The secret within

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July August has a crush on the school's bad boy June January. She has been having a crush on him since freshman year. They share a lot of classes, even though she acts like she doesn't care. Deep down she has a secret. Will the secret come out? How will June January react when he finds out?

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My last first day. I'm excited about it, not because I'm getting bullied at school or something but because I am tired of being invisible. I like to keep to myself and all of my 4 years that i have been to high school, i don't have an actual friend. I am the type that avoid cafeteria and eat outside while reading a book. The type that never raises a hand in class even though I know the answer. I am the type that make sure i don't bump into anyone because I am too lazy to say hello. The type that prefers to do group work alone because I am afraid that I will get too attached to my group mates. I don't have self esteem issues or anything, i just like to keep to myself because if noone say hello then noone will say goodbye. Demi Lovato was right every hello ends with a goodbye and I am scared to open my heart to people only for them to leave in the end. When they realize that i am not made of diamonds, that i don't bleed gold and i don't certainly sneeze silver, they just up and leave. So from the early age of 14 i told myself that no more hellos. Even though I am scared to loose someone, even though I don't want another hello, my heart crave for him, i dream about his hello, I fantasy about our journey together. I want him to notice me, i want him to know that I exist, for him to pass by my locker and wink at me. So the secret is i have a crush on June January, but that is not even the worst of it. The worse part is that we all have something to hide. Secrets of our own.


Hello everyone, this is my first short story on Inkitt. I hope you enjoy it. Lots of love. Ncooo

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