Betrayal x Revenge

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Wierd sounds...

She replied that she liked wierd things.And I was not even aware that my bestie would like these kinds of things.She frowned after glancing at my behavior and brought up her question again that what had happened to me. Well I said that nothing. Well her boyfriend was giving her a lot so I think that's why he was giving her missed calls again and again. So we said farewell to each other and departed our paths.
While I was going back to home I saw two boys bullying a boy who seemed similar to my age and those boys were senior. First I thought that just let it be,i have nothing to do with him or them.But suddenly i realized that I was doing the same thing that others do whenever they see my family bullying me,they just avoid it well I think that the nice word to use in this situation is that they ignored it.When the boys saw me standing they asked "what business do you have to do ?"

I was just staring at that boy by his appearance he looked really strong but how can he be so timid?
I was looking at him and I saw that he was trying to make an eye contact as if asking for help.Eh..well I know martial arts but how can I....

"Gorgeous,what happened?any problem?"
Those boys asked.

Well I was to ignore it but I don't know what happened inside my stomach when I saw those seniors bullying him again.k couldn't control myself and so I gave up.

"Stop it",I demanded.
They glared as if threatening me to leave.But I was not going to give in and so I stated that stop bullying my classmate. Well his eyes were similar to someone,I have seen these eyes somewhere but I don't remember where. That boy was looking into my eyes,his eyes were chocolate brown and a slightly a little a red ,In short,mixture of chocolate brown and red. I really liked his eye balls colour because for me it was rear,I haven't seen anyone with these eyes.

Those senior boys left him aside and surrounded me as if showing me that they are together,strong and I am alone,weak but before they could touch me I gave a side kick to the boy, who had grey hair and blue eyes,between his legs. And I tried my best to give muay thai to both of them,they looked similar to each other,but it has nothing to do with me.
They were looking pale and angry and in a few seconds they lost their conscious.
The boy with crimson eyes was looking at me,I felt strange and so I thought to go back.While i was helping the boy to stand on his legs, I saw that his left knee was bruised,it was bleeding badly so I thought to help him with my hanky. Without wasting my time I quickly took out my hanky and tied it around his knees,he was staring at me from a long time,I felt a little awkward and thought to leave. As soon as I was hurrying he grabbed by hand and pulled me towards him I was a little shocked at his sudden reaction and that's why I pulled back my hands from his grip.
And asked,"what's the matter?"

"A..a. nothing,I just wanted to thank you".

"Ohh,so you thank people who help you in this way?"I enquired.

"No,actually I have a question to ask you".

"Oh,what's your question?"
"Have we ever met?"
"No,I dont think so...maybe.."

I thought that I was forgetting something. But suddenly he asked for my name. I was a little suspicious because of his sudden question and so I lied that my name is Lucifer Vega. He smirked i don't know why and told me his name,Alex Wanter.
We chatted a little and then I got to know that i was right i had seen those crimson eyes somewhere, in school as he told me that we are school mates. And I remembered one more thing that I had forgotten,it was late and I had to go back home,so I said farewell in no time and hurried home.

As soon as I opened the front door, i examined that the lights were off ,as soon as I switched on the lights of hall I saw that my grandmother and stepmother were glaring at me with those wicked eyes.

"Bitch,what took you so long?"my grandmother asked.
"I had a small accident while I was coming home,so you can say it took some time."I answered bravely.
"How dare you answer back,you daughter of a bitch". As soon as these words came out of my stepmother,I felt as if my flesh was being torn and so I threw a steel bottle towards her direction,by the way it was the bottle which I used in school.
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