Winter Vandelann

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"So let me get this straight." Randy pressed his face into his hands as the constellation spirit sighed loudly in protest. "You had better get it right this time because I'm not explaining it again!" She squeaked and narrowed her eyes toward Randy.
"I've got it I've got it, chill little lady!"
"So you're saying Blake was chosen by this Spirit-"
"Caster" She interjected.
"Caster. . . "Randy sighed and rolled his eyes. "And that medallion has the spirit of Aion that guy in it and if Blake wears it then he will have the powers and be able to defeat Tanner and prevent really bad stuff from happening to the earth?"
"Asmodian. . but sure, close enough!"
Randy fist pumped and lowered himself onto his heels with a sigh. "So. . .what's the plan?" He muttered and pressed his fingers against his temples. He couldn't believe the things he was saying and it seemed out of the world. Heck, it was out of this world.
"We have to save them."
He raised a brow. "Well, where are they now?" Marian sighed and half smiled at him. "In a desolate wasteland with evil magic casters sealed for their whole lives for murdering people."
Randy blinked.
"And you want me to go into Z world and bring this medallion to them?"
Marian sighed "with me."
Randy sighed "with you." "Well then what are we waiting for?" He grabbed the medallion wrapped in black cloth.
"Let it rip."
Marian smiled a wide toothy smile, her hair fluttered around her as she morphed into her child like form. Randy blinked.
"I've been waiting all day for you to say that!" She clapped her hands and a portal opened up right beneath them and sent them tumbling through the air.
"Son of a-!"

Tanner stood up against the brick walling of the college gymnasium with a sigh. He tugged anxiously at the suit that clung to his collar and pulled at the waist. He had combed his hair back into a slick and his green eyes shone un-naturally in the darkness of the shadows. He smiled when he saw her.
"Tanner?" Winter stepped closer to him with a shy glance. She placed her hands overtop of her hips and tilted her head.
"Well. . . what do you think?" The baby blue dress clung to her fingers carefully accenting her figure. The open dress slit revealed her creme skin and the bodice slung down modestly.
"Honestly. . .I love it." He smirked and held out his arm to her.
"I can't wait to see how the dance looks."
She shrugged her shoulders. "It wasn't me. . it was the committee, they've done all the work since I've been. . occupied."
He nodded his head. "But you still guide them. . so that has to account for something."
She gently smiled and agreed with him. "I'm sure it does."
They pushed the doors open and Tanner eyed his surroundings. "Wow I love what you've done with the place." He joked and touched his fingers to overlap Winter's hand with his.
"Oh I almost forgot." Winter reached into her purse to pull out a small box. A colored coursage matched her gown in baby blue flowers. She reached into it and reached up to place it upon Tanner's suit.
"That's better." She smiled and looked up at him, their eyes met for a moment and she flushed.
Ever since she had kissed Tanner she felt strange around him. She rubbed her arm awkwardly and motioned for him to follow her.
Three girls approached Winter and immediately asked where she was during the prepping.
"I know your grandfather died, but honestly Win you could've told us instead of us scrambling to get things together." A brown haired girl complained. She scratched at her head miserably.
"I haven't slept in days."
"That makes two of us." Winter remarked sadly. "Anyway, it looks wonderful and I apologize for not being here. . ." She glanced back at Tanner, who stood behind her.
"Ladies this is Tanner." He stepped forwards and nodded his head toward each of them.
"Wendy, Jess, and Maria." Winter pointed to each of them who smirked at Winter.
"moving on so fast?" The mousy brunette smirked.
"Didn't Blake just go missing?" Winter opened her mouth to respond but closed without a response.
"Honestly ladies would you back off?" Tanner sighed and motioned for them to give them some space.
"Would you stop harassing my date?" He frowned and the girls 'oood' before leaving them be.
"Come find us later Win"
She sighed and rested her back against the wall. The constant ebb of the music trailed in the background and the white decorations twirled around the ceiling. A big balloon arch welcomed the students into the gymnasium and they all had to show their student ID's. Tanner scanned the room before offering his hand to Winter.
"Common don't let them get you down. . .dance with me." She sighed and forced a smile. "Of course."
He lured her into the center of the dance floor and placed a hand daintily upon her waist. They rocked back and forth to the music that hummed into a quiet melody.
"Listen Winter. . .about that night-"
"Shhh I don't want to talk about it. . "
"But I feel as though I should" Tanner protested and stopped to look into her eyes.
"I was wrong and I shouldn't have kissed you back. You were emotional and I took advantage of that. . . I'm sorry."
She avoided his eyes for a moment. Her voice came out so quietly Tanner had to move in closer to hear her. "I took advantage of your company too to fill my loneliness. . ."
Tanner spun her slowly around and continued to listen. She seemed captured by his intense gaze.
"I want to know Winnie." She jerked up at the nickname. He tipped his lips down to hers.
"I want to know if you'd kiss me for real this time." She seemed to hesitate.
"Tanner you seem so nice but I don't want to bring you into my mess.. . my life is a mess and there so much wrong with me."
"I see nothing wrong." He protested and rested his lips against her forehead. She leaned into his touch.
"You're perfect to me."
She sighed and raised her heels to stand on her tip toes. She kissed him gently and he held onto her waist to keep her steady. He wanted nothing more than to see her as he had seen her before. To ravage her and to make her say his name. But he also wanted her to smile and to laugh, he wanted to erase those thoughts of Blake from her mind and make her only think of him. It was a greedy thought that was stiffened by the real world. That he could never have her.
He kissed her again softly and leaned in for another greedily before she pulled away. She looked longingly at him.
"Tanner. .. there's something I have to tell you."
He grasped her hands within his and his heart throbbed. He let go of her hands to push them against his chest as his heart beat again harder and harder. "I-I have something to tell you to." He whispered and then repeated it louder.
"God I really have something to tell you Winter." The urgency behind his voice was strong and he ushered her toward the door.
"Tanner. . .is everything okay?" The panic was starting to set in as he felt something in his chest. A sense of dread lingered around him and it nearly took his breath away. Irena was as connected to him as she was to half the city and he felt her watching him.

