looked like she was thinking hard.

“Come on-I saw how you were staring at her. You looked like you were going to take a dump for some reason,” Troy prodded, interrupting my thoughts. “Damn, were you looking nervous.” I turned to him as he looked right at me. He still had that stupid grin plastered against his dumb face. My eyes twitched in annoyance. We were getting close to the field now. I checked the time on my Rolex, and we had 10 minutes till it was time to start practicing.

“Tsk, you got it all wrong today. I wasn’t nervous, ¹tonto,” I avowed. “You were completely mistaken earlier. Like I had said - that was my first encounter with her, and second, there’s nothing that I saw in her. For God’s sake, we just had an unfortunate incident.”

“A very hot-one,” he added, which earned a smack to his head from me. “But,” he drawled again, dragging the “u” teasingly.

“Shut your trap, Troy.” I groaned, knowing what he was up to. “Look, can we drop this and quietly walk to the field. I’m starting to get a headache because of you.” I hoped he’d stop, but knowing Troy, I also knew for a fact that he just couldn’t zip up.

“I’m having doubts here. You haven’t caused a scene after she tripped and fell on you,” he went on, as predicted.

“What do you mean?” I growled, raising an eyebrow.

Troy looked at me like I grew two more heads.

“What do you mean by “what do you mean” ?” he mocked in surprise. But I just stared at him confusedly.

He groaned. “I’m shocked you haven’t gone mad back there,” he chuckled. “Usually, you’d give deadly threats to anyone who messes with you, let alone trip you.”

"Doesn’t matter now,” I mumbled, bending down to adjust the sole of my shoe. I haven’t even thought of that. Ever since I had that talk with Dad, I knew causing another ruckus would mean being grounded for life, and I didn’t want that. Though it seemed strange, that idea never crossed my mind. “I-am-”

“Were you attracted to her?” he teased, wiggling his eyebrows. Was he kidding me?

“No! know that deal me and Dad made. I didn’t want trouble on my first day here, and get called to the office for a ridiculous problem.” I sighed, getting up from my bent posture. Troy didn’t say anything for a few seconds, probably taking in the words I just blabbered. Hopefully, he won’t tease me more. “New pastures for me, Troy. You should try searching for yours too.”

“Hmm, sounds convincing, but whatever you say, man.” he shrugged, finally letting go.

I exhaled in relief, looking up towards the heavens above.

“Oh, shit. Look, dude!” Troy cursed loudly, heading towards the direction I was currently gazing at a few seconds ago.

There - where Gab and her best friend once sat peacefully was now in a chaotic uproar where students started to crowd around them, mostly some middle schoolers who had just finished their football match.

Cradled in her arms was Gab, limply hanging there, arms slumped outwards and eyes shut. She looked like she fainted.

My legs automatically jolted to the cry of help when I heard the sound of a whistle and saw the coach running towards the girls.

“What’s going on?” I asked worriedly, looking at the slumped body of Gab in her friend’s arms.

“Quick! We need to get her to the infirmary. I-I think she’s not breathing!” the girl was literally screaming in panic, and the coach ushered the kids away from us to get some air in and instructed us to get her out of there.

I was already on it before he finished and carried her swiftly with Troy behind me and the brunette leading the way to the nurse’s room.

“I’ll call an ambulance,” Troy informed, taking out his phone.

It didn’t take long before the real mayhem commenced. The nurse got alarmed and immediately called the principal; some teachers swarmed around her until the ambulance arrived. Her parents were informed, and she was sent straight to the hospital.

My heart was still thumping rapidly as I watched the ambulance drive away with Gab and her friend, who insisted on accompanying her inside.

The principal then came up to me and thanked us for being there to help the girls. We politely replied that it was just instincts that took over and that we were glad to have assisted. He patted our back before letting us get back to our class.

I was still in a faze seeing the hyperactive girl I bumped into this morning now lying so still. I was freaking out, seeing her like that that I thought she died.

I just hope she’s alright.

“Oh, my fucking god,” I whispered tensely under my breath.

Troy held the same mirrored expression. He didn’t like seeing people suffer. “Still having that adrenaline in you?”

He nodded in silence, mind in hysteria. “Yes...I’m still shaking.”

One moment we were kidding about her and now she’s on the way to the hospital.

What could’ve happened to make her so unconscious?


This was one crazy day, and it had just barely begun!


“Hey! Come on, Ander, focus - concentrate your gaze at me. What’s wrong with you?” Dad asked as I sweated heavily from my afternoon training.

Kickboxing had become a daily routine for me ever since I was twelve, and I had been very good at it ever since I began. My trainers - minus - Dad even complimented by saying I was a “natural-born”.

“I’m sorry...I’m just tired,” I exhaled deeply, sitting down on a bench, wiping my forehead with a towel. Dad just looked at me in dismay while Troy joined me, drinking a bottle of water. After vigorous training, both of us were ready to flip.

“He’s been having headaches all day Uncle Nick, ever since this morning,” Troy replied, taking me by wonder and looked at him. So he wasn’t being a total tube light after all.

“Brother, I know, I noticed something was wrong with you,” he patted my back roughly before he got up to resume training with his trainer.

I didn’t listen to their conversation as I was too occupied with my thoughts.

An image of Gab’s face in the parking lot suddenly sprang up and my head began aching.

I still wasn’t over the frightening event that happened earlier today.

I looked down at the angel in my arms as I carried her. I haven’t had the chance to study her face, but now I was just blown away.

