Winter Vandelann

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Something Remembered

His head felt heavy and he looked side to side as he opened his eyes.
"Blake, you're awake!" A woman's voice met his ears and his eyelashes fluttered once more when distinguishable characteristics came into view. Long black hair, worried blue eyes, reddened upper lip from stress, and freckles that tiptoed across her narrowed cheek bones. He tried to smile and sit up but he felt the blood drain from his body and sat back once more with an assertive hand from Randy.
"Woah, woah. . .the nurse said you had another concussion Blake!" Randy kept his steady hand upon Blake's shoulder until he was completely sure that the man would stay down.
"What the heck were you doing in there anyway?" Simon questioned once more, thinking back to the terrible gash mark he had found nearby the bricks where Blake was collapsed.
"Not a werewolf are you?" He said seriously before the group began to laugh. "Well. . .anything is possible." Blake lightly smiled and let his eyes drift shut once more.
"Well all the girls on this floor were certainly happy to see a half-naked, half-alive, Blake getting carried through the halls." Randy said through pursed lips to quiet his laughter.
Winter must have shot them a disapproving glance because they both snickered and muttered to each other sarcastically.
"How much was the fine for your dorm party?" Blake snickered as he tried to avoid the pain that pulsed within his forehead. The pressure was almost unbearable.
"Four hundred dollars. . ." Simon wheezed and Randy placed a hand reassuringly on his back. "And community service."
"I can't believe they didn't just haul you off or kick you out considering how many times you've been busted drinking." Blake smirked and felt a soft grasp upon his left hand.
Simon and Randy were only twenty yet, while Blake had just turned twenty one- he was legal. The guys began to argue, but Blake felt as though he could ignore them with Winter's hand holding him onto the earth. His mind burned with a thousand questions of Marien and everything he had seen in the past three hours. Everything that he had begun to know had grown distant as his curiosity for the world beyond them began to take form. But perhaps it was just a dream after all, and this was reality.
He glanced downwards toward Winter who stroked the top of his hand shyly. Her long fingernails were covered in a light pink paint and decorated with beautiful little dots. The more he studied her the more he could see himself falling for a woman like her.
As far back as he could remember he had been there. Near enough to watch her, but far enough away to protect her from who he was- even if he had lost his memories of his past.
"Aion. . .one more thing. . ." The voice whispered again.
But Blake had grown used to the sound of a voice no one else could hear. He stared blankly before him as Winter assembled more flowers onto his nightstand- no doubt a gift from some admirers at school by the jealous look Winter began to display while reading the card.

"I know you don't have many of your memories yet.. but I wouldn't trust anyone that tries to get close to that girl."
He thought to himself about that statement. Marian's soft voice dissipated from his mind, once more leaving him to think.
Blake stared toward Winter and tilted his head as he studied her. But he could not place a finger upon what made her valued by the world he had just come from. She was a beautiful girl, but not so beautiful that the constellations would tear from the walls to snatch her up.
"Oh. . .the nurse had to take this off. . .sorry I forgot to tell you." Winter added, a soft hue of red toning her cheeks.
Between her fingertips on the small silver chain was the metallic orb that resembled the orbs in that room. With a smile he reached out to snare the necklace in his grasp.
"Thank you Winter. " He murmured and tried to clasp it around his neck.
"Here let me. . " she undid the small fastening in her little fingers and looped it around his neck.
"I guess dinner's canceled" he whispered to her and she said nothing in response.
"It looks good on you, I'm surprised I never noticed it before." He smiled faintly as he felt her breath against his cheek. She was so near to him it made what was left of his heart pound within his chest.
"Thanks. .. "
"Of cours-" she started to answer but was cut off by him leaning forward to place his lips against her forehead gently. He ran his fingertips through her hair then he drew back to lower himself back to bed. He placed a hand upon his forehead as he felt dizzy again.
"Geez. .. don't overexert yourself." Her voice shook as she stumbled to cover the embarrassment that spread over her cheeks.
"You're something else... you know that?" She muttered and pressed a wet cloth to his forehead as he began to burn up again. The nurse had said these were all common symptoms after the accident that had happened to him.
"Thank you for being here. . ." He whispered into the silence of the room. Those words meant more than he let her know. Winter, someone he had least expected, had become his rock within all the chaos that was brewing.
"No. . .thank you." Her eyes moved down to where she stroked his hand peacefully. After several moments of silence Winter whispered
"I feel really lucky that I got to know you."
He let his eyes fall shut with a soft smile coating his dry lips.
"I feel the same."

Asmodian closed his eyes quietly after watching the situation. How was he to grow closer to Winter with this fool always getting in the way? He frowned and stared out the window. Winter had been so guarded and nearly impossible to get closer to.
"He has to go." The tall brunette angrily whispered to himself. With a snap of his fingers his appearance melted away into that of his human appearance. His brown hair twisted at it's roots to become blonde and his wicked green eyes tamed.
"If the angel wants a show- then it's a show he'll get."

