Winter Vandelann

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Look before you Leap

He paced the room after Winter had left, he had been out for most of the evening but Marian had been quick to let him know what had occurred.

“I'm really scared, I feel like I can't handle this” He whispered into the silence of the room.

He lowered himself onto the bed, but kept the light on the bedside lit. “I would feel a lot more comfortable if you had the medallion with you.” Blake shrugged his shoulders, he wasn’t sure why. “I’ll get it in the morning.”

“I doubt they will strike again soon, hopefully. If I am correct, there must have been a seal on your powers. Perhaps to make it harder for them to find you.”

“Why the heck would I even put myself in this situation . . .” It sounded weird to Blake even saying it out loud.

“In the first place?” He wondered and placed his hands behind his head slowly. Marian seemed to shrug as the star bits floated all around her. Blake couldn’t help but let a soft smile flirt past his lips.

“Who are they Marian?” He questioned as the small pattern of dots spiraled onto the ceiling to look down on him. The dots mimicked the shape of a cat that settled down at the end of his bed and released a soft glow.

“The person who is after you. . .he wants not just the realm that you protect. . .but the Spirit who resides in your necklace destroyed. . .the person after you is someone very bad. . .you are merely a human without your powers, we must wake up your abilities soon."

“How can I protect her from something I don’t even know about?” Blake asked and raised a hand to his forehead as he stared up at the ceiling. He could just imagine the look Winter would give him if he told her about everything he had seen today.

"In your dreams, Blake, Aion, you must try to remember. Touching the medallion would restore your memories as does trying to seek the truth.”

“Good night Marien.” He whispered as his eyes drooped shut.

"Good night Aion.. . ”

Blake stared all around him at the unfamiliar scenery. Just moments before, his dreams had been draped in black. But now he stood in front of the Vandelann manor. His necklace began to glow upon his chest suddenly and automatically Blake held the orb within his fingers. A small flash of light was enough to blind him and a tall man stood before him.

Blake stared up toward him dumbstruck. The figure was powerful and emitted an aura of intelligence and wisdom. He stared down at Blake. His eyes were hallow and dark and Blake felt his jaw go slack as he began to lose himself within the man’s gaze.

“Come on Mom!” A girls voice tore through the silence and the figure glanced behind him. Without a moment more, the figure turned about and began striding towards the family that had begun walking across the pavement toward the car. The woman made eye contact with him as the figure stood silently outside the fence from the distance.

“They’re coming. .. protect her Aion.” A voice whispered in the silent afternoon as the car drove from sight after passing through the gate. Blake was unable to move as he stared toward the strange man.

“Protect her.”

A small girl stood still at the front door, a servant beside her ushering her in. The girl seemed to notice Aion’s presence and waved toward him. Aion followed after the servant into the house, passing through the gate as though he was a ghost. Blake followed aimlessly behind, curious as to what Aion was up to.

“Sir. . .” The servant cleared his throat. “What do you intend to do with Miss Vandelann?”

Aion did not answer but knelt in front of the small girl and observed her. “You are so precious child. . .so precious that good and evil have fought over you for eons. . .In fifteen years I will come to collect you Winter. Till then, you must keep something safe for me.” He whispered quietly so only she could hear. The girl fidgeted as he drew closer to her and held out his palm to her.

“What’s inside?” She questioned quietly and pulled at his long slender fingers to reveal the object.

“A crystal” He whispered and placed it within her fingers.

“It’s our little secret, okay?”

“Marian!” Blake shot up in bed clutching at his head, his chest heaved heavily and his brown hair clung to his face.

"Yes sir?” She questioned and peeled down from the top of the ceiling. Marian paused as though awaiting orders.

“Those dreams were so vivid!” His chest heaved up and down as he breathed in deeply to calm himself.

“Not dreams Blake. . . memories from the one within your orb, your powers, Aion.”

He stopped his hesitant breathing and closed his eyes with a frown.

“Marien. . .this just seems to surreal. . .” The constellation wiggled over to the foot of his bed to watch him.

“These memories are yours and the past you within the orb.” The constellation paused before perking up. ”I believe anyone normal would feel the same as you do.”

“You are a good spirit-similar to like the devil and angel upon a humans shoulder-but the good. . .”

The voice paused for a moment before lowering it’s tone.

"Aion, I sense someone approaching.”

“What should I do?” Blake whispered to the speckle of stars before curling up on his side with his back to the door.

"Prepare to fight. . .I haven't the slightest idea what to expect." Blake leaned over into his bag and withdrew his pocket knife and clicked it open at his side. He stood tall and watched the shadows under the door.

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