I didn’t miss the fact that at that moment, the pain in my head came back. It had happened many times already that day that it was nearly frequent. But that was only when the thought of her would pop up.

I was longing to see those dreamy blue eyes again looking right through me.


Her long, rich and glossy auburn hair tied up in a cute bun, her sky eyes remained shut in dormancy, her duchess nose perched up cutely on her face with tiny freckles surrounding it.

She looked so tiny in my arms that I could easily hide her. Her weight was the least I could think about it because she was freaking light. An urge to hug her tightly to my chest was so strong that a sudden fear sparked through my vein. The zing lining sensation was coursing through me when I touched her. A feeling I had in the back of my mind wanted to reach but couldn’t.

“What happened?” I had badly wanted to ask, but it was not the time as I could feel Gab’s breathing getting fainter. Oh, fuck!

I speedily ran into the nurse’s office with Troy informing her about calling the ambulance.

Wasting no time, she could already see Gab’s collapsed body in my arms and called for help.

Her friend was right by her as I laid her on a vacant bed. She had tears ready to roll down and a face that looked ready to cry.

“S-she had another anxiety attack,” she explained without anyone even asking her. “But t-this was different. She blacked out immediately, and I had no idea what was happening b-because it came out of nowhere.”

Troy and I looked at her in alarm.

Sirens could be heard in the distance getting louder by the minute.

“Move aside! Where’s the student?” Principal Kim asked, entering the room. A few teachers came a few seconds after discussing about Gab’s situation.

Soon the paramedics arrived carrying Gab in a stretcher hurrying into the ambulance. Her friend didn’t hesitate to jump in and left off with them. No-one stopped her.


I went home that day feeling disoriented and confused. The storm that began to build itself today morning was worse than ever.

Taking a cold shower hadn’t worked, and I had lost my appetite.

“Anxiety attack, she claims,” I said to myself, remembering her words running through my head. It’s just the first day, and already some drama stirred, but the worse bit was that I’m affected.

“Urghhh,” I groaned, tugging my hair in frustration.

Why should I be?

I don’t even know what her name is, and here I am worrying my ass out to a girl I’m just checking out this morning but acting like a lovesick maniac.

Ever since I saw those alluring eyes of hers and had the opportunity to hold her tightly against me, an all too familiar feeling buried deep inside just wouldn’t let go. It was so powerful that it’s been driving me crazy to the point of giving me another headache. I almost lost to the bet I had today with Troy, and that would’ve irritated me even more.

But the feeling I felt when I hugged was so...

No. I’m not a good person.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Mom asked, worried when she noticed that I have yet to touch my food. “How’s your first day of school?”

“Crappy,” I answered back.

“Watch your tone! Don’t talk to your mother like that, boy,” Dad warned, but I wasn’t paying much attention. “What’s wrong with you today, son?”

“He is twitterpated,” Esperanza spoke out of nowhere. I raised my eyes to glare at her.

“No, I’m not,” I defended myself.

“Don’t lie, Leander, I saw your face today after that Jaguar girl we saw from this morning was taken to the hospital,” Esperanza, scoffed attacking her beef steak. “You looked like you wanted to run after the ambulance.”

Lividly, I secretly stuck a finger at my sister, making sure she saw it.

“What are you kids talking about?” Mom asked, lifting an eyebrow as she forked a piece of mushroom. “Jaguar?”

“Yup. Troy and Ander were eyeing a -”

“Shut up, Zaza,” I shot having enough of her annoying voice. “I’m sorry, but can I go to bed now? I’m not that hungry.” I announced, standing up from my chair.

“No, you may not. After that excessive workout, your body is most likely to be famished, so I need you to eat,” Mom scolded raising her tone. She knew I wasn’t in a good mood, but that wasn’t going to be a reason as to why I’m skipping dinner.

“Please, Evander. Whatever that’s bothering you will be dealt with after dinner, but for now, I need you to start chewing and less scowling. Understand.”

I sighed. I knew I couldn’t get out of this so I obeyed, and soon I was attacking my food like an animal.

She was right. I was starved.

Guess Moms do know what’s best.


“I know what you did today,” Dad spoke out of the gloom. We were in the entertainment room, chilling out when Dad burst into the room. He was giving me a look that I couldn’t identify.

“What are you talking about, Dad?” I asked, silently gulping. I thought of the things I did wrong today. None came into my head.

“The principal called me in the middle of an important meeting and guess what, young man,” he said, frowning. The room suddenly turned cold, even Mom and my sister stopped whatever they were doing.Dad was still holding his frown and suddenly made my heart jump out of my chest when he shouted.

“You did the right thing. I’m proud of you, son!” he beamed brightly. “What? Did you think you were going to get into trouble?” Yes. Yes, I fucking did.

He laughed, causing me and Esperanza to give him an odd look. Dad then explained about today’s incident in school, and Mom hugged me tightly.

“Oh, I can see the changes taking place already, Ander. Good job, honey!” she smiled and pecked my cheeks.

I was still silent. I didn’t know what to say. My parents were satisfied with my attitude on the first day.Dad even promised that if I continued, he’d consider purchasing that new Ferrari released a few months back for my 18th birthday, which was three months away. Strike one to success.

I thanked them both before retiring to bed before any more words were, exchanged.

That night, I prayed for Gab to have a swift and easy recovery. Something I haven’t done in a long time.

Hopefully, it will be answered.


¹ Tonto - Idiot

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