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Aloof Elijah imagined the first day at his new school he transferred to after his mother's remarriage a bit differently; he didn't know it'd be an ultra-strict and conservative boys' school. So instead of the normal last year plan, he butts heads with the maniac student council president Lucas - who turns out to be his new stepbrother coming from an awfully strict family. And he has to learn that hate and attraction are often not that far apart. How will they take care of each other while falling in the mesh of love by remaining just steps? What will happen when they can only find comfort in each other's arms? Will they able to stay away from each other?

Romance / Other
Blair Collins
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Chapter I. Love Affair?!

" I still won't forget it, when I became lonely and you weren't there for me!"

He swore on his life, it would've been miserable and pathetic if only he used these words...but... but he didn't, he didn't want to face every day with a hangover, lungs with smoke and veins with drugs. He may have been lost but he knew that dwelling on it might not be the best option.

He wants to live an existence worth living, be himself. " I don't want this, I want to eat melting ice cream on a hot summer day. I want to complain about homework and tests with my best friends. I want to learn to drive with my dad. I want to embarrass my brother on his first date, I want a normal life, not this. Anything but this, " he yelled on top of his lungs.

Making enemies is as much easy as making friends. He doesn't have to struggle for any of them, both come to him on their own. Talking about enemies, he never had the time to deal with them. He would always be busy dealing with his hallucinations. But that one guy, the person who made thought he was his enemy devoured all his time.


" So... when I saw what a b!tch see was, I dumped her, " said the guy with blond hair.

" No way!! I thought you guys were getting serious!" gaped the other.

" Whatever. Its summertime and I just wanna have some fun!" he said again.

All they talked about was just filthy air that passed over Elijah's head. It's just that he wasn't interested in stuff such as girls, dating, and all. He was always busy with his hallucinations and thoughts that made him space out all the time.

" Oh right...Elijah, I forgot you broke up with your girlfriend. I'd set you up with someone but you're changing schools in the falls, right?" he said dramatically pouting.

" Ugh! Long relationships suck!"

" God, I hate being single. Don't worry about it. I'll find a better girl at my new school, " Elijah said with a deadpan monotone voice, emitting his 'not interested' vibes.

You're probably wondering what's going on? Let me start from scratch, It's Elijah De Martini we're talking about, an everyday guy you walk by you can't ignore. Continuing his studies in the same school before his mom remarried a man named Charles D'Angelis last week. A person he's never even heard of nor seen that guy ever since the marriage.

Is now moving to Los Angeles, CA, for my further studies of senior year, at Miller Academy his mom got him enrolled in. It's a very expensive and amazing academy as far as the reviews and rumors scream convincing him. They say it's a good school for guys like him, a very aloof type who needs some strictness in life. Let see what happens...


Can I just...for another day not go to this academy? he thought to himself as he drove the car to school. There's literally nothing to do in here, just put on a good poker face and answer when you feel like it. He thought again. The place is an all-boys school, wishing his last year here, it was much better than his previous situation. Up until now he's been lying to his friends about dating and kissing girls that he never did and being in a relationship. He wasn't interested-- no, he just didn't see them necessary in his day to day life. He always thought if it's not as important as oxygen, then, there's no point in having one if he didn't felt the need to.

His phone buzzed to a new message from the blond boy, a picture with his new girlfriend with a text below:

'Elijah De Martini, hang in there! I'm sure you'll meet the perfect girl.'

He blocked both of them and decided to move on with his new life, it would've been much better if they knew the truth...

" Excuse me, you there, " a guy called making him look his way.

" Yes?"

" May I see your student Identification card?"

" Why?"

" You're a new face in the crowd, so, we need to verify if you're actually of this school and just not stole the uniform, "

Yeah...you heard it right, a uniform. They had them wear dark midnight colored vest and pants with a white buttoned shirt and black tie accompanied by a midnight blue watch with white numbers and black shoes. It was a good combination so, Elijah like it and didn't mind wearing it.

" Sure, " he pulled out his card and showed it to the guy without handing it over.

" Thank you for your cooperation, " he left.

A guy passed by him with his group and walked towards the one who asked for the identity card. Something seemed off from the smiled he offered as he passed by and it was just a minute Elijah needed to figure that out. He called out to him and walked up to him, standing abreast.

" What is it a pretty boy?" the guy asked. He had blonde hair and forest green eyes with a round jawline and a nice cheekbone, his face was plump, Elijah could pull his cheeks all day long if he could. He didn't respond, he was just taking his time to read the boys' character.

He embraced the guy with his hand running down to his back to the bottom where he found his phone, in his back pocket before pulling away instantly and turned to leave.

" If you're so poor that you can't afford mobile phones and are stealing them, I can buy you one for free, " he said and left leaving the boy all flustered.

Taking his schedule, he was lead by a beautiful female teacher to his new class. A room with a few guys chattering like they never talked, laughs and yells from the same room, how annoying the starting of the day could be. He shortened the conversation with one of them when he entered the room, doing his best to avoid any sort of attention. He just sat next to a window seat with a sigh, quiet, letting all the other boys present in the room catch his sight. Either curiously or not, he was a handsome guy in his teens.

His dyed ash-blonde hair with black roots and his blue eyes on his soft skin, white as snow, long lashes, plump lips, and perfect jawline were the main attraction not forgetting to note his piercings that always had snake piercings or rings unless he was forced to wear studs. He was lean and stood tall and strong, he had a very calm voice and a blank face. It was enough for anyone to think of him as 'handsome' or 'hot'.

" Now, now, " a disembodied voice said putting a hand on his shoulders. " Elijah, you're doing it all wrong, " he smiled. Elijah turned and took his features very carefully but quickly.

