Winter Vandelann

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Still A Human

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The footsteps halted in front of the door for a brief moment before the door handle shook. The round knob clattered left and right before the noise stopped. Blake held his breath as the intruder persisted- this time in a much quieter motion. The door had been locked. . . how was someone opening it?

Marian scattered against the wall in a flared out pattern as though camouflaging from the intruder's eye. Blake kept his eyes wide open and his back turned away from the door. Then, the door gently creaked open. The light from the hallway scattered around the figure of a tall male.

Blake felt his heart drop within his chest. What if the intruder was someone Marian had spoke of that had come to kill him. . . and Winter? He felt a knot in his throat and fear gurgled within his stomach as the intruder shut the door behind him.

Marian remained silent though aware of what was occurring behind him.

“Aion. . . Aion. . . .” The voice purred out in a silky sound. “Did you really think you could hide here. . .of all places? Did you think the children here would protect you?” The voice laughed and seemed to drift to the other side of the room. Blake felt his heart pound within his chest as the voice grew closer- almost near his ear.

The smell of something rotten met his nose and it took all within Blake not to draw back from the stench. The feeling of warm breath stroked his ear and he grimaced slightly before sighing as though he was asleep.

“Aw he’s asleep. . .well that would be unfortunate to wake him.” The stranger laughed and his shadow floated within the air upon the wall mysteriously and seemed to crawl down toward Blake. It looked like it wanted to swallow him whole.

“Your girlfriend looks quite appealing . . .” His voice came out in a soft drawl, Marian stirred.

“Don’t touch Winter!” Blake muttered as he sat straight up. Pain brushed against his forehead, but he ignored it, and stared toward the figure in sudden amazement.

The man was floating within the air upon seemingly nothing but a gentle mist. His legs were folded out to the side and he was covered strictly in a black cloth that elongated his appearance. Gold armor plated the tips of his shoulders and trailed down to his belt line. His lean figure arched toward him curiously. But it was the shocking green color of his eyes, and the brown curls tipped with blonde that stood atop of his head that really startled him. His face was sharp and his lips were thin and twisted into a devious smile.

He held out a hand to point towards Blake. Tattoos curled around his fingertips and a piercing hung from his left ear lobe that glinted from the light of the door crack. He was illuminated by a pale purple light that seemed to come from his body.

“I knew you weren’t asleep. . .What are you like five? A real man would have confronted me immediately." "You are nothing like Aion!" He paused before smirking.

"I’m getting awfully tired of you having all the fun in this joint." He sighed and rolled onto his back upon the mist letting his head hang off the edge."It's so boring where I'm from."

“You won’t be putting a hand on Winter.” Blake snarled and narrowed his eyes toward the male.

“Ohhhh. . protective.” The stranger laughed. “Marian. . .I know you’re here. .please introduce me to this idiot before he does something he'll regret.. he hasn't a clue who I am! ” Blake clenched his fingers as Marian dripped from the wall and crawled star after star onto Blake’s shoulder fearfully.

“Aion. . .this is Asmodian. . . the spell caster of mischief.” Blake raised a brow slowly and started to notice something. "Why do you look so familiar to me?" He questioned quietly as though hoping the answer would be different than what he was expecting.

“Of course. . how else would I be able to get into this place so easily?” He laughed, with a wink of his eye his hair melted back into a gentle brown color and his face softened to familiar characteristics.

"You're so great Blake!"

He mimicked a higher tone of voice. His sick laughter irritated Blake immensely. "Who am I?" He held his hands out to the side playfully.

“What is this. . Tanner?” He snapped and jabbed a finger toward him. “Why are you doing this now?” He recognized the face of one of his fellow baseball players. A transfer student from Florida that had recently joined the team- and the same one that had hit the ball that put him out of the game.

“Asmodian . .. ” The figure corrected with a sigh as his appearance faded back to his prior features and he rolled his eyes toward Blake in boredom.

“Aion, this new human that holds your spirit is too. . .too gullible, you haven't bonded yet.” He blinked his eyes twice as the electric color of his eyes seemed to dance down onto the floor and twist into a circle around Blake. "Too. . .boring. . too .. . easy."

He held his hands up as a thick, green, mist corralled him and Marian into the corner of the room.

“Oh .. .Marian. . .shame. . you haven’t taught him how to use his powers yet. . .bummer.” Tanner smirked and with a twist of his finger into the air- the mist slammed both of them up against the wall. Marian let out a small whimper at the impact.

“That is certainly a shame, we wouldn’t want a fair fight now would we?” His laughter sounded into the hallway as he took his exit from the small room.

“I was told all I have to do is get that girl to retrieve the crystal- trust, love, and some other garbage blah blah blah.”Asmodian sighed and clicked his tongue as the magic tightened.

