Winter Vandelann

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Don't Drop the Soap

Blake mumbled underneath his breath as he cranked the knob of the shower on and began to strip. He slowly stepped into the steam and sighed.

It surrounded his form and he reached above him to massage soap into his brown locks; his biceps flexing to compensate for the action. His ribs still ached. And with a slip of his hand the soap went wiggling across the shower floor.

“Oh come on. . .” he mumbled and bent down to pick it up.

“Blake.. .” the voice sounded again and Blake shot directly up. He thought that maybe the voice had been in his head from fatigue- but it was clearly near him this time. He glanced around him before rubbing his neck nervously.

That was the fourth time he had heard a girl’s voice whisper his name. “I’m fucking crazy, I am fucking crazy” he mumbled.

“If I’m being haunted . . . I don’t like it.” He whispered and began to nervously rinse out the rest of the soap from his hair. “Stereotypical haunting in an abandoned shower room” he laughed to himself and tried to hurry up. The hair on his arms stood on end.

“Aion. . .” the voice commanded this time in his ear and Blake whirled around to see an outstretched hand protruding from the cement walling.

“Holy shit!” He hollered and fell back on the slippery floor with a thud. He scuttled to his fours, naked, and turned over to stare as the cement colored figure ripped free of the wall. The creature took the form of a human that crouched down several feet away- mimicking his figure. It had no face, but sat in front of him, staring. His chest heaved and his eyes were as wide as saucers. Blake was too paralyzed to move.

“Have you forgotten me Aion?” The figure’s voice asked, almost sadly. His bare skin that came in contact with the cold air erupted into goose bumps and he pressed himself closer to the wall to shrink away from the figure. He glanced toward the door that was closed tight. The figure seemed to observe his naked body and scared appearance and stood stagnant waiting till he calmed.

“W-w-what do you want?” He stuttered and struggled to raise himself to stand. Blood dripped from his nose and his palms burned from the fall earlier. His wild hair only emphasized his fear. The creature took a few shaky steps toward him.

“You told us you wanted to live among the girl to protect her, and yet here you are oblivious to your duties. You told me to summon you when the time arose to protect her once more!”

“I-I’m sorry. . ?” He shivered but moved closer to the figure before him. He reached out for a towel to wrap around his waist shakily and kept his distance from the creature that stood in the center of the bath hall. The water still ran from his shower, the hole where the figure had protruded remained ripped apart. It wasn’t a dream.

“A promise to protect the girl. She’s alone now and you’re the last to guard her with Asmodian drawing near to her.”

"Winter?” Blake quickly responded. His eyes darted back and forth before looking toward the figure who did not respond.

“Mr. Hendricks. . .he’s here. . .isn’t he if this is about the murders?” He demanded and took a step forwards toward the figure.

"You said something like this would happen if you forgot. . .” The figure shifted it’s size and soon maneuvered back into the wall with a few steps back. The bricks fell to the ground in a scattered pile. Several golden spots blossomed on the brick walling and seemed to flirt about as though it was a cloud in the sky. Blake could only stare in amazement. A nagging thought at the back of his mind told him he had finally gone insane.

“You must come with me, Aion.”

“You call me Aion. ..I uh?” Blake whispered, almost as though he was frightened. “My name is Blake, you must have the wrong person!”

“You do not know who you are.” The voice whispered , ignoring his comments, as the spots shifted once more upon the wall. “Follow me Aion, for your enemies are upon you and the girl and we haven’t much time.”

The golden spots widened and shifted to form a circle just large enough to fit Blake’s entire form through. The innards of the brick wall seemed to crack away before highlighting a luminous blue with no end to be seen. Blake hesitated as his heart pounded within his chest.

Did it expect him to walk through this hole in the wall?

“How. .. how can I trust you?” He asked, his voice cracked in fear as he slowly backed away. No response came from the wall to answer his question.

"Dispose of him" a male's voice rung through the room.

