He fell in love with the Tomboy

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Rhythm Drake was not a regular teenage girl. She was one with the guys, and the person all girls stayed away from. She was Hudson High school's one of a kind tomboy. But behind every smile their was a pain she hid, behind those clothes were wounds she covered. Rhythm was a strong girl who was breaking apart on the inside. Constant abusive father and a home she calls hell. No mother to show love, neither a soul friend to share her grief. Her only breakout from her miseries were the songs she wrote and sung in secret. Everything was fine and sailed smoothly until the school's Mr. Cinderella found out her secret. Jaden wasn't who he portrayed himself to be. Behind his glamour there was an untold story. Rhythm and Jaden despised each others company. Their very existence was a bother to one another. Yet something pulled Jaden to Rhythm and Rhythm just couldn't push him aside like she had always done with everyone else. Just what is it that the school's Cinderella want with the tomboy?

Romance / Humor
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Dresses, makeup, shoes and glittering accessories are what makes a typical girl's everyday life.

Not me.

I've got the B's, long hair and the curves of a girl, but I ain't your average teenage girl.


I'm Hudson high school's tomboy, Rhythm Drake.

Baggy pants, oversized hoodies, caps and my skateboard. These are what defines me.

I prefer hanging out with the boys than gossiping with the girls. I'd choose gum over lipstick. video games over sappy dramas.

But there is one thing that I keep a secret at all cost. something that could ruin my reputation as the tomboy. A secret I was going to take to the grave.

so why does the school's most voted Mr. handsome know all about it?

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