Winter Vandelann

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The smell of sand and dust licked his nose and caressed his sweaty face. The silent ebb of the fans waned in and out of the background as he breathed in slowly. He rested his cleats against home plate and raised his bat behind his shoulder. He felt his breath echoing within his ears as the pitcher wound up and drew the ball back behind his shoulder. Within a second, the hiss of the ball spiraled past him and into the mitt.

"Strike one!" The umpire declared behind him.

"Come on Blake you can do it!"

A woman's voice cried out, but Blake didn't dare take his eyes from the pitcher. The short stop shuffled nervously and backed up as the pitcher wound up again. A loud ring sounded out amongst the crowd as the ball shot off. It flew past the short stop and twirled into right field as the third baseman lunged for the ball. His team-mate barely slid onto the plate as the third baseman scrabbled to pick it up.

Blake panted as he sprinted for first base and the hiss of the ball rocketing over his head was enough of a warning to slide. He shifted his weight backwards and slid onto his left hip to roughly slap his foot onto the plate. With a huff, Blake allowed his shoulders to relax as the umpire declared both of the players to be safe.

Blake rolled onto his feet and took his place upon the plate and stared toward second. His eyes darted back and forth as he analyzed the next batter. Randy was up next. His large friend was definitely not to be underestimated on the field. His swing was powerful enough to more than often hit far into right field- if not home runs.

He prepared himself to sprint and kept his eyes upon Randy as he swung back and missed. Blake's foot twitched upon the base as he stared intently at the ball. The ball went flying into the air, and with a metal clang, burst into left field. Blake tore around the bases. He rounded second as the ball twirled and just barely missed him. He panted and placed his hands upon his knees.

Sweat trickled down between his eyebrows and rested upon his lip. The sun beat down upon his shoulders and he squinted against the light to see the ball. Randy stared at him across the base as he twitched when the ball clanged. He moved to sprint but a voice caught his attention and he jerked his head. He wasn't sure where the sound came from.

"Blake. . ." The voice whispered quietly into his ear and he hesitated. A noise caught his ear and he turned his head as the ball plunged into his ribs.

"Ahh. .. " He whimpered and knelt upon one knee holding his side.

"Oh shit, sorry Blake!" A voice called out, but his voice was muffled in his ears. He kept his hand pressed against his side and stood up shakily. The crowd awed as he stood up slowly.

"Give him a walk!" The coach called and Blake maneuvered carefully to the third base. Another player subbed in for him as he made his way off field. "What the hell were you doing out there?" The coach demanded. His upper lip trembled furiously and he reached down to snag the edge of Blake's jersey and pulled it up to reveal his ribs.

"Hopefully they're not cracked..." Coach growled and reconsidered his decision. He thrust a cold water bottle against his side.

"Go see the nurse" he demanded. "Simon, go with him!"

"Last game of the season. . ." The coach muttered and turned his eyes back to the game.

"Yes sir" Simon answered and trotted alongside of Blake. He guided him carefully toward the side building where the nurse stayed during the college games. Simon remained quiet at his side as they moved slowly up the hill.

"What were you doing out there Blake?" Simon questioned him gently. He reached down and pulled the heavy metal door open for him. Blake glanced at Simon and shrugged his shoulders. "I thought I heard someone."

"Like a girl?" Simon tilted his head. "That was Becca, that one cheerleader girl. . .musta got lost and ended up at the diamond instead of the football field." He reasoned and let a smile crawl onto his face.

"I'm probably just dehydrated, hearing shit." Blake answered and reached up to rap his knuckles against the nurse's door. The nurse glanced up at the pair of them and frowned.

"What can I do for you?" The nurse's voice was almost a whisper and Blake had to lean in to catch her words.
"Blakey-poo let the ball run into him." Simon jumped in and tugged Blake's jersey up for her to see.

Her eyes widened.

"Oh my." She uttered and reached into the mini-fridge to pull a bag of ice. "It's already bruising." Blake set the water bottle on the table to free his hands.

"I hope they're not cracked." Blake mumbled as the nurse fumbled around a little more before handing him the ice pack. "I think you would know by now if they were cracked." She shook her head toward the pair of them. "Make sure you get it checked though."

"Obviously, if there is pain for more than 3 days that is touchable. . .reach out to him. Or if you're concerned sooner, call to schedule an x-ray."

"Sounds great." Blake nodded his head and stepped out into the hallway. Simon followed behind him meekly and held the door open for him again. "Game's almost over." Simon spoke for him as they stared out toward the sunset at the scoreboard.

