Betrayal x Revenge

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Jumping over the windowsill

I don't know how I fell asleep, I woke up at thirty minutes past three am. I washed myself at the drop of hat and got ready. I tried to open the door but it was of no use, the door was still locked. So I had no option except jumping over the windowsill to go out. So I jumped and landed safely on the land, I had thought that I will not be able to land safely because my room is on the third floor but I did it, yo ho..

That bastard (dad) acts as if my fees is loan or burden to him so I have become dependent, I pay my fees on my own. As I do part time jobs. might be full of amusement, but I do. There's a teacher in my school,she owns a bakery shop but she's quite old, mrs. Smith. Mr and mrs. Smith are quite old and they are not very skilled at earning a living that's why I help them and they give me money as a sign of gratitude. I have quite good skills of baking cakes and cookies as my mum used to teach me all these kinds of chores.Mum wanted me to be all-rounder.Sometimes I feel so grateful that I cannot describe my feelings towards mum as she taught me so much before leaving me in this dirty battle field. So before school I help Smith's and after school I go to my uncle's institute of martial arts to teach students over there who are below my age.My uncle is very kind-hearted,he always helps me with money and supports me.He has argued so many times to take me with him but that bastard refuses everytime.These jobs are enough for my fees and my mommy had been making money for me before I'd born. Mrs. Smith is very caring and mr. Smith is caring too.

I went to their bakery shop and did my piece and now I am in school.

It's quite exhausting and hot. I am a little furious. Because I saw Hale while I was coming. Ughh....that guy,I really hate him very much. There was a time when he used to be special to me. I remember it very clearly as if it happened yesterday. We met very strangely. He was bullying an innocent girl just because she hadn't greeted him,he got angry at her behaviour and started to bully her. I was observing this incident very quietly but when he slapped her,I dunno what happened to me that I went over their quarrel and started to hit him.'s so embarrassing. But he was impressed by my reaction. After this he started to sit with me and whenever school mates laughed at me he used to stand in front of me and act as a barrier,I was impressed by his sudden change of behavior. We became very close,shared our hobbies and many more and one day he proposed me,I was glad and confused at his sudden proposal but neither I accepted nor I denied.

This all had to end one day,and that day came very quickly. I saw him with another girl, he was flirting. I was very angry but I had no option, I decided not to talk to him.

I broke my friendship with Hale. He was puzzled. After few weeks I got to know that he is a flirtatious personality, he was flirting with me, just passing his boring time with me,he was toying me. I was very angry at myself and embarrassed too. From that day till now I never have had a boy friend.

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