Winter Vandelann

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An Escape

Marian bit her lip as she watched Irena harass Aion. Her heart trembled furiously.

"Get away from him you. .. you hag!" She shouted as loud as she could. She pulled at the restraints that held her arms behind her back. Small sparks floated around her as the Forgotten pushed against her shoulder to keep her down.

Irena paused for a moment at the insult. She glanced at Aion once more and stood to her feet.

"That's right. . . I forgot about you, little firefly." Her green irises were lost as her dark pupils enlarged to eat her entire eye.

Marian froze as she felt something terrible about to happen. She winced when a sudden bolt of green energy shot toward her body and brought her to her knees. Her legs trembled and she felt her arms shake as her soul convulsed from the overload.

"Leave her alone Irena, your fight is with me!" Aion protested and resisted against the magic until he was shocked once more. He grunted in displeasure.

"Kick her ass Aion!" Blake shouted within his consciousness.

"Stay out of this Aion." Irena threatened. She motioned to the Forgotten. "Get this thing out of my face." She hissed and moved back toward Aion.

"Cut her fingers off one by one. . I don't care. She insulted me. Use your twisted little minds. . ." Irena tilted her head and smiled as the Forgotten scooped up the little girl to bring her back down the staircase.

"Don't let them take me Aion!" Marian screamed and kicked her little feet. Tears ran down her face as Aion could only stare in horror as the door shut. Her cries were heard down the hallway as the two were separated. Aion's face turned down into an ugly grimace. A light left the room. The only light keeping the situation civil.

Blake shuddered as he felt the intimate connection Aion and Marian had shared suddenly disappear as they were separated. Then a powerful feeling. A murderous feeling came over him. Aion was enraged. Blake cowered as he glanced at Irena through Aion's eyes.

He wanted to bet that Aion would rip Irena to shreds once he was freed. She would stand no chance, magic or not. Irena yawned and laid down in bed beside him. The green magic continued to hum as Blake and Aion stared blankly at the ceiling together.

Neither of them spoke, for fear of Irena hearing. But they thought the same thing.

"I'll kill you."

Marian begged them to let her go as she kicked and fussed the whole way. She threatened them. Threatened their families. But no type of insult or words seemed to intimidate the Forgotten. They were completely brainwashed by Irena.

Marian sighed and lowered her head. She could not think of a way out of this situation. The Forgotten carried her down the staircase and through the Mill- passing by the way they had came.
Only the medallion could unite Aion and Blake to save them from Irena's disgustingly powerful magic in this realm. She pressed her lips together in thought. That boy had the amulet. Blake's friend. She whimpered as the Forgotten nearby let out sharp screams. She covered her ears.
"The spot in the Mill is the weakest." Marian glanced upwards as they passed through the Mill. To the Forgotten they were blind to see the passage of light. But to her, it was as clear as day.
She felt her confidence building. Her arms trembled and she lifted her head to peer at the head of the Forgotten that carried her over his shoulder. She had one chance. She wiggled her fingertips that were locked behind her. A soft flail of sparks illuminated the soft night.
They did not seem to notice as they grew closer and closer to the passageway.
The second the Forgotten passed through the beam of light she activated what was left of her magic. A tiny portal illuminated the air about them. The Forgotten panicked at the explosion of gold and dropped her immediately in fear of being burned.
The one carrying her yelped in pain as his arm began to disappear.
"HA! You bloody bastards!" She shrieked as she was dropped directly into the small portal and disappeared from the Forgotten's sight.

Marian felt herself tumbling. The further through the portal she was, the weaker the restraints upon her hands became. They disappeared and she held her hands in front of her happily. She curled into a little ball as she melted back into a small constellation. She spun in a soft circle as the air rushed around her and she cheered happily.
Her heart blossomed in her chest. She was so relieved to be free of those awful blackened creatures and that wicked woman.
The small constellation tumbled a bit more before she returned to her human state. Her hair whipped around her as she continued to fall.
"I have to find the human they call Randy, and warn that girl." Marian decided. She stretched her hands out wide as her power returned to her within her element. With a laugh she mutated into her star form and lept through another blue passageway into the human world.

She tumbled star after star into the room and landed on a soft squishy bed. The constellation looked around curiously as she observed the surroundings. She thought that she had appeared where Blake had lived.
"Oof!" A soft sound squeaked out of her as she hopped onto the small desk in the corner of the room. Boxes were pilled everywhere and she gazed around in confusion.
"Perhaps the humans are doing some redecorating." She reasoned and tapped over the keys of a loose keyboard as she explored the room. Blake's room had a lot of photos so she took some time glancing at each one to find the face of the person she was looking for. She stumbled across a pale pink card and took a moment to read it.
Winter Vandelann
The name read upon the card. Marian hesitated for a moment before curling up and thinking about that name.
She had never found out why that girl was so special to Aion. What made her the chosen? Personally, Marian had always been a little jealous of that family. She had hoped that her and Aion would always be together during their work. She had feared that another woman would get in the way and leave no time for them.
But she had realized that, as time went on, Aion grew more lonely and sad without anyone else around beside her. He longed for a family. Marian could not give him that. She was just a spirit preserved by Aion's magic. A friend.
She stared at the name silently. She remembered being present during the massacre of the Vandelann family. The details to her were blank, and she doubted anyone knew except for Winter and Aion.
Perhaps one day he would tell her. She peered closer at another picture of three boys. Blake rested in the middle while a tall dark-skinned boy took to his left side. He held out his hands in a peace symbol and a wide smile covered his lips. Another boy to his right held his hands up in a 'goal' symbol, his smile was radiant. They seemed very happy together.
"I think he's the one. .. " Marian whispered and bounced down from the desk. She snuck out into the hallway where several other boxes stood. She crept down, star after star, to peek into the kitchen. No one seemed to be around.
She lept up onto the counter top to look for clues. A handful of pens lay scattered on around a piece of paper. When she got closer she noticed in messy handwriting near a phone.
Blake if you come home, please call us!
Marian sat for a few moments. No one else emerged. With a flick of her tail, a pen rose up from the counter. It began to scribble.
I know where he is.
Finished with her work after she read it, she crawled to the corner of the counter and rested quietly. Her limbs still burned from the magic Irena had used against her. Her power was dwindling staying within the human world too long- but she would wait.
Perhaps these humans would find the clue she left for them and confront her before she had to return.
All she knew was. . .was that time was running out for all of them. If Irena did get the Prime Crystal she would have access to the realm of Fate and all the destinies that had been chosen. She could empower herself and destroy the other Gods so none could oppose her. She was insane- not to mention obsessed with Aion. Marian sighed and curled up into the shape of a cat as she waited for the humans.
She didn't want to think about it anymore. She let her eyes slowly droop shut as she waited for the sound of a door- or even a whisper of noise in the quiet dorm.

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