"Thanks to you, we just won that thing." Blake nodded slowly as he took in his surroundings again. "Hey, should we head back?"

"Sure, why not."

Simon trotted ahead of him, the sun was dipping into the right of the field. The game finished and the boys returned home.

After a while of watching the TV Blake crawled off into bed. His ribs throbbed even after popping the Tylenol, but the sleepiness soon overtook him and he drifted off into a restless sleep.

His alarm clock went off and startled him awake. His green eyes took in the plain white ceiling, and he struggled to shake the drowsiness from his head. He groaned as he slowly sat up and reached his arms over his head to stretch. His ribs let themselves be known and immediately he retracted his arms back down.

“What a weird dream...” He whispered as he ran his fingers through his hair. Today was the last day of class before finals tomorrow. Blake stood up and slowly made his way over to the mirror. It was a bit foggy, but after rubbing his eyes everything became clear.

He eyed himself as he picked up his toothbrush. His dark brown hair stood up at all angles from sleep.

He spit in the sink and turned on the faucet. He felt really unsettled today. He glanced back in the mirror again and eyeballed himself. Blake pressed a hand against his forehead just to double check if he had a fever. Just the pain from his ribs echoed quietly. He reached down to snag the Tylenol and popped open the bottle.

"It was just a dream." He convinced himself and turned away from the mirror. Another alarm clock went off on the other side of the wall, followed by a massive thud.

"Shit!" The voice shouted and Blake opened up his door to peer down the hallway.

"Hey, Hey hey don't break the walls were moving out soon!" Blake called out, and pushed the door open to find his friend sprawled out on the ground. Randy seemed to be tangled up within the black sheets and scrambled across the ground to free himself. His curly dreadlocks poked out at odd angles from the static, and his wild green eyes were still half-lidded in exhaustion.

"Who the hell turned that thing on?" Randy spat out and narrowed his eyes at Blake. Blake held out his arms in a 'I surrender' motion innocently.

"Haha it was me!" Simon announced and poked his head around Blake's side. He stuck his tongue out at Randy and playfully turned to walk down the hallway, his long lanky legs gave him more distance than Blake anticipated- either that or he was walking fast.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Randy was on his feet in seconds and tore past Blake and down the hallway after Simon. The dorms seemed to come to life as doors opened to cheer on the fighting pair.

"I wanted to sleep in today you son of a bitch!"

Randy howled and grappled Simon within a head lock.

"It was just a prank com'mon!" Simon shouted back in defense and clung to Randy's arm trying to shake him loose. Blake stared after them and gently closed the door to finish getting ready. He turned his head to stare all around their room. He had been here for almost four years. It was hard to remember walking through the dorms their first day and unpacking all their bags.

Blake glanced to the corner where several empty boxes lay folded up against the wall. Now they would have to repack everything and begin the next chapter of their life.

Another scream carried down the hallway followed by some cheering and laughing. Usually Blake would be right with them, but something just didn't feel right today. He combed his hair back once more and snagged his bag within his hand.

No matter what Blake did he could not shake the feeling of dread that lingered around him. The sun was just beginning to peak over the buildings and cast an ominous glitter of light down the dark stairwell. A few girls passed by him in the hallway, whispering to each other. When he tilted his head to look back at them- one of them smirked and kept walking.

Blake shrugged his backpack up on his shoulders. There were a lot of girls at the college that often fussed over him- except the girl that he wanted to pay attention to him.

There was a girl at the college that everyone adored, but didn't know he even existed. Other girls asked him out but they just couldn't compare to her honesty and personality. She was beautiful. Blake shrugged his shoulders of the bad feeling and continued down campus toward class.

A tall brunette lingered behind Blake slowly from a distance. He tipped his head when he noticed Blake checking his surroundings and was careful to stay from his sight. His muscled figure stood out in his surroundings and his thin white shirt clung to his broad shoulders. He shrugged his baseball cap lower to hide his electric green eyes from the sun. When he looked up again he made direct eye contact with a beautiful black haired woman. She pursed her lips and smiled in his direction before carefully maneuvering around him on the sidewalk.
He stumbled out of her path and turned to watch her walk away from him. Her keys jingled in her pocket as her hips tipped back and forth in her fast-paced stride. She glanced over her shoulder at him one more time with a smile and his heart seemed to stop. He placed his fingers over top of his chest.
For the first time in ten years- his heart began to beat.
"We're not sure if it's her yet. . ." a soft voice whispered in his ear and he gently shook his head.
"It just seems too unreal" Asmodian whispered to himself as the woman faded from sight.
"After all this time, you're the one I have to hurt?"

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