Playing Rough

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Kaylee Demanding entry into a maximum detention facility to see the father I never knew existed probably wasn’t my smartest idea ever, especially when the cops show up in the tantalising shape of Detective Dawson Ford, who’s more than capable of throwing my ass in jail. Dawson is no longer the skinny senior I remember from high school, but six-feet-five of mouth-watering hotness, and I want nothing more than to feel his lips on mine, his hands on my body, helping me forget the nightmare that is my life. As the undeniable attraction between us catches fire, what should have been a simple quest for information quickly escalates into a deadly battle of wills, leaving my fate, and my life, in the hands of a ruthless monster. My father.

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The ride home is torture, my mouth watering at the knowledge that Kaylee’s sweet pussy is bare under those skin-tight sports leggings she’s wearing.

Twice, I thought about pulling over to the side of the road, dragging her into my lap and tugging them down so I can bury myself inside her tight hole. The idea of having her ride me in the driver’s seat of the Corvette has my cock straining painfully against the confines of my jeans and the only thing stopping me from fulfilling my little fantasy is the lack of privacy on the side of the highway – no one gets to see my woman like that apart from me.

So, instead I content myself with holding her hand where it’s resting against my leg as the Corvette eats up the miles. The closer we get to home, the higher her hand inches up my thigh until it settles over the bulge of my erection as she strokes me through my jeans.

I turn to look at her with a growl, finding her gaze already on me. Our eyes lock, and I swear a surge of desire shimmers between us, making my breath catch in my throat. A flush stains her cheeks, her blue eyes hooded with desire as she removes her hand from my hard-on and slips it into the front of her leggings.

I swallow hard, trying not to crash the car as Kaylee moves her hand back and forth, and I imagine her sliding her finger between the folds of her slick pussy as she plays with her clit.

“Are you wet, baby?” I growl.

“Mmmm, so wet. Just the way you like me. I want you so badly,” she breathes, her eyes closing and her head falling back against the headrest as she moans, grinding herself against her hand.

“I want a taste,” I demand, turning the car into our gated community and she lifts her hand to my mouth, moaning again as I draw her finger into my mouth, licking it clean.

We’re out of the Corvette the second I park out front of the house, tumbling through the front door, hands tearing at clothing as I back her up against the wall.

Kaylee’s nipples are straining against the material of her t-shirt and I rip it down the front, unclipping her bra and spilling her tits into my mouth so I can suckle her there until she gasps my name.

I make short work of the rest of our clothing, helping her ease her arm from her sling so that we’re both naked. Before I can think, Kaylee drops to her knees in front of me, taking my engorged shaft in her mouth, her hands circling around to grab my ass and I can feel her fingernails digging into the firm flesh as she holds me to her.

My body jerks as she circles her tongue around the end of my cock, swiping back and forth across the sensitive head, before sucking me fully into the warmth of her mouth. She can’t fit all of me, but goddamn if she isn’t giving it all she’s got!

“Fuck, baby!” I grunt, as her mouth works its magic, sucking and pulling at me and I can’t help the little thrusts of my hips toward her mouth, feeling my balls start to draw up with my approaching orgasm. “I’m gonna come, baby!”

Kaylee releases my cock, running her tongue along the underside as she looks up at me. “I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste you like you tasted me.”

Holy mother of shit, if that’s not the hottest thing I’ve ever heard! She takes me in her mouth again, her lips sealing around me firmly as she moves her mouth back and forth, back and forth, using her talented tongue in ways I could never have imagined.

“Agh! God!” I throw my head back and roar as I come hard and fast, my semen unloading in thick spurts into her mouth, my pleasure almost endless as she continues to lick at me until my knees almost buckle.

Kaylee stands, pressing her naked body against mine as she pulls my head down, kissing me deeply so that I can taste myself on her lips.

“Jesus, woman! You just about blew my fucking balls off!” I breathe, against her mouth.

“You looked as if you enjoyed it,” she grins, looking at me from underneath her lashes.

“Enjoy doesn’t quite cover it, baby. Now, it’s my turn!”

Kaylee squeals as I sweep her off her feet and into my arms, carrying her to the sofa and sitting down so she’s straddling my lap. My eyes rake up and down her body, taking in her glorious tits with their rosy nipples, her narrow waist and long legs. My eyes settle on her pussy and I rein in the urge to slide my fingers through the neat triangle of dark blonde hair that now covers it, wanting something else, right now.

