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Grace is the owner of Softening, a custom plush toy company that she runs on her own. Theodore is a successful ranch owner and stock trader. Serious and stern meets silly and sweet. Extended summary inside!

Romance / Erotica
With luv
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Extended Summary

Grace Jane Luis is a 22 year old small buisness owner of Softening. Making custome soft toys and blankets all handcrafted by Grace. In order to better her buisness she is going from the big city New York to a tiny town down south in Tennessee. Grace has always been a dreamer, as long as anyone has known her she is creating, smiling and laughing. Grace is an unknowing natural little who has always embraced her more childish interest and saw nothing wrong with it and never bothered to seek out what these things meant.

Bright eyed and uncaring of the harshness of life she couldnt be any more different than scarred 37 year old army veteran Theodore White.

Ranch owner and stock trader. An experienced daddy Dom and old fashioned man with very little time for nonsense. As the eldest in his family he runs the ranch with help from younger brother Matthew following the death of their fathers. Two brothers who shared a wife. Meaning Theodore grew up in an old fashioned family with old fashion beliefs that women shouldn’t have to lift a finger. Which was the prelude to his intrest in BDSM. As a man who loves control and to care, he is a seasoned daddy dom, although its been years since he entered any form of relationship. He doesn’t have time for it despite his mothers compliants and mettlesome siblings.

Nessi Ranch has rules. Major rules. Male only employees and no lone women allowed. And no judgement on everyones personal life styles. And the women that are on the ranch are looked after and taken care of very seriously. So how does a single Grace end up here?

WARNING: This is a story for those 18+. It contains sex and kinks such as DDLG. Do not like? Do not read! A reminder that this is a relationship between two CONSENTING ADULTS. Kink shaming will not be tolerated. These characters are completely fictional, they do not exist.


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