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This is a story about a girl, Sarah Dian. She was dumped and cheated by a boy she had loved for 5 whole years with her bestfriend Jessica Collin. After her breakup Sarah gets drunk while trying to lessen her pain but on her way back to home she meets with an accident. She faintly hears Lucas, Lucas kyte a man whom she works with calling her name with such sadness and pain in his voice. Then she remembers him saying that they were school mates ealier that day, but she didn't remeber him as she was blinded by love in her high school years. Right when she thinks she's dead, she wakes up in her room with furnitures which she had during her high school years......... A story about a girl who was given a second chance by the gods....... What will her second life be like? Would the same things as her past repeat?......

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Chapter 1

"Lets break up Sarah"that one sentence made my heart drop to the pits of my stomach.The man with soft hazelnut colored eyes and hair,who was just taller than me stood before me. He was the person i had loved for 5 years from high school till this day(2019) more than myself.I couldn't move i was frozen... 'b..but why??' was what all i could say, my mind went blank and his voice kept ringing in my head 'let's break up ' 'lets break up' again and again. 'I am sorry' was all he said and then he went away, leaving me behind.

"I thought everything was perfect," I lay in my bed crying until my head hurt and my throat became sore and dry. I looked at myself in the mirror there i saw a pale looking woman with flushed cheeks and nose because of crying too much with dark hair till her waist with soft curls standing 5'5feet tall looking back at me,"why?" I thought.The next day i went back to work my eyes were still sollen even though i had tried to make it look better by pressing ice against it in the morning. Everything around me seemed...dull.. That day i could not focus on my work at all.

After work when i was about to go get a drink for lessen my pain, my best friend Jessica called and asked me to come to the roof top. I was still in a daze from yesterday that i had forgotten to tell her about Jay and me, so i thought i could tell her when i meet her on the rooftop later. When i reached up to the rooftop, i could not believe my eyes.

I saw my best friend and Joe hugging, she saw me and smired at me. I was hit with a pang in my head not knowing what to do i ran away with endless tears flooding from my eyes, every little bit of feelings and trust i had inside of me completely crushed. I ran so fast that I didn't see who was in the way and i bumped into a person on the way. My eyes were still filled with tears, i said 'I am sorry' and looked up and saw my colleague from work'lucas?'. When he saw me crying he got flustered and became stiff and thought that i was crying as I bumped into him and fell down.

After i calmed down we sat on a bench and i told him about Jay and me, I didn't care of what he thought I justed wanted to sort out my thoughts aloud. Then he said something i never even dreamt he would say in my wildest dream, he said 'i was always there for you, you know." I was struck twice today and once yesterday and too many things were just unfolding before me. While i was on my way back home I thought of the conversation i had with Lucas. He said that he knew me since we were high schoolers?!??the Lucas who was admired by everyone??well now that i think about it he did always help me. Lucas was a tall guy who was the same age as me, he was 6"1feet tall with broad shoulders, his dark messy hair which came till his eyebrows and his eyes were as blue as the ocean.

My mind was in a mess so i went to have a drink and i drank up thinking I would feel a little better but i had forgotten that i had a low alcohol tolerance. And i ended up going home stumbling but when i reached the cross road my mind went hazy, i saw a blaring light and heard honks of cars.Before i even realize what was happening i was hit by a truck and felt warm liquid trickling on my face.That time in my last moments all i could think of was "wait I can't die yet, i just discovered that my boyfriend whom i loved so dearly was just toying with me. My best friend who was always by my side for 10 years had betrayed me. And that i did have someone like Lucas who truly cared for me but i was too immersed in my false fantasies that I didn't even think of other people." As I thought of all the things that just happened i laughed at myself for being so foolish, but now it was too late. I could faintly hear someone shouting my name and saw that he had a hurt expression on his face like someone dear to him was dying, he took me in his arms. It was Lucas,why is he crying but before i could think of anything i fell into the darkness and my body went cold...

After that i don't remember anything about the incident other than a pained voice and i had a dream about a little boy and i was also there. what happened"why and how come i am in my room!!!????" And the weirdest thing was that my room looked how it looked when i was still in high school and why am I wearing my old pjs?!. what the hell is happening wasn't i just hit!? Why don't i feel any pain?"

So why am I back in my room? Oh maybe this is what happens when you are about to go to heaven, I thought and plopped back on my bed but then i woke up again! Huh? I gasped.Slowly I looked around the room and noticed the furniture around me,it was definitely how my room looked when i was back in laguna with my parents... The walls decorated with the rainbow colored fairy lights, my wardrobe with its back against the right side of the wall, my unorganized desk with all the books and pens whose caps were lost,at the far left corner and the caramel colored wall. And I was wearing my pajamas which were a set of silk black shorts and a black long sleeved botton up shirt.

I got up and headed towards the mirror which stood at my wardrobe's right side. I saw my reflection and it was exactly how i looked while i was still a teenager. I still had my straight black hair which came till my shoulders,my face looked younger and fresher and i was looking fit thanks to the jogging i used to do in the morning. I could believe my eyes,I covered my mouth with both my hands. I looked back at my bed and searched for my phone, my phone was an iphone 5 with a golden rose patterned phone case.I switch it on and there i saw 10:37am Sunday 20,may, 2015! I got so scared because this certainly was not a dream and i just had a car accident! Could i have travelled back to time and returned to 5 years back!

I tried calming myself down,sat on my bed and tried to recollect my thoughts. This is a small country called Republic of Sidea, the capital is known as Eide and i am currently at luguna which is south if the capital. So, if it is 2015 i am still 10th grader and still have 2 years till I graduate and i met Jay James in about the month of july... Then i suddenly remember about my parents, they are still alive!

~ End of Chapter 1

~Thank you❣️❣️

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