Longing & Surrender

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❈ The Holy Creatures Series - Book 1: Emerald ❈ "Love, Didn't I tell you before? You are MINE - always and forever." I know I am. No matter how much I try to deny it, my body knows - and my heart too: I love him, profoundly. But, I cannot be his. His kind is my enemy, and NOTHING is thicker than blood. ✵✵✵ The world has long been conflicted by the never-ending war between the two most powerful Shifter clans: The Canidae and Felidae clan. Fire and Ice. Night and Day. Moon and Sun. After centuries of conflict, the two clans agree to come together for a peaceful alliance - But at what cost? ♛ King Dariush Azar Divus von Canidae. Ruthless. A tyrant. The bloodiest and most powerful ruler the Canidae clan has ever known - A true Alpha. ♚ Princess Soraya Emerald von Felidae. The daughter of the Felidae King. Dreams to live for herself. Born to die. ✵✵✵ "Can't you see how desperate I am to keep you by my side? Everything I did was for us - for our love!" 'Our Love', he spoke these words with so much passion, anger and...despair - so much that it stings. But what kind of love is worth the blood of hundreds of my people? "You executed hundreds of my people, publically - you sacrificed them for 'your' people. Whatever we have or feel, no matter how true and deep it is, I will end it. Because nothing is more precious to me than my people." !! Contains Mature Scenes !!

Romance / Fantasy
Ichika Haru
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Let me go!

"I said; Let.Me.Go," I try to keep my tone as firm as possible, hoping to mask the despair in my voice. The longer he keeps me pinned against the wall like this, the more my body longs for his burning touch. Without realizing it, my lower back arches towards him, longing for his heath. Slightly, almost unnoticeable - but very meaningful.

I crave him. His heath. His touch. After all that happened, all he did.

I still...

Even now.

I avert my gaze, not being able to stare into those Silver eyes.

Many say his eyes hold the moon in their gasp. I couldn't agree any less. The moon, keeping watch over us from above, holds a lonely but peaceful presence - still and endless like the deepest oceans.

His eyes are as wild as an endless thunderstorm. Powerful. Fierce.

He is the King, the sun of his people - waiting for his moon.

My love. My warmth. My heart. But, not my King.

I'm not his moon - I never was and never will be. A wave of sadness hits me at the realization, shaking my core at the reminder. He kills my people - my stars, hence he is my enemy.

I stare at the bed situated in the center of the chambers - his chambers. An enormous bed, worthy of a King - his bed. A slight blush heats up my cheeks at the vivid memories of the endless nights we spend together on it.

The sweetest melodies of lust and passion could be heard in the palace's corridors.

We became one.

Our bodies.

Our hearts.

Our souls.

I had surrendered my all to the man now hovering over me, his eyes catching the fading blush on my cheeks, trying to read me. I shudder at the tickling sensation of his breath caressing my neck.

He's our mate, but he killed so many of us. He lies. He hides. He hurts us. I don't want to hurt anymore, Soraya.

I shiver when my chin is gently grasped, forcing me to look directly at the source of my suffering.

"My dear Raya, didn't I tell you before? You are mine. Your body. Your Heart. Your Soul. Your everything. All is mine - Always and forever. "

He Lies. He's going to hurt us again.

He speaks while holding an exaggerated smirk on his face. This ferocious King could have fooled anyone with that cold expression, making them tremble on their knees with fear for their lives.

Not me.

All lies.

He is so desperate to keep me near him. So fearful of my absence, that he even pulls up his threatening Alpha tone.

How will I be able to leave him when he's in such a state?

But he will hurt us more if we don't. Everything is but a lie.

Before I realized what I'm doing, my hand was already on his cheek, a soft touch, my expression softened - A wrecking ball destroying the faceless wall he had set up in front of me.

"Why are you so desperate to hide your heart, when your eyes are clearly drowning in fear," I speak softly, almost whispering.

His expression reveals a surprise for my unexpected revelation.

He tries, but he knows. He knows that I can read through his many façades. Fiercely, my shoulders are grabbed and my face is buried in the crook of his neck.

Rain. Rose petals. Wood.

A familiar fragrance surrounds me. I have always found his fragrance so overwhelming and divine - addictive almost. His smell.

It's a Lie.

One hand holding my waste in place, tightly. The other holding the back of my neck, gently. Both of them are clearly trembling.

He inhales deeply, burying his nose in my hair, breathing me in.

"Please, I beg of you. I would do anything in my power...anything! So, don't leave me, ok? I can't live without you. You're my everything, my moon. What am I without you? I'm sorry for what I did, so...please forgive me. Be mad, scream at me, curse me, I'll take it all. Just promise me you won't leave me," he confesses desperately.

I can feel the wetness of his tears on my hair and bare shoulder.

He's crying.

Dariush Azar Divus von Canidae. King of the Canidae clan. Most powerful ruler the shifter world has ever known, the Alpha.

This ferocious man is currently crying in my arms. Me, Princess of the Felidae clan. Daughter of his enemy.

I chuckle sarcastically at the thought. Fate really got us there.

I want to move, but stay still.

I want to push against his chest, but instead, I answer to his embrace.

I want to hate him, but I know, I know that I love him.

I love him to the moon and back.

"I will," I respond. Feeling the tension in his shoulders lessen.

For now. But in the end, you'll leave - you have to.

I love him. Immensely. Truly. Deeply. By the stars, my love for him is so deep that it aches, reaching the deepest parts of my core.

I love Dariush.

But I am the enemy of King Dariush.

Therefore he and I can never be a 'we'. He can never be my sun as I can never be his moon. Our paths are two parallels - never meant to intertwine.

For I am a Princess, the protector of my people.

They need me.

They trust me.

They put their lives in my hands.

I am Princess Soraya Emeraude von Felidae, protector of the Felidae clan, and I will NOT turn my back on my people as a price for my personal greed.

"Just how did it come to this," I wonder, thinking back at the first time I laid my eyes on him.

In the midst of blood and chaos, we met.

At the time, I would have never thought that the ferocious King sitting on his throne gazing down at me with empty eyes, would later be the one laying under me, lustfully, with eyes full of love.

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