A soft scuffle caught his ear. . .a loud clicking sound made him turn about. Twisted shapes lured at him with long claws and no human shape unlike the creature before. Bricks fell upon the ground as the figures burst from the walls!

A long moan sounded from the darkness as a claw-like hand snapped for his throat. He backed away from them in fear and shouted as he tore for the exit to the hall.

Another creature pulled itself to stand in front of the door, Blake slid against the walling. He just barely ducked as a creature lunged it’s claw toward him and smashed through a concrete barrier.

He spun about and was clobbered as a creature surprised him from behind- he hit the ground with a thud. The air rushed from his lungs and he slowly sat upwards as they charged at him again. Time seemed to slur and his vision of the bathroom spun in circles.

“Come Aion!” The voice commanded. And without a second thought, he scuttled to his feet and threw himself through the passage before the odd creatures could snatch hold of him again. He felt himself falling and falling into the open air and all he could do was scream until he suddenly hit something hard. The wind was knocked out of him once more and he lay in the darkness.

Blake’s eyes grew cloudy and the light blue scenery before him faded into nothingness.


His eyes rolled open slowly to observe his surroundings. At first they were blurry, but soon they shifted into magnificent blues and blacks. Shifts of light twirled across the ceiling as though he was surrounded by an orb of stars. A soft laughter protruded through the room as another grouping of light danced across his vision. Slowly, Blake sat up and began to look around. Thousands of crystal orbs about the size of baseballs hung around the room. Laughter, crying, and shouting echoed through the area once more before it fell silent.


The voice rang out again and he shifted to his feet to find that there was no floor beneath him; only miles of darkness below him. This was not a floor but a small platform. He froze up as the small pocket of yellow dots that had been upon his wall floated nearer to him.

“Who are you?” He sputtered and continued to remain upon the platform in fear of falling to his death.

“I am your assistant!” The small voice chided before circling once more in the air and plummeting to the ground. The stars mounded into a pile and began to shift into a small human that hardly rose up to his knees. Her hair was long and dark like Winter’s, but only rose to her shoulders. Her eyes were bright yellow like the stars that floated above them. Although she was small, weight clung to her features so Blake could tell she was young. Blue cloth draped over her frail little body as she motioned to the pedestal where another crystal had just begun to float down.

“I am Marian.” She nodded her head in respect.

“This is crazy. ..” He whispered in disbelief as she began to shake his hand to introduce herself.

A small crystal ball floated near to him before leaping up into the never ending blues above them. He watched it’s ascension in surprise.

“And how do you know me?” Blake questioned softly, still believing that he was asleep. The orb flew into the air and bumped into another floating orb which highlighted a bright green and giggled in surprise.

“I was chosen to help protect the girl just as you were.” Her form shifted once more into little stars with a sparkle of dust before they leapt up before him to dance about happily. “On the brink of death with no family about me you chose me to help guard the one you protect."

“I like it here, Aion.” She whispered and her form dissipated into the small trail of yellow stars. They leapt and then drifted over to the pedestal to rest against the stone that stood in the middle of the floating blue scenery. Blake stared down at the empty blackness from the platform he stood, he gazed toward Marian.

“This realm requires energy, it has come to a time where it can no longer sustain itself without your guidance.”

She sighed and with a flick of her ‘tail’ a small platform appeared for him to walk across to the pedestal. He tested it out meekly before crossing upon it to reach her side.

“I am your passage to and from the human world should you need it.” She murmured. “You will come to understand all that I have shown you today. However, you must be cautious for your enemies have smelt your blood and they will attempt to destroy you in this ignorant state.”

Blake had so many questions but leaned his hands against the stone. Rotten paper clung there with spoiled ink and he questioningly glanced to Marian.“You expect me to believe this?” He whispered as he traced faded letters of unknown words with his forefinger.

“What are you implying? That I’m not normal?” He questioned again and stared directly at her. His eyes revealed clear shock as though he thought he was still dreaming.

