Winter Vandelann

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She sighed and raised her heels to stand on her tip toes. She kissed him gently and he held onto her waist to keep her steady. He wanted nothing more than to see her as he had seen her before. To ravage her and to make her say his name. But he also wanted her to smile and to laugh, he wanted to erase those thoughts of Blake from her mind and make her only think of him. It was a greedy thought that was stiffened by the real world. There was a sad reality that he had to grasp and that was the reality that the bad guy never won. He never got the girl and he never lived happily ever after. He could never have her.

Romance / Adventure
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Mysterious Dreams

He reached out to her in her sleep and caressed her hair. And while he admired her features he couldn't help but sigh to himself in discontent. As much as he wanted her, he could never have her. A dark blanket of magic fell around her daintily without touching her- without harming her.

He could never harm the woman he loved.


Asmodian chuckled to himself, the neon green magic highlighted his sharp, handsome features as it swirled around him.

When had it all started?

When had he fallen for this simple human woman? He should have known better than to become attached, to care, to love. The bad guy never won, was never celebrated, and he never got the girl.

She stirred quietly and he grew still as he watched her whisper something and roll over.

"I will have you." He promised himself and backed away from her quietly into the darkness of the room. "Even if it's only in your dreams".

Winter arose from her sleep suddenly and pulled the covers up to her chest. She breathed heavily as she looked around and stood up and drew the curtains shut over the windows.

They were open again.

"How does this keep happening?" She whispered and returned quietly to her bed. She flicked the lamp on beside her bed and turned to face the wall.

"Just go to sleep Winter." She uttered to herself

"it was just a bad dream."

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