A guy about his age with black hair and grey almond eyes and a smile as if he never been sad, he was perfect and ordinary out of all he's seen until now.

" Umm... Who are you?"

" I'm Ethan D'Amelio, you call me Ethan or Eth. I'm from Italy, " he came and sat in front of him.

" Okay, Ethan. What am I doing wrong?"

" Ya' know keeping the conversation short, I know you're thinking people here are strange and all. But you see, almost everyone in this school has been together since kindergarten. They're all so used to this place and hate changes. I also had a hard when I was new, " he sighed. " I've only been here since high school started, "

" Okay..."

" Everyone here keeps their head down, 'cause they're too afraid of the schools' scary chairman, " he looked out of the window. " He's an extreme example, " he pointed to the blond guy who stole his phone talking very nicely to some student.

" I see..." he rolled his eyes.

" But... he's also a special case, " he leaned on the open window.

" Special?" he rested his chin on his fist.

" He's handsome and smart enough, also the star basketball player. Plus, he's the student council president, " he said.

He doesn't act like one. He scoffed internally.

" Rumors has it he's engaged to one of the teachers here, "

" He's our age and is already engaged?"

" Well, he's chairman's grandson. Someday he'll inherit this whole school, "

So, he's marrying a woman to make his family happy? That must suck. He thought sympathetically.

" And with that... I guess I'm technically your friend. So, let's swap numbers, "

" Sure, " he said as he thought about the blonde guy more and more, thinking of his situation and behavior until all he had was a painful headache.

" Elijah De Martini, you're being called by the principal, " a guy announced and left.

" Did you already do something?" Ethan asked.

" Not really, " Elijah shrugged.

Reaching the Principal's office, the atmosphere was quiet and strict, he's already used to it by now. Not been too long but he is now, he believed.

" Yes, Sir?"

" Mr. De Martini, I received a complaint about you violating some of the school rules, "

" Care to name them, "

" Your ear studs, dyed hair and molesting the student council president, "

" Sir, I think you're using the wrong words here, "

" But that is what was told to me, "

" Well, actually, the student council president stole my phone as he passed by me, I was just taking that. I no longer have any explanation to give, "

" I see, "

" I hope this complaint doesn't go packed in an envelope to my mother's mailbox, "

" It won't, we do respect your family but who do you think you are? Some rich parents' son or inherent?"

" Yes, I am. But I'm not here to brag about that, pardon my rudeness, " he left.

He wasn't fed on a silver spoon, he learned to lick it off knives but now his family can feed thousands on a silver spoon. Son of the richest woman alive in the USA, coming from a very respectful family. He's the inheritance of 'De Martinis'. They're known in the whole world, such a pity the principal didn't respect that.

He was walking past the corridor that gave a view to the ground outside that was also the way back to his class where he saw the blonde guy kissing the teacher who led him to the class. Just when the boy turned his face Elijah's way he took a step back and hid.

What was that? The student council president and the teacher!? And they totally saw me, I guess? He looked right my way! What the hell is going on!? His thoughts again clouded his mind, giving him a lot of stress and making him anxious such that the ghostly voices came back whispering right in his ear.

It wasn't good, he wasn't supposed to lose control over himself, he told himself to not take his stress on himself but it didn't work as it would. Took some time but he eventually calmed down and made his way back to his class and Ethan.

He was still uneasy all day long, flipping his pencil to divert his anxious mind to his trick, he spent the rest of the day in school.


Reaching home he saw his mom in a long time, she would always be busy at the office, leaving both, him and his dog that died last week alone and now it was only him. There were servants to look after him due to his unstable mental health, but it just burdened him the thought of burdening others.

His mom being home anymore didn't matter, he was fine, he learned to appreciate the solitude painfully but eventually did. He wasn't close to her but he knew she loved him, he would always think he isn't 'a thing to be proud of' even though he was to her. Hopefully, he doesn't struggle with self-esteem issues.

" I'm home, " he said in a deadpan monotone voice as he walked in.

" Welcome home, " she embraced him. " Did something happened? How was your first day?"

" Nice, " he said averting his eyes. Gladly he was taller than her so, she couldn't see her face. " Is my new dad home yet?" he asked as they pulled away.

" Well, he said that look for me on the other side of the world and left!" she beamed.

" What!?"

Ah! Mama fell in love with some weirdo!

" Look, mom, are you really happy? 'Cause that's all I care about, " he said as he held her hand.

" Oh yes! I have you and your dads' other child! How can I be sad when I'm surrounded by my two lovely sons?"

Well, as long as she's cool with it... Wait-- Did she say 'son'?

" Oh, I didn't tell you starting today you have a little brother!"

" I'm home, " a very familiar voice came from the back.

" Do you plan to steal my home too?" Elijah asked.

" It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm the son of Jad Miller, Lucas Miller. Thank you for letting me be part of your family... Mother, " he smiled. He ignored Elijah as if he didn't exist.

I can feel creepy shivers running down my spine. I also feel nauseous from his smile.

" Hey, don't be so formal, we're family now, " she said.

How could she deny a sugar coater? His mother is a sweet businesswoman that comes in the top 10 wealthiest people in the U.S. now. She very nice but she doesn't have time for her kids, it isn't really bothering but when it is, it's too much.

" Take care of your little brother, " she said and left for her office.

Wanna know what shower thoughts are when you're hit by such a weird situation? Take Elijah for an example right now, in the bathtub.

It's weird being someone's big brother all of a sudden. I did have a little sister earlier but it ended up in a traumatic disaster, still haunts my soul. He acts very little Mr bubbles in front of mom but when he's at school he isn't the same. He looks like the type of person who would just waste all his time. Then he got that look on his face as if he was unwillingly kissing the women, more like the woman was kissing him.


Thanks for reading!

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- Aurelia

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