“I want to see you touch yourself again.” I lean back against the cushions behind me, almost drooling on myself as I watch her slide her hand down her body, opening her puffy lips and easing a finger into her wet folds. Her body jerks involuntarily as she stimulates her clit and the sight is so fucking hot I can feel myself swelling again. Someone needs to tell my cock that it’s too soon after the blistering orgasm she just gave me, but it seems he’s always hungry for this woman of mine.

“You’re so wet, I can see your juices coating your fingers. Does it feel good, baby?” I ask, my voice hoarse.

“So good!” she moans. “It never felt like this when I did it before. It’s you. It’s what you do to me, how you make me feel.”

I lean forward, sucking a nipple into my mouth and flicking the hard nub with my tongue before giving the other one the same treatment, loving the taste of her soft skin. Kaylee mewls and writhes above me as her fingers continue to work on her clit. I sweep a hand down to join hers, sliding a finger inside her and she rocks against me, her breathing harsh and her pupils dilated as she gets close to her climax.

“You’re close, baby. Make that pretty pussy purr for me and come all over my fingers.”

I hook my finger around, pressing against the little patch of rough skin inside her and she flies over the edge, throwing her head back and chanting my name over and over like a litany, her body straining with the intensity of her release, before collapsing breathlessly against me.

I nuzzle my face into her neck, trailing my lips across her shoulder and gently kissing the scars that are still healing at the top of her arm. Kaylee sighs contentedly, lifting her head to look at me and a wave of pure love passes between us that transcends words.

She leans in, kissing me softly as she slowly sinks down onto my cock, jerking as her still sensitive flesh rubs against my pubic bone. Her tongue slides against mine as she works her hips up and down, pausing at the top and working just the head of my cock in and out of her wet channel. I grasp her hips, wanting more and she drops all the way down on me, both of us moaning at the sensation as her pussy sucks me in to the hilt.

Kaylee whimpers in disappointment as I lift her off me, flipping her onto her back and kneeling in front of her as I hook her legs over my shoulders.

I plunge into her again, the position allowing me to go deeper than ever before and Kaylee’s eyes roll back as I bottom out inside her, arching her body to meet me as I pull out and sink into her again and again, each thrust of my hips bumping against her clit. The loud, wet sounds of our bodies coming together turns me on even more and I increase my pace, sliding my hands down her legs to brace her hips as I pound into her.

“You’re all mine!” I gasp, feeling the delicious tingle in my balls as I get close.

“I’m yours, Dawson! Always!” Kaylee whimpers, her eyes holding mine as I surge into her and her body spasms, her pussy contracting around me as she releases her sticky juices all over my cock.

With one last grunt, I follow her, riveting my hips against her as I empty my seed deep inside her, choking out her name as my body is held in a rictus of pleasure.

It takes a long time for me to catch my breath and I’m in no rush to pull out of Kaylee’s soft body. I could stay like this forever, relishing the feeling of closeness, but she shifts uncomfortably underneath me and although she doesn’t say anything, I know her arm is aching.

“Don’t go,” she pouts, as I move away from her.

“Don’t move. I’ll be right back,” I say, and her eyes cling to me as I make my way upstairs.

I grab what I need from our room, returning downstairs as Kaylee emerges from the downstairs bathroom.

I throw a duvet over the sofa and Kaylee snuggles underneath while I grab her pain meds and a glass of water from the kitchen, handing her both and watching as she swallows the pills.

“What’s that?” she asks, pointing to the package wrapped in silver paper that I placed on the coffee table.

“A present.” I smile and pass it to her, climbing under the duvet and positioning her so she’s leaning back against me.

“A present? But it’s not my birthday for another few weeks,” she says, surprised.

“I know, but I wanted you to have this now.”

Kaylee tugs at the wrapping paper, tears spilling down her cheeks as she reveals the silver frame with its photograph.

“I had the photo enlarged and enhanced,” I say, softly.

Kaylee throws her arms round my neck, grimacing as the movement jars her arm. “I love it! It’s beautiful! Thank you!” She kisses me hard, snuggling back against me as her eyes move lovingly over the picture of her mother cradling her in her arms, a soft smile pulling at her lips.

“One day, that will be you holding our child,” I murmur, watching her face flush with pleasure at the thought.

Kaylee leans forward and carefully places the frame on the coffee table before wriggling to face me, her hands dropping beneath the duvet and trailing down my abs, making my cock twitch to life again.

“In that case, we’d better do some more practising,” she whispers as her lips descend on mine.

I have a feeling our ‘practising’ is going to take us long into the night.

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