Betrayal x Revenge

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Whipped 50 times I threw it my granny made a quick eye reaction and the badass house keeper of our house,Ebony Francis was standing behind me with a leather whip in her left hand and smiling as if she had won ace of spades against god.I really hate this fucking shit like house keeper of Frescher family.After examining the scenario I knew what was gonna happen I was going to be whipped with this whip made of leather twenty or thirty times.

"Whip this bitch fifty times quite hardly. How dare she try to answer back and tried to hit the mistress of Frescher family!"

Damn it. I really hate this word,Frescher,comes from no where other than a shitty toilet.

I was not going to surrender. How dare that fucking bitch try to abuse my mommy. One day I will make these Freschers' pay back. I did not beg or pardoned for my behaviour instead of begging for mercy I accepted the punishment bravely as I am a little used to it. But I didn't expect this shitty bitch to order that farting fat house keeper to whip me fifty times. And the countdown started.

She counted loudly and whipped me hardly but I didn't try to beg I faced this fucking situation bravely. My step sisters were glaring at me and were shocked after watching my attitude. I kept staring at that fucking granny as she smirked and the it was over. She is more evil than the granny game which kids play.

After whipping me every one went back to do their business leaving me in grief.

I really wished if my mother would have been here. I was not able to stand up as my back and spine were aching and freezing. I can't even describe how hard it was to stand and walk but I tried and succeeded in entering my room. As soon as I got inside and closed the door, I heard the door being locked. And I realized that today I was not going to have dinner. As i lay on my bed i dunno what happened to me. I tried not to cry but the tears were falling off my eyes making my cheeks wet. I wished my mom could live with me a little wronger. Just you wait and watch Freschers' I will take revenge for my mother and make you pay back one day.

I still remember the day when I used to wonder that I was the most lucky and happiest kid in the whole world, but I was wrong everything changed. Mumma used to tell me how dad and she had met and how destined they were. My mommy was a black belt in martial arts, a tough girl and quite rich she was the rightful CEO of her company "maurish" and I had a doubt that she was the secret field agent I am not sure about it as I doubt it . And my dad was just a shop keeper of a mere jewellery shop. He used my mommy. Me and mommy were just a pawn to him. My mom thought that dad loved her but it was just a trap to inherit her property. But mommy was blind in love with dad. One day everything changed when my mother allowed my father to have the profit of her property he took her property by deceiving her love and trust. When mommy realized it, then it was too late. She was very angry and heart-broken at the same time. Maybe I was 12 or 13 year old at that time, she grabbed my hand and as she was heading towards police station to report about this trap. My father locked mom and me in the locker. She tried to fight with him but it was no use as she was quite heart broken. That bastard left me and mom in a hotel with a gang of rapers. My mommy tried to fight back but they were many and we were alone. They were too strong. Mom tried to save me,she commanded me to escape but before doing this she made me promise to her that I should never deceive her trust and seek revenge I proudly promised her. There were tears in mum's eyes. I cannot forget that vision now also.I did as she commanded. I escaped but what about mom. She was raped and murdered. After knowing that I had escaped that bloody bastard used all the dirty tricks to ruin me and wished me to die. But how could I die without seeking revenge. I have had sworn my mother to seek revenge and so shall I.

"Rest in piece my mommy",I whispered wiping my tears off.

I had learned the bitter fact about this world during this incident or more likely during this dirty trap that there's no one to help you. You have to fight alone because I shouted and screamed for help but no one came.

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