Winter lost track of time sitting beside Blake tracing the small veins that lined the top of his hand. His breathing had finally returned to normal, but his brows remained clenched as though he was forcing back a powerful headache.
She admired him for a while. He seemed so familiar but she could not place him. Possibly within the hallways of the school, hiding and never introducing himself. She ran a fingertip down the side of his jaw as he breathed silently. He was almost too handsome. Not a hair on his head was out of place. His brows were aligned perfectly and his skin was flawless.
She looked closer at him and the more she studied him she realized there was not a single wrinkle on his face despite his age.
"Even I have smile wrinkles starting. . " She frowned and peered at his necklace that hung loosely on his chest. She reached out slowly to press her fingertip against the orb, and to her surprise, it illuminated. She flinched and glanced back at Blake who moved in his sleep before sitting back.
"He's going to have to retake his finals."
The rain flurried against the window, temporarily blinding her sight, and she neared his side to flip on the light on the headstand. His chest rose and fell silently beneath the layers of blankets they had piled upon him.
"Is he still in there?" A soft voice questioned from the outside of the door and she immediately shot to attention.
"The light just went on!" A screeching voice quarreled up excitedly. Winter moved to open the door only to see a handful of girls from their dorm hallway bunched up with their ears to the door. They glared up at her.
"Do you mind?" One questioned with a frown.
"Do you mind?" She snapped back and motioned for them to stand.
"What are you doing?" Winter met the blue eyes of a girl she recognized as a first year.
"Coming to check on Blake." The girl with long curling red hair stated blankly and pushed past her. Another girl with brown hair pushed the door fully open with a cruel glare.
"Just to make sure he's okay." She snorted and rested another long thorny rose among the assembly of daises by the headboard. The red of the rose almost seemed like blood against the yellow, and Winter's eyebrow rose suspiciously.
"Are you his girlfriend?" One of the girls questioned quietly and moved nearer to Winter's side with a smile. The water pounded against the window more harshly and Winter lightly smiled. A faint contour of red rushed to her cheeks.
"I think that's rather bold to assume." Winter began to speak.
The red haired girl stood up with her face concealed in the shadows of the flickering light. She reached out her long fingers to graze them across Blake's forehead and lightly tugged on a lock of his hair.
She seemed to stare at the orb that lingered on the top of his chest that remained lit up- before a crooked smile appeared on her lips.
"You are the one?" Her head tilted back. Her once perfectly shaped green eyes now were tainted with odd purple colours Winter had never seen before.
"W-what. . ." She stuttered and backed out into the hallway as the three of them slowly closed in on her. She felt intimidated but held up her fists to protect herself. Blake had still not woken up yet but she doubted he had heard any of this.
"She's the one. I knew it" the smaller girl chided. Her voice was raspy but still maintained it's beautiful chime. The red haired girl was bigger than two of Winter with her chest puffed out in pride as Winter's back smacked into the wall.
"Always so perfect. . .until she fell during her trick." The smaller girl hissed a laugh. "Only they would want someone like her."
"We'll take her."
She reached out to ensnare Winter's wrist in a surprisingly powerful grasp.
"Let me go you jerk!" Winter growled and swung out a fist blindly to connect to her stomach. The red-headed girl stared at her, and then laughed loudly and slowly raised her own fist to strike back.
"Have you heard from your grandpa at all lately?" Her voice purred out in a very deep tone. Winter's eyes widened in confusion and closed as she braced for impact.
"Hey what are you doing! Break it up!"
A sharp voice called out from the end of the hallway. A student representative clapped his hands as if to emphasis the point. The red-haired girl lowered her shoulders and stared once more at Winter; then turned to move after dropping her wrist. They stood stagnant staring at him.
Then the large red haired girl turned to leave with a 'tch' noise. The two other girls followed her staring all the way. Winter gazed after them and began to rub the marks forming on her wrist.
"Those girls are always getting into trouble." The man stated boldly and removed his student ID from around his neck to place it back into his pocket.
"Tanner?" Winter squeaked and neared his side fearfully.
"Thank you. . .those women they're literately out of their minds."
Her heart leapt in her chest as he turned to look at her. He was extremely tall, a lot taller than Blake, and cast a large shadow over her. His angled face was cut perfectly and his left eyebrow was missing in places. His olive skin stood out in the light of the open door.
"I uh. . mind if I walk you to your dorm room?"
They stood in silence for a few moments before he cleared his throat and she ushered him to follow her.
He trailed behind slowly the lights flicking on down the hallway to illuminate their pathway. "Everything okay?" His voice sounded a lot louder with the halls being empty.
"I'm really fine. . . just a little shook up I suppose."
"It looked like they got you pretty good" he sighed and leaned over her shoulder to glance at her wrist. "You should get some ice on that right away."
"I don't think it's that bad" Winter sighed and cradled her arm closer to her, she glanced up to Tanner.
"You really don't have to be so nice to me, I can make it on my own."
He shook his head and leaned down to hold her door open for her as she walked through.
"I know you can, you're strong, I just wanted to help that's all."
"Night Winter see ya later." He nodded his head and closed the door behind him. Winter sighed and flopped backwards onto her bed with a loud creek.
She rolled over onto her stomach and scrunched the pillow up under her chin. "I think I have two boys that like me." She whispered and pushed her face into the fabric
"I hate making big decisions"

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