Irena stood across from her wanted lover. She crossed her hands across her chest and frowned at him.
"Aion I know you could survive without water or food for this long. . but the human you will certainly perish." Aion hung suspended by his wrists with the electric green magic. His lips were chapped and his throat was dry, Blake had gone silent within his body, asleep from exhaustion. Aion's prominent features glared down the woman.
"The human was chosen for a specific reason to take my place." he hissed and turned away from her. "You will understand when that time comes for you." She laughed and took a sip from the blood red wine that danced in the glass. She kicked off her shoes and sat upon a nearby chair to rest her feet upon Aion's shoulder.
He growled in compliance after his attempts to shrug her off failed.
"When will you submit my love?" She sighed outloud in boredom. "I could take you, but what would be the point. . .after a hundred years I want some kind of effort." She narrowed her eyes at him before touching his cheek with her nails.
A glisten of yellow caressed his body and for a moment Aion felt rejuvinated before she took her touch away.
"Either way you'll need me to escape this place." She smirked.
"It's just a matter of time." Aion sighed and lowered his gaze for a moment. Perhaps it was pointless. Both he and the human would die if he did not recipricate Irene's wishes. He partially blamed himself for not seeking his replacement before diapearing to teach him of the realm. He just decided to vanish. He frowned for a moment before a soft warm touched his heart.
He paused for a moment. The feeling was far away but enough to tell him that Marian was near. He didn't react at all, with a soft smile he stared toward Irena. She seemed almost shocked.
"I've never seen you smile before. . .have you changed your mind?" She pondered before reaching out her hands to his face. She pressed her fingers against his shoulders and trailed them down his spine seductively.
He spat in her face in disgust, only to recieve a slap across his face. "You're pathetic!" She screamed at him and threw her hands up in anger. "I'll never understand!"
Aion smirked again. "Oh. will."
And Randy crashed through the ceiling onto the floor. Marian threw her hands up into the air and made a small shield that reflected Irena's green magic. "Quick Randy!" She shouted as Irena reached through her field to grab her by the throat.
Randy leaned forward to grab the medallion and quickly slung it around Blake's neck. They made eye contact in surprise before the magic holding onto Aion disappeared and he stood to his full height. Irena reared back to destroy Marian but was pushed back. A pulsating yellow light encased the room and covered the floor. Randy ducked a swing from a Forgotten that was easily dissipated.
The room glowed and the constellations that had been trapped were freed from their bonds and leaped happily about the room.
"Aion has returned!" Their small voices whispered in excitement. Blake's lifeless body drifted to the floor and Randy leapt to catch him as he fainted. He stared in amazement as a spirit like figure stepped into view. He was incredibly tall with dark flowing hair, but his resemblance to Blake was not a coincidence.
The medallion hung impressively on his chest and his outfit from before fit him perfectly. The armor sparkled in the light that drifted around the room.
Irena hollered in agony as the gold light forced her onto the floor onto all fours. "Why must you resist me Aion!" She sobbed and allowed herself onto her stomach, she raised her head toward him.
"I love you so much." Aion raised a brow and reached out his hand to her forehead.
"Too much, I'm afraid." He whispered. She pushed her head into his hand and sobbed, his gentle magic coaxed hers into a relaxed state. Her sobs ceased into a gentle sleep where she lay upon the ground.
He stood and turned toward Randy with a smirk.
"Thanks for the. . .assist?" He tipped his head and approached the pair. "Oh so you must be. . .Aion. . " Randy awkwardly managed to spit out before eyeing him up and down. Marian sat up slowly and clutched at her neck.
"Yup this is the guy we talked about." She confirmed with an exasperated look. Randy glanced down at Blake who lay asleep in his arms.
"Is he going to be okay?"
"He's asleep." Marian whispered and crept closer to their side. "Quite the event we've been through- if you ask me."
Aion sighed and clutched at the medallion. His body faded into a transparent color as he stepped closer to Blake and took his hand carefully.
"Won't she give us grief?" Randy exclaimed when he saw Irena move in her sleep.
"I don't believe so." Aion responded. "But that is all I have the ability to do right now unfortunately. . .I too am exhausted."
He nodded his head toward the pair. "It feels good to be back."
His figure disappeared from their view and the medallion upon Blake's neck glittered a bright yellow hue.
Randy glanced toward Marian. "So. .. I don't suppose you could get us out of here now?"
She smirked toward him and waved her hand.
"Follow me." Randy hoisted an unconscious Blake onto his shoulders and followed her down the hallway. It was silent in the Land of the Forgotten.

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