“Do something Blake!” Marian squeaked as the mist tightened around their throats squeezing harder.

“Hell Marian. . .help me. .. what are we going to do?” Blake shook against the binding green mist. His heart still pounded within his chest in fear.

“I don’t know. .. just focus your energy or something into getting free. I don’t know how you use your powers!” She squeaked in protest as the mist band tightened against them taking their breath away. The star constellation seemed ready to separate under the magical pressure.

“Just. . think about it. .. you’re in control of one of the strongest beings in the mythical world Aion! Get us out of here!”

“Maybe I’ll send you to my world hm Aion? With you out of the way I can get that girl to bend to me pretty fast.” He leaned up against the door frame and licked his lips. He watched the two struggle a bit more.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a human to play with.” He rolled his wrist to the left and the mist began to hum and shift around the pair.

“I’ll say hi to your girlfriend for you!" Asmodian's wild laughter sounded over the darkness scenery around folded into nothingness. From the top of the hole, Blake could have sworn he had seen the man waggling his fingers at him- before the opening vanished.

Winter closed her window slowly. The wind had thrown about loose papers and some rain had gotten into her room. She raised a brow curiously- she hadn’t remembered opening the window in the first place.

A soft knock on her door brought her back from her thoughts and she brushed her skirt and hair down from the wind before heading to open the door. Maybe Blake was coming down to her room to visit? She caught a glance of herself in the mirror. She looked still a bit shaken up from the event that had happened earlier, but her long black hair hung still hung in spirals across her chest; and mirrored the beautiful color of her skin. She glanced at the clock and almost groaned. It was nearly 3:00 in the morning and she still wasn't asleep.

“Oh. .Tanner. . .hi again?” She looked at him curiously. His sandy brown hair stood out in the darkness of the hallway and he acknowledged her surprise.
“I know. . .I just wanted to make sure you were okay Winter, it's the duty of the class rep.” He met her eyes for a moment before fumbling with the edge of his shirt to straighten it out.

“Can I come in for a moment?” He asked softly. She bit her lip before nodding her head slowly and allowing him inside. He smiled and followed her in and closed the door quietly behind him.

"So what all happened with those girls?" He asked curiously and stood in front of her with his arms crossed. Winter eyed his face with interest. Maybe she had seen this person before. Her heart fluttered nervously in her chest. No male had ever been in her room before and she wondered if she was safe. She became anxious and answered his question quietly.

"T-they said something about me being special. . . and that they would hurt me." She whispered quietly and lowered her eyes.

"The girl's eyes they changed. . they were purple." She whispered and glanced up at him immediately. "Don't tell anyone I'm telling you this! I don't want them to think I'm crazy!" She pleaded and furrowed her brow.

A sympathetic look crossed Tanner's face and he smiled sadly. He placed a hand against her shoulder reassuringly.

"It's alright, I'm just glad I was there to stop them." He answered and knelt down gently on one knee so he could look up into her eyes. He was too tall to fully see her from where he was. "Winter. . .if you need to talk to someone I can listen, honestly. you need a hug?"

She shook her head no but nodded in regards to his first statement. "Thank you, I tried telling Blake about it but he brushed it off." She confessed and crossed her hands in front of her stomach. He raised a brow. "Your boyfriend?" He asked Winter, but she turned away and didn't answer his question.

He glanced around her room. The empty dorm walls were covered in white Christmas lights and several frames of photographs. An organizer stood in the corner, several boxes all stacked together, with at TV on top. A small refrigerator hung in the corner.
"Where's your roommate?" He asked curiously and sat down on a nearby chair.

"Oh she left for break." Winter sighed and moved to sit on her bed across from him. She kept her eyes on her shoes. Small tan ballet flats covered her toes.

They sat in silence for a little while. It was more awkward than anything, Winter thought. "I'm pretty tired." She confessed and stood up from the bed suddenly. "Not that I don't want you here or anything."

"Oh of course after what happened." He nodded his head understandingly. He stood and moved toward the door. He held the door knob within his fingertips and glanced back over his shoulder at her.

"Hey Winter. . . I'll be in touch if you ever need me." He opened the door and she showed him out.

"See you tomorrow?" He asked, his blue eyes met hers for just a moment. She opened her mouth and then closed it before muttering. "See you tomorrow."

She closed the door on him and a few moments later the light flickered out. He sighed and rested his back against the wall outside of her dorm hall. It should be fairly easy to get through to her right? There were many girls here that, time and time again, confessed their feelings to him.

He turned to continue walking to his room with a slight frown. He would have to win Winter Vandelann over in order to secure the crystal from her. His hand clenched at his side as three shadows wandered closer to him.

