Betrayal x Revenge

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Linda,a normal and cute girl who grows to be a beauty but the sour fact about her is that her life starts to begin more tougher than earlier, inch by inch....All she gets after struggling is betrayal of her loved ones, her friends, her besties ,and the most important her family................But suddenly someone comes in her life and tells her that "keep sacrificing everything for your dream don't give up, I am there for you,everything will be fine in the end".......Will she keep struggling and sacrificing till the end??..will she be able to get back all that's her legally??..Will Linda be able to get revenge against the ones who betrayed her once??'s all up to her..let's see what she's gonna do.......

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Chapter 1


"No",mommy please",

"Linda run,don't stop my child,don't turn back,Lin.

"No mommy,is there anyone, please help"

"Kill that daughter of this bitch,don't let her escape".

"Linda keep running,don't stop"
"You bitch,shut that fucking crap of yours"

"Linda Frescher,what happened"?
"Stand up,Linda"

"Huh..oh,sorry miss,I accidentally fall asleep"
"Go wash your face,and don't sleep again in maths classes".
Hoof ,so it was a,I miss you!I wish you could live with me a little longer....I still can't drag that bloody-dead fucking scenario out of my mind....Thank god the classes are over.So now tis'time to go back.huh...oh jesus....

"Hey Lin,
What had happened to you in the maths lesson??
Again a nightmare"?Alli asked with a worrying look in her chocolate brown eyes.Alli is my bestie her full name is Aliana Wantle,she is beautiful and a very very caring girl I've ever met in my life.

"Hey,wassup Lin?
Are you alright?"
"Yeah,I am alright I just dont remember that when did I fall asleep."
"Oh don't you worry, I know what to do in these kinds of situations. "
"Oh really"?
" what should I do dr.Frescher?"
I joked.
"Well dear patient after knowing your situation it looks like you are stressed so I recommend you that you should have a continuous sleep of at least five hours".

We were laughing after our play but then all of a sudden we heard someone yelling:"shut the fuck up"!..

I was a little shocked after hearing this because the voice came from Alli's bag,I was glaring at it but then Alli told me that it was a phone's ringing tone.huff after hearing this I was relieved.Tis' so stupid.

"How can you set such a weird ringing tone?" I asked.

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