Betrayal x Revenge

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I do

"Hola Lin,wassup" Aliana asked.

"Nothing" I replied.

"Nope,stop lying. Your face is so pale?wanna go to washroom?"

"Hey dummy, we are inside the washroom only. Look properly". I said rolling my eyes.

"Oh yeah,I forgot".

"Let's go"

"Why are you both late?" Teacher asked.

"" we both spoke together.

"Hmmm...Linda Frescher,you speak.

"Sir me, I asked pointing my own point finger at myself.

"Yes,you, who else is in the class with the same name as yours?"

"Sir,we actually, we were helping an old lady with her luggage".

"Oh I see, so kindly sit down at your desks both of you."

Today I was sleeping in the classes. And the best thing is that the teacher didn't scold me as he knows that I am a good student.

I woke up when the principal came and made an announcement. He told that today we have a new classmate from another session. He will study with us from now onwards..and sheep..

After his announcement, the class was silent, girls were putting on their make up and trying to make silly faces(thinking as if they are top beauty of the year) except me(bcz the teacher had said that we ate having a new transferred boy)So the boys were grunting their teeth.

He stepped in a very flirtatious way. The girls were blowing off their beauty and the boys were glaring at him.

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