"Good job ladies." He smirked as the shadows took form of the three girls from earlier. Frowns were apparent on their faces. The larger red haired girl crossed her arms and stood in a strong stance in front of the other two.

"We were so close to the orb. . .we could have just snatched it off of that spell caster's chest. He wouldn't have done anything." She growled in a deep voice, her purple eyes shining in the moonlight from the window. "That's what he wanted you to think, Aion is still in that locket and we would need the other piece from that girl before we attempt to take the other half." He sighed and pressed his head into his hand.

"I should be able to do it on my own."

"Irena will be pleased!" The red head snickered.

"Isn't it as she said? Make the girl trust you and fill the void. The crystal will be free for the taking then. . . Aion almost always places the crystals within the hearts of those he protected before he was sealed away."

One of the blonde girls sneered "we know it from experience."

He nodded his head and his wicked smile climbed onto his lips once more.

His dazzling green eyes glittered in the moonlight as the moon danced behind the clouds in and out.

"Lots of experience. . . " They smirked among each other and dispersed as the clock stroke 4:00 A.M on the wall.

"I wonder how Aion's caster is doing within the land of the cursed." Tanner whispered to himself and continued down the hallway.

"Foolish bastard, he won't last an hour."

Blake screamed as the air rushed past his face. His hair whipped into his eyes and he could barely see through the tears that blinded his vision. Marian seemed relatively silent as they fell through empty space. He felt the green mist fall off of his limbs as they tumbled head over heels through open black scenery.
"We've been falling forever!" Blake shouted to the little constellation that finally had tugged free of her constraints. The constellation glittered brightly within the darkness and her figure shimmered before morphing back into the shape of the small girl.
"Blake this is bad! We have to find a way to slow down or else we won't make it through the passage, we'll be crushed!" Marian shouted, her hair whipped around her face and small chubby features were peeled back in fear.
"Okay, okay!" Blake shouted and glanced on either side of him. He squinted through the darkness and it seemed that there were visible walls surrounding them as they plummeted. The crystal on his necklace floated out from the layers of his clothing from the G force that pushed against them. Blake grabbed at the crystal within his fingertips and glanced at it quickly.
"Would this do anything!" He shouted over the rushing winds and Marian looked back at him fearfully.
"Try it!" She shouted. A glass pot suddenly spiraled down from underneath them and slammed into Marian. The impact caused her to deviate from the path she had been falling and was sent tumbling in a different direction.
Blake cried out and pressed his fingers against the crystal orb.
"Oh come on. . .please we've gotta get out of this!" A wooden table appeared within five feet of Blake out of nowhere and slammed him off of it's face. It twirled after the impact of hitting him and was sent ricketshaying above them. Marian's limp body hung within the air as they continued to tumble.
Blake's head throbbed and his vision dilated. He felt wetness trickle down the back of his head through his hair. He searched his mind for something to say. He found a word, but did not know what it meant.
Blake's voice crept from his lips. The orb lit up a magnificent white color and encompassed his entire body. His view of his surroundings came into sight and he was horrified at what he saw coming fast below them. Piles of junk lay scattered in heaps within a pitch black wasteland. They were going too fast!
The orb seemed to draw Marian closer to Blake by a thin clear strand of magic. The small little girl's limp body hung within the air and the effects of the wind no longer impacted her hair or clothing when the magic touched her. Blake pressed his fingertips instinctively against her outstretched hand and Marian faded away back into a small spiral of stars that crept into his hand slowly.
"Aion?" Marian questioned sleepily through the whipping winds. She observed him and noticed the winds did not seem as loud anymore and that the breeze did not impair his appearance.
Blake did not respond and glanced down as their speed decelerated and they were slowly lowered to the ground. Rusted metal lay against his shoes and a horrible stench met their noses.
Junk slammed off the ground all around them. Rusted jagged hubcaps, furniture, picture frames, and even a bed frame smashed to the ground where they walked. The orb danced upon Blake's chest happily with each step- casting a protective force all around the pair as they strolled carefully through the wasteland.
"Where are we Marian?" Blake asked with concern in his voice. Fire illuminated the distance and a scream of another voice sounded somewhere in the left.
"The land of the damned." Marian whispered and trembled in fear. She crawled around Blake's collar and hung around his neck nervously. "Similar to what the humans call Hell. . ." She shook her head.
"This is the place where the souls are sent if they murder a spell caster or a caster that murdered another to seek eventual repentance before they are sent to Hell . . a place for bad souls and bad Casters- the ones who don't follow the rules."
Blake raised an eyebrow questioningly.
"Like Aion?" He asked once more for clarification.
"Spell casters. .. just like you. A spell caster's powers passed through generations. They're supposed to be used for good, not evil. And many of them are very, very, evil. . ." She sighed and glanced up at him.
"We're in The Land of the Damned."

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