Pink Walls

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Author's Note

Hiii, good reader.

I don't like including Author's notes with my chapters because I think it breaks the flow of reading. If Inkitt had a way to separate author's notes from the chapter, I'd definitely write one every single time!

I write on a handful of other platforms because I just love interacting with readers. I always reply comments and I consider every reader of mine part of my online family even if I don't know who you are❤️

Don't worry about these Author's notes popping up too often. I just want to apologize for the typos I know are there. I cringe at them as much as you do but this story is still a work in progress so going back to edit jut breaks my writing flow.

Anywaaay, I love you all. Thanks so much for sticking with this story. *winks at you* From this moment on, things get Interesting....

“Holy S-balls. This chapter is long. Of course. When I lose myself, I write 4k word chapters but this chapter is like the standard length for my non-Tapas works. *Mind-Blown*

Gah, why are Olly and Kayden so writable? I'm so. . .

Moving on. . . Kayden left his scarf with Olly, did he do that on purpose? And what do you think he's doing on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday?

And we didn't get to see what Kayden's secrets were but we have all the time in the world, don't we?

The next chapter is going to be such a surprise! I can't wait to write it!”

— Original Author's Note.

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