The Nightmare

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A young boy single and smart very athletic and a great sense of humor likes a hottie but that dream girl ends up being his stepsister and they find out each other’s secrets and now they know about each other’s secret hidden powers

Romance / Adventure
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Only the beginning

Narrator - hi and for this story I’m the narrator my name is davion Harris i am a master athlete and i am trying my best to find the best college so i can get a degree in sports and then in music i am a high grade student i only get A’s and B’s and i have a huge crush on this girl named Izumalla but i try to keep it cool and just call her izu i really get embarressed cause she is always near her brother and friends if you think about it I’m her stalker i have twelve photos of her that she doesn’t even know about anyways here’s my story

Davion - mom its ok he probably just went on a long vacation and doesn’t have signal he did say he always wanted to be a long-term camper
Narrator - but the reason were not together is for this reason DUHH DUHH DUHH
Mom - i don’t need him anyways its all because of his daughter i want to crush her did you know she killed your grandfather
Davion - were liquidators we were known for killing so I’m pretty sure he’s out killing as always
Mom - son as always that shouldn’t have been said see that little brat Izumalla again
Davion - Walt what how do you know her and what beef do. You have with her
Mom - she is the leader of the powered people and she killed your grandfather were you listening to anything i just said
Davion - nope not really and if she killed papi and i have a crush on her and she’s dads real daughter th...
Narrator - and their it as ya know that horrible thing i told you about yea that was it my crush known as Izumalla killed my grandfather and not only that she was my sister and her brother was my brother well stepsister and brother but still oof and at that moment that’s when i realized if she’s moving to Boone tomorrow then maybe i can confrot dad about the moving and i only have 30 hours and then their moving that means time to start plotting
To be continued...
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