“You’re a guardian chosen to protect. All special humans are assigned two guardians to balance them on their path. You are Aion the guardian of truth and destiny.” She raised a brow. “What else do you want me to say?”

The little constellation twirled up within the air. “You've been around for a while. Lifespans used to last millenniums, but now it’s closer to centuries.”

“Why would someone want me to do this? I’m just a nurse” He spoke slowly and glanced down at the parchment again, they had become clearer- they were dates and times in latin.

Marian laughed. “You’re not just a nurse, you’re special. You were chosen long before this life. You have no family you can recall because you were raised in this world.”

“The other guardian is not as sweet as we are. He is the choas side of the balance. Asmodian Guardian of choice and temptation.” The small pile of stars leapt upwards once more before settling atop of his hand like a small caterpillar.

“Remember your promise to the girl, that you'd guide her down a fair path regardless of how many lives it would take.” Marian reminded, almost staring up toward Blake.

“She is your purpose for going to the human world. For you made a promise to her.”

“What do you mean Marian?” his voice caught in his throat.

“Protect that crystal or we’re both doomed!” The small stars wandered over to the crystal ball before him on the tabletop. With shaking hands Blake scooped up the ball within his fingertips. Several images shot across the ball almost like a projector. The visions that he had seen were not dreams. He watched Winter’s parents be murdered and the house set to flames. Money fell around the vision within bloody hands. The grandmother perished alongside the father. And Winter soon dead beside them in another vision. He nearly dropped the ball in surprise as the memories danced back into his head. Everything foggy became clear once more. Mr. Hendricks was dead too.

“I never knew why I needed to stay away from her. . .” He gasped and reached out to hold his chest as it pounded almost too heavily.

“I mean, I knew about her family and everything. ..but I didn’t know about all of this!”

“What did I promise to Winter?” He demanded.

“You saw pity on the girl before all this occurred, life after life this girl has experienced awful misfortune. You were tasked to bring her joy and peace. You've been at this battle for decades with Asmodian, but he's never won.” The small spirit seemed to sigh before dancing upwards onto his shoulder.

"You thought being near Winter would change things, but if anything it has made it worse."

The spirit seemed to lower it’s head.

“You will come to know more, Aion, I do not plan on leaving your side. Protect yourself and that girl until I come for you again, expect unwanted visitors. The crystal soul she guards is a blessing and a curse, lest we be trapped in this cycle another lifetime. We must correct this to bring back our normalcy."

"Asmodian has gone mad losing each and every time to you for years, and this time I fear he will stop at nothing to achieve the chaos he wishes."

“It’s time to go back Aion, the humans seek you.”

Marien’s small voice whispered into his ear and the small constellation bounced in front of him. As before, the several dots twisted upwards and formed a high lightened blue passageway. Blake glanced back over his shoulder before twisting at the waist to jump from platform and into the portal that floated before him- his fear of falling gone and replaced with curiosity. His ears popped as he rocketed through space and he felt as though he was falling once more before he hit the ground again.

His eyes slowly flickered open when a hand on his shoulder shook him awake. The familiar colors of brick lay all around him and he slowly sat up.

“Oh finally Blake. . .what the heck happened?” Simon leaned over him with a frown. Randy seemed to be playing with the siding of the shower and observing the pieces of brick that were scattered all over the place alongside splatters of blood

“I can’t remember” he whispered as Simon draped a towel over his shoulders when he trembled. “Someone attacked me.”

“We should get you to the nurse’s office. .” Simon wondered out loud and leaned down to help lift Blake from the ground.

“I’ll be fine. . .” he muttered and forced his feet to move as he covered himself with the towel. His mind swirled as they moved to exit the bath hall.

“Woah. . .he doesn’t look too good. . .“Randy’s voice echoed in his ears as he leaned to the side to vomit up what was left in his stomach all over the carpet of the dorm hall.

“Ugh sick!” Someone shouted. His hands went slack and the world spun. He could have sworn he hit the ground again.

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